‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Da-Hae Dead?


The Atypical Family episode 10, is a rollercoaster of emotions and it feels like it gave me whiplash as it goes back and forth in time. The episode, which is, a little over one hour looks rather different from the rest which are more warm-toned. I suppose we’re coming up on bad news, so the creators really want to make the show feel gloomy and sad before we’re attacked with the really sad stuff (I personally find the color grading a bit much). I’m not sure if the series is going to have a happy ending, though if it were a few years ago, I suppose there would be a definitive answer: “Nobody dies; everybody’s happy.” However, lately, K-dramas have been giving us unexpected endings that are somewhat painful to digest (most infamously 25–21). However, with all that said, Mrs. Bok’s premonitions have been wrong before, so maybe we’ll get an ending with Da-Hae joining The Atypical Family.

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What Happens 7 Days Before the Accident?

Episode 10 of The Atypical Family plays out very differently from the rest of the show thus far. It begins with a moment in the future where Gwi-Ju finds himself in a very similar situation to back in the day, when his first wife died: in a car that is smashed up and hanging halfway off the bridge, but Da-Hae isn’t in the driver’s seat, she’s presumably been launched out of her seat and into the river below. We then go back in time to when Da-Hae returns to the Bok household. This time, as Gwi-Ju’s fiancée, rather than their servant. While on the surface, it looks like everything is fine, it seems Mrs. Bok has her own worries. She’s had a premonition that her son’s going to die, specifically because of Da-Hae (presumably having something to do with the fire from 13 years ago), so she tells Da-Hae about it. But instead of telling Da-Hae to stay away from Gwi-Ju, she tells her to give Gwi-Ju a happy rest of his life. Mrs. Bok believes nothing can save Gwi-Ju from his death, but it’s Da-Hae who comes up with a plan to make sure he’s saved. 

Da-Hae’s plan is to fake her own death so that Gwi-Ju can’t go back to the past again. If he believes she’s dead, he’ll go back to a depressed state like he was in before he met Da-Hae, leaving him in a time-traveling stump. In the meantime, at I-Na’s school, all her classmates and the teacher realize it was Hye-Rim who bullied her and locked her up at the gym. Everyone sees her true colors, and when she tells I-Na to believe her, I-Na tells her that she doesn’t want to know what’s in her heart anymore, basically “unfriending” her for good. Mrs. Bok tells her husband and her daughter about her dream, and Dong-Hee is especially upset about the situation. As if it weren’t enough that she ruined Dong-Hee’s life, she also doesn’t care that her son’s going to die because she tells Dong-Hee to behave indifferently and not say a word to Gwi-Ju. 

On the other hand, Da-Hae starts to spend a lot of time with Gwi-Ju and I-Na. At the same time, Grace tries to comfort Dong-Hee and also help her lose weight for her wedding; it seems Mrs. Bok has given her blessing (honestly, at this point, Grace and Dong-Hee are the perfect couple in my mind). At night, Da-Hae asks Gwi-Ju if they can go on a little trip. This is when Da-Hae’s going to execute her little plan. It’s rainy season, and it’s pouring, but Da-Hae and Gwi-Ju still decide to go on their trip. Da-Hae is driving, and they discuss some old memories together, which prompts Gwi-Ju to go back in time to those moments. This is all part of Da-Hae’s plan because, when he’s gone, her uncle helps her set up the scene of the accident. The lie is that the car skidded off the road due to the rain and Da-Hae was flung into the river (many plotholes here, like, how do they know when he’ll return? He’s literally got superpowers; is this really wise? 

How does Gwi-Ju find Da-Hae? 

Gwi-Ju spends many days trying to find Da-Hae; by this point, Dong-Hee’s returned to her old self and looks like a completely different person. She tries on her wedding dress, and her fiance pretends he’s excited, but he’s making plans with another woman to open a shop for her. Basically, he’s the real scammer here. Gwi-Ju blames himself because, again, he went back in time, and Da-Hae ended up in that state. His father tries to comfort him, and Gwi-Ju tells him that he needs to go back in time to warn her, but he’s unable to, just as Da-Hae predicted. Ultimately, it’s I-Na’s determination that helps Gwi-Ju reach his potential to save Da-Hae. Gwi-Ju returns to the night before the trip and notices Da-Hae crying. He gives her a hug and begins to cry, too. He tells her not to go on the trip because there’s going to be an accident; however, when he returns to the future, the news articles haven’t changed, meaning Da-Hae’s still dead. 

I-Na then goes to Da-Hae’s uncle and notices that he’s avoiding eye contact with her at all costs. She realizes he’s hiding something about Da-Hae. Da-Hae’s mother also believes Da-Hae is dead; however, when she learns that her brother went to the beach after the accident, she gets suspicious of him. In truth, she had planned Da-Hae’s death herself (I suppose it’s for the insurance or just because she fears Da-Hae will out her and the fam). So, Da-Hae’s uncle reveals the truth to I-Na by showing her his eyes while Da-Hae’s mother sits in the backseat. I-Na immediately rushes home and tells her dad that Da-Hae is alive and well, and she knows where she is. They need to get to her before her mom does, so Gwi-Ju rushes there immediately. In a flashback, we see Da-Hae make the plan with her uncle, and she is certain that she won’t vanish into thin air if Gwi-Ju doesn’t go back in time and save her 13 years earlier. They then stage the accident, and Da-Hae says her final goodbye to Gwi-Ju, or so she thinks. 

At the end of The Atypical Family episode 10, Gwi-Ju finds Da-Hae at a remote beach town while Da-Hae’s uncle stalls. Gwi-Ju finds Da-Hae on the beach, and she starts to run away from him. When Da-Hae can’t run any further, thanks to the massive boulder in front of her, Gwi-Ju catches up to her. In the meantime, I-Na tells the family where Gwi-Ju is, but when she sees her grandmother freak out, she looks into her eyes to learn about her father’s death. Da-Hae tells Gwi-Ju to stay away from her because he’s going to die if he’s with her. She reminds him that he promised to stay by I-Na’s side. Gwi-Ju reminds Da-Hae that she is the reason he went back to his old self and started living, breathing, and eating like a normal person, all thanks to her. Da-Hae admits that she’s being selfish because all she wants is for Gwi-Ju to be alive; it doesn’t matter if he’s suffering or not. Gwi-Ju tells her that he loves her and he can’t let her go either. It seems that the future that Mrs. Bok predicted is inevitable for now. 

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