‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Is The Bok Family Finally Recovering? 


Episode 11 of The Atypical Family is the happiest of the show thus far. While I was a bit skeptical at the beginning of the series, it’s slowly grown on me, and I’ve looked forward to watching it every weekend. The penultimate episode feels most like The Time Traveler’s Wife, in my opinion. This whole time, I’ve been finding the show’s premise quite odd, but now that I’ve made this little connection, it suddenly makes much more sense. The series has been steadily moving towards the fast-approaching death of Gwi-Ju, but by now, we all know that it’s most likely that Da-Hae will most definitely end up saving him. With that said, episode 11 is a new beginning for savior Da-Hae, who also helps the whole family regain their powers and find happiness again. So, let’s quickly dive into The Atypical Family episode 11.

Spoiler Alert

Who blackmails Ji-Han?

At the beginning of episode 11, we get a cute lovey-dovey moment between Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae (this is exactly what we Jang Ki-Yong fans were hoping for all this time). Then Gwi-Ju finds his way to Da-Hae’s mother, making it known that she’s still alive. Gwi-Ju then explains to her that Da-Hae wasn’t running away from her, but she was trying to get away from him so that he wouldn’t save her 13 years ago. He then tells her that he plans on dying for Da-Hae and saving her life. When he goes back, a worried Da-Hae is relieved to see him, and after spending some time eating eggdrop toast (how I’d kill for that), they decide to go back home. Mrs. Bok now feels her dreams are a curse that have ruined her family’s lives. In-A thinks she herself is the curse because her mom died on her birthday, and her dad will die on the day she’s born (whoop, big loop). Da-Hae is determined to make them realize that this is not the case. 

In the meantime, we learn about why Dong-Hee blamed her mother for ruining her dream. Back when she was going to become the show stopper at a popular fashion show, her mom dreamt that the show stopper would fall and ruin the show, forcing Dong-Hee not to go. However, because the shoes were custom-made for Dong-Hee and she didn’t show up, the girl who wore her shoes ended up falling. Essentially, the conclusion is that the family has fantastic powers; they’ve just not realized how to use them to benefit them. They’ve always seen it as a curse rather than a boon, even if it helped them. Da-Hae explains to Mrs. Bok that she shouldn’t stop dreaming just because the dreams never show her the full truth; they’re just there to give her an idea of what’s happening. It’s possible that her dream could help Da-Hae save Gwi-Ju from the fire. 

On the other hand, Ji-Han gets Dong-Hee to pay the deposit on a grand apartment in a high-rise building because he apparently remembered that she likes to be at heights. In truth, though, he’s using this apartment to have secret dates with the other girl he’s seeing. He’s stealing Dong-Hee’s money to start a cafe for the other woman (tsk, tsk, disgusting). However, Da-Hae blackmails him to pay her 2 million won or leave Dong-Hee after she takes some scandalous pictures of him with the other woman. 

When Ji-Han pays Da-Hae the money, she’s quite shocked by the situation because the guy’s broke. It is later revealed that it was her stepmother who got the guy to get an illegal low-interest loan to pay her, basically getting him stuck in a scam. The thing they’re best at. On the other hand, Dong-Hee and Gwi-Ju are finally like their younger selves, being close siblings. Gwi-Ju reminds Dong-Hee that the reason he ate food after the incident with the dead puppy was because he liked watching his sister enjoy eating. He tells her that she was the most beautiful back then when she was happy while eating. Dong-Hee realizes that she’s not too heavy to fly; she’s just too sad. 

Grace then brings Dong-Hee to the apartment while Ji-Han’s having a date with the other woman and fishes the girl out in front of Dong-Hee. Da-Hae also shows up with the money, revealing that it’s the amount spent on the house deposit. Ji-Han tries to take the bag of money from them, but the girls put up a fight. He doesn’t give up, though, and ends up pushing Grace out of the glass window. Obviously, this is the trigger that sends Dong-Hee into adrenaline mode, and she dives out of the window to save Grace, and then flying to her heart’s content again (I told you these two are meant to be). Ji-Han runs at this time and notices the two girls floating in the air laughing out loud and takes a video of them (can this guy just leave already?). 

Since when has Gwi-Ju been appearing near Da-Hae? 

Gwi-Ju takes In-Ha out to the zoo, only for it to close in 30 minutes. He then promises In-Ha that he will research better next time. In-Ha breaks down, wondering if there will be a next time, and Gwi-Ju reassures her that he’ll make it happen. In-Ha is very afraid that she’s going to lose her father for real this time, but Gwi-Ju promises to spend the time he’s got with his daughter. Da-Hae finally visits her mom and learns about what they did with Ji-Han. Her mother hugs Da-Hae and tells her that the only thing she’s happy about is the fact that she’s alive and well, just like Mrs. Bok’s dream had shown her some time ago (we knew it was Da-Hae, ha!). Though it looks like everything is well at the Bok household, and the family is happy again, not looking to the future but living in the present, Mrs. Bok can’t shake off the dream of Gwi-Ju in the fire. 

At the end of The Atypical Family episode 11, Gwi-Ju returns to an old memory with his family from his childhood when everyone looks happy. He then notices a girl in color like himself, realizing it’s Da-Hae. The girl is being bullied by other kids who call her names and claim she can’t cycle. Gwi-Ju ends up pushing her bike, helping her cycle. While this is a thrilling situation, the fact that they lived near each other when they were kids, too (this age situation doesn’t make sense to me, though) means that when Gwi-Ju returns to the present, he has a scratch on his neck from a branch while helping little Da-Hae. This means that he’s now getting hurt by things around him from the past, i.e., in the future, the fire could actually kill him. Gwi-Ju then joins his happy family for dinner, smiling through the fear of what’s to come. 

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