‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Hannah And Grace Commit The Crime?


After watching The Afterparty season 2, episode 4, we now know that the poison used to murder Edgar was probably extracted from the devil’s trumpet taken from Hannah’s garden. Now, does that make Hannah guilty? Well, Hannah sure did have a motive to poison her stepbrother, but according to her version of the story, she sacrificed her love for her brother’s happiness. Was she telling the truth? She was honest about not sabotaging the wedding as she had planned, but it can also be a strategic move to make her story believable. While Hannah’s story somewhat made sense, it was Sebastian’s comment that stuck out. Were Edgar and Sebastian no longer partners? And was that the reason why Sebastian poisoned him? To be honest, Sebastian was a suspect from the very first episode. He seemed too invested in the cryptos Edgar kept in his safe, and he could fool anyone with his charm. So, what was Sebastian’s story?

Spoilers Alert

What Was Sebastian’s Plan?

As it turns out, Sebastian is not British after all! In episode 5, Sebastian revealed that he mastered the accent for sophistication, and it surely worked like magic. Unlike Edgar, who was born into generational wealth, Sebastian had to work his way to the top. He started out as a petty criminal, stealing items and money from local stores, but he soon realized that to be successful, he had to choose another way. With fake test scores and forged recommendations, Sebastian landed at a posh boarding school, and his roommate was Edgar. Edgar noticed Sebastian’s most valued possession, and he offered his expensive watch in exchange. The challenge was to win a game of Connect Four. Sebastian soon realized that Edgar was far too intelligent to beat, and his “Turder” card was gone within seconds. Not only that, Edgar figured out that Sebastian was faking his British accent. Since Sebastian could not beat Edgar, he decided to partner with him. While Edgar was the brain of the team, Sebastian was the face. Thus began the scheming ways of Edgar and Sebastian, as they pulled off many small cons during their school and college years. The most successful and large-scale business they managed was a legal hedge fund with some support from Edgar’s father.

Sebastian and Edgar’s partnership was stronger than ever, but that was before Edgar decided to invest in crypto. Sebastian was worried about the risk in the crypto business and held back 20% of the capital. After the success of Bucephalus, Edgar was dissatisfied with Sebastian for not having complete trust in him. It could have been a lot more profitable, Sebastian held him back. Edgar decided to end his partnership with Sebastian, but at the same time, he did not wish for Sebastian to behave any differently during his wedding. They decided to keep the entire situation a secret and only disclose it after the wedding. Sebastian was dumbfounded; not only had Edgar thrown him out of business, but he also expected him to be the best man at the wedding. Sebastian had always known how ruthless Edgar was when it came to business, but this time he was hellbent on not giving up. He contacted his old friends, who were locked up in prison for petty crimes. He brought on board Jaxson and Judson; he trusted the brothers and knew that they were talented enough to pull off the heist. The fact that Edgar did not know who they were made them perfect for the task.

Sebastian had found ways to get past the two security walls into Edgar’s safe, but the third one was a tough nut to crack. But thanks to Travis, Sebastian figured out that the password was the name of Edgar’s father’s horse. The only problem was that he did not know the name. So, he decided to charm Hannah to get the name but failed; he tried to win Isabel’s trust, but that did not end well. On the wedding day, he tried his luck one last time, and it worked. Isabel assumed that Edgar was testing her, and she proudly stated that the name of her husband’s horse was Nutmeg. Sebastian had recorded the passcode of the first security wall with the help of a pen cam. He had to kidnap Edgar’s pet lizard, Roxanne, to get through the retina scan, and finally, he had to enter the name of the horse to open the safe. The plan was perfect, and it all came down to execution.

What Did Sebastian Take From Edgar’s Safe? 

During the couple’s dance, Sebastian sneaked into Edgar’s office. He managed to steal Roxanne from Aniq, and he successfully broke into Edgar’s safe. Edgar received notification as soon as the security was breached, and he left the dance midway. As it turns out, Sebastian was not interested in robbing the cryptos; all he wanted was to take back what was rightfully his—the “Turder” card. It was his prized possession, and he had always intended to get it back. Edgar confronted Sebastian and challenged him to another game of Corner Four, and once again, Edgar was winning. But this time, Sebastian had planned everything well ahead. He swapped the real card with a fake one when Edgar was distracted. Edgar won the game, and as cruel as he was, he tore a bit of the card to teach Sebastian a lesson. What Edgar did not know was that he tore the fake card, not the misprint that was worth six figures.

By the end of episode 5 of The Afterparty, Sebastian had fooled Edgar and settled scores with him. Possibly Edgar and Sebastian’s separation had yet to be reflected in paperwork. Aniq points out how Sebastian’s story could have only been corroborated by Edgar, but since he was dead, Sebastian could play out the story any way he liked. Can we trust Sebastian? Considering his past actions and his relationship with Edgar, we cannot completely rule him out. Sebastian also mentioned that there was some disagreement between Edgar and Vivian (Grace and Zoe’s mother). Did Vivian know that her daughter was not content with Edgar? Or was she seeking some financial help from her future son-in-law?

According to Isabel, the Zhu family had planned Edgar’s murder, and the collection of centerpieces in Vivian’s room proved that she was involved. Zoe and Grace laughed off the accusation, stating that it was Vivian’s Asian habit to make use of everything around her. Also, why was Uncle Ulysses fidgeting with a glass at the afterparty? What is his story? The missing devil’s trumpet from one of the centerpieces confirms that the flower was used to poison Edgar, but who used it? The killer must have known that the devil’s trumpet would be used in the centerpieces. They knew using something that was so easily available would help them get away with the murder. It is possible that the murder was planned by a group and not an individual.

Did Hannah And Grace Commit The Crime?

Episode 5 of The Afterparty ends on a curious note. We find out that Hannah kept a secret from Aniq and Danner. It is also pretty evident that Grace and Hannah were still in love, and maybe their story did not end the way Hannah described. Did the two plan the murder? It is a highly plausible theory. Zoe watched Hannah and Grace from afar. She desperately tried to protect Grace, but maybe now her approach will change, and she will focus on finding the truth. Yasper, from The Afterparty season 1, makes a brief cameo appearance in Episode 5. We get to know that he is making good use of his time in prison. He continues to be passionate about music and is hopeful about making it big someday.

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