‘That’s Amor’ Ending, Explained: Did Matias Leave For Madrid? Were Sofia And Matias United?


When both her personal and professional lives are in jeopardy, Sofia is forced to take a step back and figure out what she must do to enjoy her life. “That’s Amor” is a romantic comedy in which the comedy falls flat, and the romance is, well, bearable. The predictable storyline with the usual recipe that the audience has been served over and over again makes it an average watch.

On her thirtieth birthday, Sofia realizes that nobody in the office, where she has been working for over two years now, knew her. She gathered up her courage to discuss her prospects as a graphic designer with her boss. She was fired by her boss, advising her to find her calling instead of settling to be her assistant. She returned to her hometown to figure out the next step in her life.

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‘That’s Amor’ Plot Summary: Is Sofia Able To Find A New Path In Her Life?

Depressed by the turn of events in her professional life, Sofia returned home to her partner, Richard, to seek support. But instead, she found him in a compromising position with another woman. Sofia was heartbroken. She asked him to leave the apartment in an hour. On her way out, she tripped over the staircase and injured her ankle. She went to her hometown to stay with her mother. She needed unconditional love to cure her from the series of rejections that she experienced in a single day. Her mother, Lainie, was supportive of her daughter and encouraged her to experiment in life. She asked her to accompany her to her Zumba class, even if she had to be in the audience due to her injury. On their way out, she pointed out the couple’s Spanish cooking class leaflet to Sofia and asked her to join the class. Sofia complained about not having a partner to take the class with, but her mother was ready to pair her up with her. Sofia was not ready to attend a class with other lovebirds and rejected her mother’s proposal.

Nonetheless, Lainie drove her to the class, and that was where she met Matias. The young Spanish man helped Sofia out of the car, and as it turned out, he was also one of the chefs who were conducting the class. Matias was working with his uncle, who headed the workshop. He had come from Madrid to work at the restaurant. Sofia’s mother was impressed by the young man, but Sofia did not pay heed to her suggestion. She dismissed it, saying that she had her heart broken recently and that dating a flirtatious Spanish man might make it worse. They were taught to make Spanish omelets on their first day. Initially, Sofia failed to realize the joy involved in it, but gradually she started to appreciate how simple ingredients could create magic. Matias influenced her to understand the comfort and satisfaction that cooking could generate.

Even after her class, Sofia could not help but wonder about the simplicity and flavors of an omelet. Apart from the cooking class, she was also looking up master’s degree courses that she could take up to hone her graphic design skills. She started to draw more as she found herself in a better position after years. She did not realize it, but Sofia needed that push to figure out her life and take risks for a change.

Did Sofia And Matias Fall In Love?

Sofia tended to not get out of her comfort zone, and she did the same in her relationship as well. She had been in a relationship with Richard since high school, and he was a safe option for her. She even confided in her best friend, Olivia, that she was apprehensive about moving to San Francisco, which was why she chose to do it with Richard. It was not just her love life; she even chose to live in California all her life up until now. Even while searching for a master’s degree course, she initially looked up colleges that were around the town.

Matias taught her to step out of her box. With cooking, Matias helped Sofia realize what passion should truly feel like. When Sofia discussed her job, he compared it to cooking. According to him, she, too, was putting together recipes to create a design, and he called her a chef of pictures. He sparked her creativity by asking her to come up with a design for his restaurant if he ever owned one. She started to spend time with him in the restaurant kitchen and enjoyed every moment that they spent cooking together.

When Richard visited her to apologize for his mistake, she realized that he barely knew her. He gifted her a necklace when she never wore one. Even though she knew Richard was a terrible choice, she at one point gave it a thought to get back with him simply because that was the life she knew, but Olivia helped her not make the same mistake. Sofia worked on her logo design for Matias and impressed him with her creativity. She showed him around the town; they held hands, kissed one another, and spent the night together. Her mother was happy to learn that her daughter was finding joy. She advised her not to use Matias as an escape hatch to get rid of Richard; instead, she must make her own escape hatch. Meanwhile, Matias’s love interest, Irina, from Spain arrived after he stopped paying her attention online. She was not loyal to him, and he figured that out. Matias tried to explain his situation to Sofia, but she was not ready to be the other woman in Irina’s life. She ended their friendship by stating that he, too, would leave the country soon, and she did not wish for her heart to be broken. Sofia focused on her life after that. She applied to the courses she liked, took the Zumba classes her mother had been attending, and ended her relationship with Richard for good.

‘That’s Amor’ Ending Explained: When Did Matias Leave for Madrid? Were Sofia And Matias United?

Sofia eventually figured out that her mother had, in a way, orchestrated her relationship with Matias. Matias was the grandson of the Zumba instructor, and it was from her that she had learned about the Spanish cooking classes. She wanted the two to bond, which was why she insisted she join the class and give them room to become friends. Sofia was not happy to find out about her mother’s involvement in her love life, but Lainie explained that she, too, was in love with another man named Henry, but her parents disapproved of him. She had to settle for a safer choice, which was her father, making her always wonder what her life would have been if she had made a different decision. She did not wish for her daughter to be in a similar situation, making safe choices, which is why she wanted her to meet new people and discover her likes. Sofia understood that her mother simply wanted the best for her, and she could no longer blame her for her actions. 

The next day, when Sofia went to attend the last cooking class, she searched for Matias, but his cousin, Vivian, informed her that he had left for Madrid. Vivian approved of Sofia and the two being together, so she drove Sofia to the airport to help her bring back her love. Sofia rushed to the airport and found Matias right when he was about to leave. Matias expressed that he wanted to bid her goodbye, but he also respected her decision and did not wish to bother her. Sofia shared the news of her acceptance to a master’s program in Madrid. Matias was surprised to know that; he was overjoyed, promising to show her around. Sofia proceeded to kiss him. Matias decided not to board the plane since they had to celebrate the news with wine and chicken fingers. The film ends with the cooking group celebrating the summer solstice as they do in Spain. Sofia surprised her mother by bringing her old lover, Henry, back into her life. Sofia wanted her mother to have company now that she would be traveling to Spain. The lovers were grateful to have found one another after all these years.

“That’s Amor” ends on a happy note with Sofia taking a risk with her program in Spain. For all this while, she was afraid to leave the place she knew, and now she was ready to explore a new country and learn a new language. She would be going around Madrid with Matias, the man who respected and loved her. She had found someone who would push her to take chances. The film stresses how what seems like bad luck at first can turn out to be the best thing that could have happened in one’s life. Sofia needed to be cheated on and fired from her job to realize her worth in the end.

“That’s Amor” is a 2022 drama romance film directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino.

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