‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Travis Guilty?


Detective Danner and Aniq reunite in The Afterparty season 2 to investigate the suspicious death of Zoe’s brother-in-law, Edgar. A tech billionaire, Edgar never thought he would find love, but Grace changed his life. From being an introverted nerd to dancing without a care in the world with Grace, Edgar knew he had found the woman to spend the rest of his life with. While the nuptial preparations were going on, Grace started to question her relationship. In episode 2 of The Afterparty, we found out that Edgar’s absence due to business commitments had affected Grace considerably. She felt a little relieved when Edgar promised to make adjustments for her happiness. On their wedding night, Grace added Adderall to his drink to keep him awake for the afterparty. But the next morning, when she woke up, she found Edgar’s stiff body lying beside her. Grace was the prime suspect in the murder by poison case, but as her sister, Zoe was determined to prove her innocence.

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Why Was Travis Suspicious Of Edgar?

Even though Aniq never intended to doubt Grace, there were a few instances that were too strange for him to ignore in episode 1. But when Grace was interrogated, she explained her side of the story and it all started to make sense. Grace had the motive and the opportunity to poison Edgar, but whether she did so or not remains unconfirmed. But what seemed peculiar was how Travis was waiting outside the room when she opened the door to inform others about Edgar’s death. Travis had been acting strange since the rehearsal dinner. He was one of Grace’s ex-boyfriends and seemed to have an ulterior motive for attending the wedding. Grace had sent out wedding invites to all her former lovers, and she did not expect anyone to show up. But it seemed Travis was too invested in Grace, and for some bizarre reason, he wanted to stop the wedding.

When interrogated by Danner and Aniq, Travis explained that he received a coded message from Grace in the form of a wedding invitation. Even though it was nowhere stated, Travis assumed that Grace wanted to investigate her would-be husband. With Travis acting like a rookie detective, it was somewhat expected that the noir genre would be explored sometime soon. Travis was unsettled to find out that Edgar had launched his own cryptocurrency. He had lost most of his wealth to a crypto scam, and he had a hunch that Edgar was involved in a similar scheme. While he could not get hold of his scammer, he intended to stop Edgar from ruining others like him. After digging through the internet, Travis found out that Edgar’s shell companies were the biggest investors in his crypto coin business. Clearly, Edgar was manipulating the value of his crypto through illegal means. But does that make Travis a competent detective? Well, not really. When he pulled out the RSVP and encircled the food option to show how Grace had sent him a coded message, he proved to be another conspiracy theorist in a tin foil hat.

At the rehearsal dinner, Travis studied every guest to find out their real motive for attending the wedding. Travis claimed to be in love with his Polish girlfriend, but at the same time, he wanted to protect Grace from harm. He read Grace’s irritation upon seeing him at the dinner as dreadful fear, and he goes on to do many such questionable readings all night long. But the interaction that both Danner and Aniq took note of was between Travis and Hannah. Edgar’s sister, Hannah, showed interest in Travis. Well, what is a noir without the femme fatale? As irresistible as Hannah was, Travis guessed that she could be trouble.

While everyone was busy at the rehearsal dinner, Travis sneaked into Edgar’s home office to find evidence. He chanced upon a list of names, books on disappearing, a sheet full of codes, and a map with Patagonia marked with a red pin. With his debatable deductive skills, Travis concluded that Edgar was preparing to fake his own death. His plan was to run away with all his money while he was assumed to be dead. Travis planned on stopping the wedding, and lucky for him; he had someone to help him execute it. During their flirtatious exchange, Hannah indicated that she intended to stop her brother’s wedding, but what was the reason behind it? Even though Travis and Hannah were resolute in stopping the wedding, they remained unsuccessful. Travis was following Edgar when he left the couple’s dance abruptly, but unfortunately, someone knocked him unconscious. Travis was so determined to protect Grace that he camped outside her room on the night of the murder. He intended to keep a close watch, but he ended up falling asleep and waking up to the sound of Grace’s panic-stricken voice. While Travis’s account was not conclusive, Aniq and Danner realized that they had to question Hannah to find out what she was up to.

What Evidence Did Zoe Find Against Hannah?

Zoe searched Edgar’s body to find anything that could connect the murderer to the crime. She came across a prescription and a cufflink. It was a little strange that Edgar was carrying a prescription for Adderall, whereas Grace had stated during the interrogation that Edgar was against taking any pharmaceutical drugs at the time. The discrepancy between what Grace said and the evidence alerted Aniq, but he remained calm for Zoe. When Zoe showed Grace the cufflink, she stated that it was not a cufflink but a typewriter key, and the typewriter belonged to Hannah. Hannah was quite eccentric; she had several hobbies, and collecting typewriters was one of them.

Zoe had her doubts about Hannah, and she decided to inspect her room for clues. She found the typewriter that had a G key missing, and Zoe assumed that she was closer to cracking the case. But on the other hand, Grace was lost in her thoughts. She seemed afraid of getting caught in her own lies, but what exactly was she hiding? Zoe realized that not only did the type key found in Edgar’s pocket match Hannah’s typewriter, but Hannah’s garden consisted of poisonous plants that she perhaps used to murder Edgar.

At the end of The Afterparty episode 3, Zoe had all the evidence she needed to shift the suspicion from her sister to the victim’s adopted sister. Zoe studied the plants in Hannah’s garden and found three that could potentially be the murder weapon. Aniq doubted that the poison mixed in Edgar’s drink also had hallucinogenic properties, considering that Edgar seemed to have been on a visually distorted trip that night. Aniq’s observation helped narrow it down to one plant, the Devil’s trumpet. With the newly found murder weapon, Hannah was the new suspect.

Hannah had access to the poison, and for some reason, she wanted to stop the wedding. She seemed to care for Edgar, but one is left to wonder if it was all pretense. Was she resentful because she was adopted? Or was it a calculated decision to inherit wealth? While Hannah was the one with poisonous plants in her garden, on the wedding day, everyone had access to the Devil’s trumpet since it was a part of the centerpiece decoration. Also, something interesting happened in episode 3 of The Afterparty. Sebastian confronted Travis as he was sifting through Edgar’s office. Something dawned on Sebastian during his conversation with Travis. He realized that Edgar’s late father was obsessed with his horse, and maybe the name of the horse was a code or password to something important that Sebastian wanted access to. Travis seems innocent for the time being, but both Hannah and Sebastian look suspicious. Rest assured, episode 4 of The Afterparty will be all about Hannah.

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