‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: How Does Gwi-Ju Save Da-Hae? 


The Atypical Family episode 5, gives us many details about the Bok family. The show tells the story of a supernatural family whose lives change when a woman seemingly appears out of nowhere. Interestingly, said woman is a con artist who may not be supernatural herself but has gone through quite a bit in her short life thus far. Though Da-Hae decides to mess with the Bok family at first, it seems the main plot of this story is a love story that plays out like a saga, intertwining the past and the future. Maybe this is what you could call a fated union. In episode 5, Da-Hae learns about a new family secret, except it’s such a secret that I believe even the family themselves don’t know about it. With that said, let’s get straight into the details of what happens in episode 5 of The Atypical Family.

Spoiler Alert

Is the marriage registration certificate real? 

The Atypical Family episode 5 begins with the scandalous kiss between Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae. A little into their kiss, Da-Hae feels like someone’s watching them and shuffles away to her room in embarrassment. Though she’s flabbergasted, she’s relieved that Gwi-Ju took the bait for the registration certificate. She’s also paranoid because of the supernatural nature of the family, and of course, there’s a chance they’ll end up knowing exactly what she’s planning in no time. In this episode, Mrs. Bok tells Da-Hae that she’s been having a lot of dreams about her in particular (in any other context, that would be very creepy). She then tells her that one particular dream haunts her, because in it, Da-Hae wears a ring that’s been handed down from generations in the Bok family, proving that she’s going to be part of the family soon enough. It’s only a matter of time (and, of course, Gwi-Ju’s heart). 

On the other hand, Gwi-Ju is quite confused about Da-Hae. Did he really agree to marry her? What if she’s scamming them, and why does his heart flutter for her? Gwi-Ju has one focus, though: to find out if he really saved her, because there’s no way he’s able to go back to the time In-A was born at present. So, he gets Da-Hae to come on a walk with him and then probes her about the fire from her teenage years. Da-Hae avoids his question and gives him a slap instead because he claims the kiss was “meh.” Much later in the episode, Gwi-Ju returns to that moment and notices that Da-Hae is not avoiding his question because she’s a con artist but because it’s something she herself finds difficult to talk about. After all, it was quite a traumatic experience. 

Who stole Mrs. Bok’s watch?

At school, In-A struggles with maintaining her friendship with the girl Hye-Rim. So, for her birthday, she steals her grandmother’s watch to gift it to her. At the same time, she reads Hye-Rim’s mind and notices that she wants to borrow her In-A’s fancy shoes. Seeing as Hye-Rim is In-A’s only friend, she decides to give them to her, despite them being a gift from her father. At home, Dong-Hee claims that Da-Hae has stolen the watch, and while trying to catch her in the act, she ends up conveniently finding the marriage registration certificate. Dong-Hee’s hopes and dreams go down the drain, but Mr. and Mrs. Bok rejoice. But that’s when Gwi-Ju reveals Da-Hae’s fake mother situation. 

Mr. Bok learns that Da-Hae’s adoptive mother is an ex-convict, but before he can really tell her anything, Mrs. Bok reveals that the woman’s already arrived at their house. After the two of them play a game of “Who has the bigger ego?”, Da-Hae tells her mother that she shouldn’t stop by unannounced. However, the woman tells her that the family was digging into her, and this was the best way she could make them look better. At the same time, Grace almost lets out that she’s also part of Da-Hae’s scheme when she talks about how expensive Mrs. Bok’s gym is to Dong-Hee. Somehow, she saves herself by saying all the gym instructors know those details. It seems the two girls are getting along better than imagined, so maybe soon enough, Grace might help bring Dong-Hee “back to shape,” allowing her to fly like she used to. At home, the family discusses the situation and struggles to figure out if they should let Gwi-Ju marry a convict’s daughter (even if she’s adopted). Later in the day, when Gwi-Ju goes back into the past to the time of the kiss, he notices In-A stealing the watch. He wonders why she wouldn’t just tell him to buy her one and then realizes that she might be getting bullied at school. 

How Did Da-Hae End Up in the Storage Room? 

The next day, In-A leaves her school shoes behind, and Da-Hae goes to drop them off. She quickly realizes In-A is quite the invisible student because nobody knows her in the school. Finally, when she finds In-A, she’s with Hye-Rim, who is wearing In-A’s shoes and the watch. When Da-Hae confronts In-A by taking her to the side, In-A tells her that she should keep quiet because if she doesn’t, then the whole family will know she’s a lying con artist. In-A tells Da-Hae that she let her be because she wanted her grandmother to learn a lesson; however, if Da-Hae says anything, In-A will expose her. Completely shaken up, Da-Hae calls up her uncle (the guy who I assumed was playing her brother all this while, oop) and tells him that they should abandon their plan immediately. She thinks at least he will be swayed by her words, even if her mother won’t. While talking, Gwi-Ju shows up at school as well, and Da-Hae completely freaks out and runs away. She ends up getting locked in a storage room and can’t get out. 

At the end of episode 5 of The Atypical Family, we learn that Da-Hae was bullied in school, and that the girls who were bullying her locked her up in the storage room on the 5th floor. According to them, if nobody looked for Da-Hae, they’d leave the door closed, but if a teacher even mentioned her, they’d come and save her. Unfortunately, the teacher didn’t even bat an eye, so when the fire broke out, Da-Hae was left in the room while everyone ran out. The Atypical Family then parallels the two scenes from the past and the present, and in the end, Gwi-Ju opens the door and saves Da-Hae in the present day. He knows exactly where she was during the fire, and she now hopes it was he who saved her. Da-Hae always thought nobody would come for her, like all those years ago; however, it could be Gwi-Ju who came for her specifically. The only question is, how exactly will he go back to that time? Or was it his friend who saved her and ended up dead instead? 

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