‘The Acolyte’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Is Mae Killing Jedi Masters?


The first episode of The Acolyte introduced us to Mae, a resident of the planet Brendok, who was going around the galaxy killing Jedi. Mae was out for revenge, and given how that’s the path to the Dark Side, a Sith Lord had gotten his hands on her soul and was mentoring her toward a catastrophic future. Meanwhile, her twin sister, Osha, was left to face the repercussions of her actions. When Osha’s former master, Sol, learned about this, he was perplexed because he knew Osha wasn’t a killer. So, he decided to bring her to Coruscant herself instead of leaving her at the mercy of a bunch of droids. When Sol started talking about Mae starting a fire in Brendok, which allegedly killed Mae and the rest of her and Osha’s tribe, it became clear that Sol and Osha had no idea that Mae was alive, and Mae probably didn’t know that Osha was alive. This has set the stage for an interesting altercation between the estranged sisters. Let’s see how that is resolved in The Acolyte, episode 2.

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Mae Wants to Kill Jedi Master Torbin

The second episode of The Acolyte opens on the planet Olega, where Mae infiltrates a Jedi Temple and tries to kill Jedi Master Torbin. But Mae fails to even touch Torbin because he is in a state of meditation where he has created an impenetrable force field all around him. When the guards learn about her presence, she escapes with the promise of returning soon to complete the task. Jecki begins to build a bond with Osha, while Yord continues to doubt Osha’s allegiance. After quelling Yord’s fears, Sol informs Master Vernestra about the twin theory. Vernestra backs up the theory by revealing the attack on Torbin, which happened when Osha was in the custody of the Jedi. Based on this fact, Vernestra orders Sol to go to Olega and find out the truth behind Mae’s resurrection and her vengeful actions. Back on Olega, Mae meets her handler, Qimir, who has taken over a local shop and is helping himself to all the free liquor that’s available over there. 

Through Mae and Qimir’s conversation, the former’s deal with her Master is revealed. Apparently, this Sith Lord has tasked Mae with killing Jedi Masters without using a weapon. That explains why Mae asks her victims to attack her. However, since Mae can’t seem to get Torbin to do anything, she asks Qimir to cook a poisonous drug made of bunta leaves that Mae intends to use under the guise of giving him absolution. Once Qimir gives her the drug, Mae asks him not to tell the Sith Lord about her methods because that’ll affect her as well as Qimir. The reason why Mae says this is because she has been told by her master to prove her merit by killing the Jedi without any weapons. So, she is probably cheating a little with her blades, and now she is taking things too far with the poison. Why the no-weapons deal? Well, that’s a no-brainer. If you can kill Jedi Masters without using weapons, you can be trusted with any kind of heinous and diabolical task, and this Sith Lord wants to see if Mae is capable of something like that.

Mae kills Jedi Master Torbin

Osha and Sol finally sit down to have a proper conversation, and after doing some small talk, they come to the main topic: Mae is alive. There are a lot of conflicting emotions in this conversation. Sol is sure that Mae died in Brendok and there was nothing to save, but the evidence says otherwise. Sol is apologetic about the incident in Brendok, and Osha is consoling him, even though he is the Jedi Master and Osha is a Jedi who failed her training. And that naturally leads to the topic of whether or not Sol has failed Osha as her teacher. Since the ship reaches Olega, they put the discussion on hold for the time being. While the Jedi talk to the temple-guard Jedi about the break-in, Mae takes another swing at Torbin. 

Apparently, the scarred Jedi has taken some kind of vow of silence, called the Barash Vow, and he hasn’t uttered a word for 10 years. Mae apparently knows why, and it seems like Torbin had done something catastrophically wrong in the past, and he has been trying to attain some form of peace via meditation. Sol is under the impression that Torbin will talk to him as soon as he senses his presence, but Mae gets Torbin to break his vow of silence by offering him the prospect of absolution. Mae doesn’t go into the specifics, and Torbin doesn’t say a lot, but it’s clear that Torbin is no saint. He is a criminal, and Mae knows that. And the crime has to be something huge (I am assuming it has something to do with the fire in Brendok) because Torbin, almost immediately, drinks the poison and dies! Osha is almost framed for murdering Torbin, but Yord clarifies that he was following her even when she broke away from the rest of the team, and she isn’t responsible for Torbin’s death.

Why is Mae killing Jedi Masters?

Torbin’s death establishes a pattern, i.e., Mae is going after the Jedi who were posted in Brendok 16 years ago. To confirm this suspicion, Osha pretends to be Mae and approaches Qimir because he is the one who has supplied the bunta-laced poison to Mae. Sol, Yord, and Jecki keep an eye on her from afar as they wait for Qimir to confirm that he is involved in the killing of Torbin. As soon as they hear the words they need to hear, they rush in and ask Qimir to spill the truth about Mae’s mission. Qimir confirms what they had been suspecting all this while: Mae is after four Jedi (she has already killed two of them). Qimir says that he is willing to lay a trap for Mae if the Jedi agree to let her go. Sol seemingly agrees to the prospect, and they prepare to ambush Mae as soon as she approaches Qimir. Osha understandably wants to confront Mae because she thinks her sister is the one who killed everyone in Brendok. Sol says that she isn’t ready to do so. He also says that since he couldn’t save her in Brendok, he wants to give it another shot. Osha reminds Sol that Mae is after the four Jedi who were in Brendok, and that includes Sol. That doesn’t stop Sol from going after Mae, and they engage in a brutal fight. 

At one point, Sol gets the better of Mae, tries to learn the identity of her master, and comes to the conclusion that the Sith Lord has hidden his identity so well that even Mae doesn’t know who he is. Sol senses that Mae’s thoughts are going towards Osha, and that’s when it’s revealed that even Mae thinks Osha is dead. When Sol and Yord try to convince Mae that Osha is alive, she cuts and runs. It’s only after she sees Osha in the flesh that she believes that she has probably been lied to, and the foundations of her revenge plan are a little shaky. At the end of The Acolyte, episode 2, Vernestra asks Sol to return to Coruscant so that they can decide their next step. Sol wants to pursue Mae because that’s the need of the hour. However, Vernestra shuts him down and tells him that he shouldn’t take any decisions without the approval of the Jedi Coucil. Sol doesn’t counter her anymore because the Jedi can be a little stupid sometimes. Qimir makes it up to Mae after selling her out to the Jedi by revealing the location of the Wookie Jedi Kelnacca. We get a brief glimpse of Kelnacca’s humble abode on a planet called Khofar. So, it’s safe to assume that next week’s episode of The Acolyte is either going to take place entirely on this forest-filled planet or that it’s going to delve into Osha and Mae’s past so that we can get a better understanding of the reason behind their conflict.

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