‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Da-Hae Have Family Of Her Own?


It seems the time-travel theme is ever-present in the K-drama world right now. As if Lovely Runner wasn’t enough to mess with our perception of time, we’ve got yet another show with a messy past-future relationship, and I’m going to find it hard to keep up. The Atypical Family definitely gets better as the episodes pass, despite my confusion about how I felt about the show just yesterday. I suppose the 4th episode’s finally put the show on the map for me. Specifically, because we get to see Jan Ki-Yong put his best foot forward in this episode. Also, it’s only the fourth episode; why are they kissing already? I guess it’s not just an atypical family but an atypical show as well. A lot of revelations have been made in this episode too, so let’s see if it tanks further down the line or if we get something actually unique from this show.

Spoiler Alert

Who is Do Da-Hae’s family? 

The Atypical Family episode 4 begins with Gwi-Ju returning from his little rendezvous with Da-Hae in the past. His father finds him as he reappears in the present, realizing that Gwi-Ju’s got his powers back. Gwi-Ju’s father may not have his own powers, but he’s the research guy in the family. He’s safely kept all the information he could get on the Bok family tree. He talks about how everyone in the family has had a “power awakening” when the right person came into their life. Apparently, this person can make their power “whole,” and for Gwi-Ju, that person could be Da-Hae, which would explain why he can go to the past and talk to Da-Hae but nobody else. 

In the meantime, Da-Hae is so startled by everything that’s gone about that she ends up fainting in Gwi-Ju’s arms. She’s also had the drugged tea, so she ends up falling asleep. Dong-Hee tries to tell her mother that Da-Hae is drugging her, but with no proof, nobody believes her. She also tells them that Da-Hae followed her into the family vault. Dong-Hee’s definitely taken something from there, but we don’t know what that is. Later at night, when Mrs. Bok tries to sleep, she has a terrifying dream of Da-Hae being taken away in an ambulance from a sauna. The next day, she warns Da-Hae not to go to the sauna, which frightens her more because her family owns a sauna. Da-Hae freaks out and decides to run away to the sauna (of course) to have a word with her mom. Gwi-Ju follows her there because it seems he might actually be a little bit worried about his mother’s dream. 

It seems Da-Hae wasn’t lying about not having a mom. The woman she calls mother is actually a loan shark who came to collect Da-Hae’s father’s debt from her when he died. His debt then became her debt. In the present day, Gwi-Ju overhears Da-Hae calling her mother. When she’s about to explain why, the guy who we thought was Da-Hae’s brother turns on the fire alarm, which frightens Da-Hae, and she falls to the floor in a panic attack. Gwi-Ju tries to save her and bring her out, but he slips on some sweat and takes her down with him, leaving her unconscious after hitting her head on the sauna floor. The ambulance arrives, and just like in Mrs. Bok’s dream, Da-Hae is taken to the hospital. There, the mom tells Gwi-Ju that Da-Hae was in a fire accident back when she was in high school that gave her the trauma. In the flashback, we see that Da-Hae didn’t have money to be treated in the hospital, but the loan shark told her to get treated and “become” her daughter so she could pay her back by working. It turns out Da-Hae was faking the level of injury and was simply pretending to be unconscious, and this was all part of the ruse to deceive the Bok family. 

On the way back home, Gwi-Ju tells Da-Hae about his family and their powers. He also tells her how he’s able to change the past when she’s involved, and she wonders, “Why her?!” In another flashback, we see Gwi-Ju and his mother argue about their powers. Gwi-Ju was angry that he couldn’t save his wife and that his mom could only see dreams related to lotteries and stocks. However, his mother tells him that the only time she had a different dream was about her own father’s death. She says their family has been suffering for generations, trying to be heroes, only to end up dead. Now, they’re finally living normal lives, but Gwi-Ju calls their powers a curse. 

How are Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae connected? 

So, while Da-Hae tries to figure out the Bok family and their powers, Dong-Hee tries to unmask the villain in her. On the other hand, at school, Joon-Woo actually seems to like In-A. At the dance club, In-A listens to a song by “Epik High” (ancient history at this point), and Joon-Woo is surprised by her playlist. He suggests to the dance club that they should change their song and do one of the songs In-A has on her playlist. After practice, the kids decide to go out for a snack, but shy In-A isn’t even able to tell them that she has to go to the academy instead. At the convenience store, In-A is trying to get herself some cup noodles before class when Hye-Rim, the girl from the dance club, shows up. She takes In-A’s glasses off when they get fogged up from the steam coming out of the cup noodles, and In-A learns that Hye-Rim has a crush on Joon-Woo. If In-A wants to be friends with Hye-Rim, she has to pretend not to like Joon-Woo. So, when Hye-Rim asks In-A what she thinks of the guy, she tells her that he’s annoying, but unfortunately, he overhears it. This makes In-A remember why she doesn’t make friends. 

At the end of The Atypical Family episode 4, Da-Hae overhears Mrs. Bok musing about how anyone who learns about their powers tends to run away or take advantage of them. On the other hand, Gwi-Ju goes back in time and accidentally follows Da-Hae into the women’s changing room in the sauna. He immediately returns and stands under the shower because he’s hot from embarrassment. This is why he was clothed and soaking wet when he saved Da-Hae from falling in episode 3. When he returns from that moment, Da-Hae comes into his room, handing him a marriage registration certificate that apparently came from his future self. Gwi-Ju says that things are out of order, and it’s a bit strange even for him. Da-Hae adds that this is not the only thing from the future that will confuse him. She tells him that there was a fire in her high school, and she was saved by a man who could’ve been Gwi-Ju (this is an odd turn of events). We see Da-Hae discuss the incident with her loan-shark mother because it seems the fire is something she uses on all the men she lures, but this seems too specific. I suppose, to test his father’s theory, Gwi-Ju tells Da-Hae that before marriage they should first try and see if they can fall in love and then proceeds to kiss her. P.S. when Dong-Hee said the thing she hates the most is women being women’s biggest enemies, I felt like the show was saved. 

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