‘The Acolyte’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Osha A Jedi-Killer?


Set 100 years before the events of The Phantom Menace, The Acolyte shows a time in the galaxy far far away when there was some semblance of peace. The Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic are witnessing progress after waging war for thousands of years. And even though nobody other than the Jedi are allowed to practice the art of the Force, there are people in the darkest corners of the galaxy who are defying such orders and learning how to become powerful. Now, these Force-users are aware of the fact that if they are caught, they’ll be tried in front of the High Council and punished appropriately. Yet, a lone assassin from this sect goes galaxy-hopping to complete her revenge mission. Let’s find out who she is through the recap of first episode.

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Osha Is Arrested For Being A Jedi-Killer

The first episode of The Acolyte opens in Ueda, where a hooded Force-user confronts a Jedi named Indara in a cantina with the intention of killing her. Indara recognizes the assassin, and even though the latter tries to kill Indara, she strikes the assassin with the intention of incapacitating her, but not to kill. The assassin eventually manages to distract Indara by attacking the bartender and stabbing her through the heart. The assassin almost kills the bartender, but when she sees that he has a child, she just leaves. The episode abruptly cuts to what seems to be the assassin working as a mechanic (also known as mekneks) in a High Republic CorpSec freighter filled with representatives of Neimoidia (don’t worry, they don’t sound as racist as they did in The Phantom Menace). Her name is Osha and she has a droid named Pip. Her co-worker is Fillik. She goes about her day fixing issues on the ship. For a moment she gets distracted by an equipment catching fire, thereby hinting that something from her past still haunts her. But she shakes it off and gets back to her work. 

That’s interrupted by a Knight of the Jedi Order, Yord Fandar, and his Padawan, Tasi Lowa, who are there to arrest Osha because, well, the bartender identifies her as the person who killed Indara and wrecked his cantina. Yord and Osha clearly go way back, but things are not like they used to be because Yord is convinced that Osha is the Jedi-killer. Tasi questions Osha about her background and Osha honestly answers about training as a Jedi since she was eight and working as a meknek for six years because she didn’t think she was fit to be a Jedi. Yord reminds Osha about the fact that her family was killed in a fire, how Jedi Master Sol brought her in to train her, and how the Council gave her permission to hone her skills despite her troubled mindset. Even though the Jedi don’t get any evidence that points to the fact that Osha was on Ueda, and not in the CorpSec freighter doing her job, Yord and Tasi connect the death of her family to her departure from the Jedi Order to Indara’s death, and they arrest her.

Sol Goes To Arrest Osha

Osha is put in a spaceship that’ll take her to Coruscant, which is where the Jedi currently reside. Sol is seen training a class of Younglings about the ways of the Force when it’s interrupted by Master Vernestra. She tells him about Indara’s death and how Osha is the potential killer. There’s a little parallel between Yord’s assessment of Osha and Vernestra’s assessment of Sol as they both observe that Osha and Sol heavily rely on their past. Apparently, the Jedi aren’t supposed to dwell too much on the past, but as Sol rightly points out to Jecki, one should remember their history (whether it’s personal or general in nature) to learn from it and avoid repeating any mistakes they’ve made previously. Coming back to Sol and Vernestra’s conversation, the former points out that he and Indara saved Osha from the fire-related incident on Osha’s home planet, Brendok. 

Sol claims that there’s no reason for Osha to kill her protectors and teachers. Vernestra isn’t bothered by all that stuff. The only thing that’s on her mind is that if the Jedi Council’s political rivals learn that a former Jedi has killed a Jedi, they’re going to use it to weaken the Council’s position. So, she needs swift and discreet justice. But for that to happen, Osha needs to reach Coruscant, which she doesn’t because the ship carrying her and a bunch of prisoners crashes on Carlac after those prisoners break out of their cells and leave via the escape pods. Like Osha warned, the prisoners are captured by the Jedi and even though they lie about Osha’s intentions, Sol uses his mind-reading powers to get some clarity. As soon as he realizes that Osha is being misrepresented, he says that he’s going to go to Carlac, instead of depending on the droid bots, and bring in Osha himself. So, Sol, Jecki, and Yord board a ship and leave for Carlac.

Is Osha A Jedi-Killer?

In a vision, Osha sees a girl called Mae, who is her twin sister who allegedly died during the fire on Brendok. Osha asks Mae if she has killed Indara. Mae says that she has and that she intends to kill them all (all the Jedi, presumably). Now, this pretty much confirms the fact that Osha isn’t the killer; it’s her twin sister Mae who is doing all the killing. But since they look alike, Osha is being blamed for Mae’s actions. We get some more information on what might’ve gone down on Brendok from Sol and Jecki’s conversation. Sol says that, sixteen years ago, he was posted on Osha and Mae’s home planet, Brendok. Surprisingly enough, Sol blames Mae for starting the fire that killed everyone. When Sol mentions that Mae is Osha’s twin, the alarm bells go off in Yord, Jecki, and the viewers’ minds. However, Sol shoots down all kinds of rumor-mongering by saying that he watched Mae die on Brendok. 

At the end of The Acolyte, episode 1, the Jedi search party reaches Carlac, and seeing the Jedi ship, Osha makes a run for it. Sol follows her to the edge of a cliff and saves an anxious Osha from dropping to her death. Sol doesn’t treat Osha like a killer and disallows Jecki from cuffing her. The episode then cuts to Mae meeting her masked Master, thereby confirming that Sol is wrong about Mae and she is alive and kicking and apparently doing a Sith Lord’s bidding. There are a lot of missing pieces in the story that connect the Jedi, Osha, Mae, and Brendok. So, it’s totally possible that, while Sol got to Osha and turned her to the Light side, this masked Sith Lord got to Mae and turned her to the Dark side. But is that the whole truth? Well, we’ll have to watch the next episode to learn more about the story of Osha and Mae.

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