‘The Amazing Maurice’ Ending, Explained: Did The Rats Get To Live On Paradise Island?


Directed by Toby Genkel and Florian Westermann, “The Amazing Maurice” has a unique storyline and plot that can be equally enjoyed by adults and children. The story breaks through the fourth wall and provides an insight into the minds of characters while they converse with the audience to let them in on the secrets and the ingenious plans their minds cook up. The main narrator here is Malicia, but Maurice replaces her only during his times to shine and also to address the audience judging his indifferent actions. With an extraordinary voice-acting cast lending a voice to the unique characters, the movie is a sure hit with the young audience, who can enjoy the adventure along with the interactions.

Spoilers Ahead

‘The Amazing Maurice’ Plotline: What Is The Film About?

Maurice, a talking cat, formed an alliance with a group of talking rats and a human named Keith to earn their living by scamming other human villages. The rats infest the village, while Maurice collects the payment when Keith whips out his flute to become a fake Pied Piper and lure the rats away. The villages are forever grateful to Keith and Maurice, who have now successfully rid the village of these pesky rats. Peaches from this rat group is a profound believer in the book, “Mr. Bunnsy Has An Adventure.” She believes that there exists a place where humans and talking animals coexist, and Maurice knows the way to this place. As they target the new town for a better income so as to afford the journey to the ideal place, the group stumbles across the mysteries of this new town. The town is affected by a mysterious famine, and the townspeople are missing food that disappears suddenly. As they try to investigate the situation, Keith meets his partner, Malicia, who is the daughter of the mayor. Together they set out to find the real Pied Piper for his flute while the rats and Maurice deal with the monstrous Rat King. Malicia, with her main character energy, helps save the day by motivating Keith to play his flute. Maurice is motivated by Dangerous Beings, a wise rat from the group, to hunt down the Rat King, and together they defeat the monster. Because the book is simply fiction and not real, this incident helps the troupe create a society where talking animals and humans coexist side by side, with no one trying to harm the other.

How Do The Rats And Maurice Talk, And What Is The Understanding Between Them?

The story begins with a story that is then used as a narrative to define the ongoing story. “Mr. Bunnsy Has An Adventure” is a children’s storybook that is being used to define a paradisiacal place idealized by some of the rats. They believe that Maurice will be the one to lead them to this place, as he is the only one who knows the way. Maurice is the protagonist of the story, who can talk and is in cahoots with other similar talking rats and a human named Keith. Due to their unique situation, Maurice, the rats, and Keith have an understanding among themselves that they would form a group and earn a good flow of money to buy a boat to this ideal land where talking animals and humans cohabit peacefully. Therefore, all of the rats collude with Maurice and Keith, and they at first pretend to infest the town, scaring all its inhabitants; then comes Keith with his flute-playing skills impersonating the lore of the Pied Piper, luring all of the rats out of the home, while Maurice collects payment for this show. This way, they have an assured source of income. Maurice, as a talking cat, strictly believes in not hunting anything that can talk as well; he makes this point clear at various intervals in the movie, which is why the rats trust and feel safe while working with Maurice. This tried and tested method of scamming the village folk and townsmen works quite well for the troupe; however, due to the rats developing a conscience, there are some little tiffs here and there among the troupe as the rats seem to be averse to scamming the humans.

How Did The Animals Start Talking, And What Is This Rat King?

The story breaks through the fourth wall and directly converses with the audience multiple times. Malicia narrates the story as it is in the past and is a tribute to Maurice, who had, in fact, sacrificed 2 of his 9 lives to bring back Dangerous Beings. Due to its unnatural coincidences and the fact that they find the real Pied Piper living in the forest, we can safely assume that the plots and eras of folklore coincide with this story. This establishes the groundwork for an explanation of how the rats and the cat got their voices and consciousness. The rats, as they explained to Malicia, were normal rats that infested the dumping grounds of different witches. This dumping ground had potions and outdated spellbooks, as well as other suspicious wastes that were dumped by a lot of magical beings throughout the years. They opened a portal to this dumping ground, dumped their waste here, and forgot about it, which is why when the rats unknowingly consumed these wastes, they developed a consciousness and a voice to study and talk. Their names are derived from the words they first came across after they learned to read. This is how Peaches, Dangerous Beings, Darktan, Sardines, Nourishing, and the rest of the rats in their troupe got their names. As for Maurice, it is safe to assume that while he was a normal cat, he had hunted one of the talking rats and therefore had his own awakening. He immediately set his rules on not hunting another talking rat because they do share the same uncanny situations. Keith, because he is an orphan, must have stumbled upon this talking cat and then formed an alliance with him. Due to their similar circumstances and also being outcasts, they collided with the rats to form a group of misfits and therefore worked together with this understanding. They go on to attempt another heist when they meet Malicia, who loves, lives, and breathes storybooks. Malicia uses all the books she has read as references to gain insight into the twists in this story and acts accordingly. She ultimately uses her skills to help find the cause for the famine and help the troupe defeat the Rat King.

Maurice, in his adventures before forming a troupe with the rest, had already known of some rather dark secrets. This included information on the formation of the Rat King and the Pit. The Pit was a ring where the dogs ran free to hunt down a group of rats who were left to scurry around in that ring. This was a special form of entertainment for the humans, and none of the rats lived to tell the tale. The rats could not fight back, so they ran around, which is why it was named the Rat Coursing. The Rat King, on the other hand, was formed when the two antagonists of the movie caught rats alive and crammed them into little cages. The Rat Kings are wicked and are formed when the tails of the rats are knotted together, giving rise to a single creature that gains its consciousness from the merged minds of the rats. This consciousness can use mind power to control and dominate the beings around it. Therefore, the final boss of this story is a rat king whom the protagonists have to deal with in order to save the town from its mysteriously depleted food supplies.

‘The Amazing Maurice’ Ending Explained: Did The Rats Get To Live On Paradise Island?

When the troupe stumbled upon the mysterious town, they were at first happy because of the marketplace, but when they met one of the residents, Malicia, they realized that there was a famine. Malicia, the daughter of the mayor of the town, jumped at the chance of an adventure resembling those in her countless books. She was quick to accept the talking rats and Maurice and set out on an adventure to find out the cause of the famine. On reaching the house where mouse traps are kept, she found the trap door with the help of Sardines and stumbled upon the food supply that had been missing from all of the houses. But here comes the twist: all of the rats, as they rushed toward Keith to inform him about the cages, got caught by the two antagonists. They are locked up, and their only saving grace is Maurice, who escaped the situation. Maurice first rescues the rats and then the humans, where the rats discover that “Mr. Bunnsy Has An Adventure” is just fiction. Peaches runs away in misery while Dangerous Beings follow her. They get caught by the Rat King, resulting in a battle between the rats, Maurice, and the Rat King, while Keith and Malicia get the Pied Piper flute to lure the normal rats away from the Rat King. Dangerous Beings gets killed in the battle, as does Maurice, who tries to save him, but due to cats having nine lives and Maurice having six left, he exchanges two of his to help save Dangerous Beings. This incident wins over the townsfolk, and they help build a place for the rat group to stay and educate their young ones while all of the humans and the talking animals live together. Although the place described in the book wasn’t true, in the end, the group managed to create their own paradisiacal place to live in.

“The Amazing Maurice” is a 2022 Animated Adventure film directed by Toby Genkel.

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