‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Gwi-Ju Go Back To The Past?


I must admit, I was a little bit skeptical about The Atypical Family after the first episode, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the second. It’s much more fast-paced and less bleak, which makes it way more entertaining, too. It’s going to take 16 full episodes for all the puzzle pieces to come together, but we’ve still got a lot more information in episode 2, which makes me a little bit excited for what’s to come. The Netflix K-drama tells the story of the Bok family, who have special supernatural powers that have disappeared because of their modern lifestyles. Additionally, the elder son of the family is living out a tragedy, and the show is mainly focused on him and his possible future love story. On the other hand, Do Da-Hae scams rich men into marrying her, then milks them and leaves them. Apparently, it’s a family business. Now she’s onto Gwi-Ju, but does she have some special connection with this family? And will she actually be their great savior? Let’s find out in The Atypical Family.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens at the Mall? 

The Atypical Family episode 2 begins with a flashback of a young Gwi-Ju discovering his powers after getting beaten up by his mother for taking the regular route back home because she foresaw a car accident on that one. Gwi-Ju had won a special large carp candy (a typical Korean small-town pleasure), and so, when his mother yelled at him, broke it, and then gave him a beating, he went straight back to the actual moment he won it. This is when they discovered his power. However, Gwi-Ju soon learned that that day, a dog had been killed in the accident his grandmother saw, and at the same time, he won his candy. Gwi-Ju tries to go back to the past multiple times to save the dog, but he can’t touch anything in the past. Basically, he can only see the past in live action rather than change it. 

We then flash forward to the moment In-A was born. Gwi-Ju and his wife talked about how he would go back to that time often, but in the present day, we see Gwi-Ju dwelling over the fact that he can’t even go back there anymore. He sees that all the bunnies he’s given In-A are in the bin outside, and he realizes he’s been an absent father. In an attempt to talk to her, Gwi-Ju tells In-A to use her smartphone to call him too, not just for her little video games. He also warns her to look up and walk rather than use her phone. Gwi-Ju notices a man in a helmet in front of their house and has a strange feeling about it. 

Seeing as all the bunnies have been thrown out, Gwi-Ju decides to get In-A a real present. It turns out Da-Hae’s brother is following him around so she can serendipitously meet him wherever he is. At the mall, Da-Hae notices Gwi-Ju looking at the kids’ shoes and points out the best pair In-A would like. The encounter is quite awkward because Gwi-Ju clearly doesn’t want to interact with her, but she keeps butting in. Finally, when trying to push her away, Gwi-Ju accidentally rips Da-Hae’s sleeve off (I know we ask for innovation in K-dramas, but this is a bit much, no?). She then finds a jacket and also buys the shoes for In-A, meeting Gwi-Ju at a cafe. He leaves her, though, and there’s a fire alarm. The fire alarm puts Da-Hae into panic mode, and she ends up getting pushed to the floor in the stampede and makes a run for it. However, Gwi-Ju grabs her hand and brings her out of her daze. Soon, it was revealed that the fire alarm was false. 

Why Are The Boks Obsessed With Marriage? 

Well, Mrs. Bok tries to give Da-Hae an incentive—the building that has the gym in it. Basically, whichever Bok sibling gets married first gets the building. Gwi-Ju doesn’t really care, but Dong-Hee is desperate for it. We also learn that she gave the money to the clinic that she works at, but more importantly, the doctor is her fiance. For some reason, Mrs. Bok is more keen on Gwi-Ju’s remarriage, maybe because of In-A or maybe because she thinks it’ll help them regain their powers. She also dreamt that Da-Hae was wearing their family ring. Gwi-Ju learns that In-A is not doing great in school and is quite a loner. In the meantime, his father gets rid of all the alcohol in the house and tells him to come out with him to drink instead. 

To nobody’s surprise, it’s a forced date with Da-Hae that Mrs. Bok planned out. Gwi-Ju only agrees to stay because there’s alcohol. He gets super drunk and makes sure Da-Hae knows that he isn’t interested. Da-Hae keeps mentioning the hand-grabbing, but Gwi-Ju doesn’t remember this happening. On the other hand, on the way back from school, it looks like someone’s following In-A, and she runs into a public washroom. In-A tries to call everybody in her family but her father, but none of them pick up. Finally, she remembers what her father told her in the morning and gives him a call. Gwi-Ju is passed out, so Da-Hae picks up. She then wakes Gwi-Ju up by telling him In-A is in trouble and that it sounds like someone is chasing her (how did she get that from the call, though? Hmm, something seems fishy.) 

The dad in Gwi-Ju is awakened, and he drunkenly rushes to find her. He obviously can’t do it without Da-Hae’s help. They rush and find the washroom, and Gwi-Ju sees the same man with the helmet. By now, we should realize that this guy is just Da-Hae’s brother, so he puts on an act, and Gwi-Ju tries hard to fight the guy, but he’s really just making a fool of himself. In-A hears the commotion and comes out wondering why Gwi-Ju was beating up a random man when the reason she called was totally different. In-A finally has her period, and so Da-Hae helps her with everything she needs. 

Now that she’s saved him for the third time (who’s keeping count?), they decide to go out drinking for real this time. That’s when Da-Hae brings up the hand-holding again, and Gwi-Ju is confused as to why she would persistently stick to such a lie. They talk a little bit about Gwi-Ju’s lost powers, and then Da-Hae wonders what would happen if his future self held her hand if he’s so adamant that he didn’t do it. In the meantime, we see Dong-Hee working hard on the treadmill. It seems all the pressure has gotten to her, and her fiancé won’t get married to her until he’s repaid the amount she spent on the clinic. Dong-Hee also saw Grace (Da-Hae’s sister), the new gym instructor at the clinic, and she’s jealous because she used to be “hot” like her. 

At the end of The Atypical Family episode 2, Gwi-Ju takes Da-Hae’s words seriously and closes his eyes in an attempt to go back to that moment in the mall. After all, nobody has anything to lose. He actually does end up there, and when the alarm rings, he rushes to find Da-Hae. When he sees her on the floor, she’s also colored like him, while everyone else is in a different tone (it’s not black and white, but blue-toned, okay?). Finally, Gwi-Ju grabs Da-Hae’s hand, and he’s able to hold it. He couldn’t touch anybody else, but he was able to hold her hand, and she was able to see him, too. So, apparently, not only are his powers back, but they’re enhanced when he’s with Da-Hae, too. We’ll only be able to find out what’s really happening in The Atypical Family episode 3. I wonder if she also has some sort of superpower. 

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