‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Da-Hae And Gwi-Ju Get Married?


I find the pacing of The Atypical Family quite odd. The show began really slowly, but suddenly things have picked up so quickly that I can’t make complete sense of it. I mean, sure, it’s a fantasy, but some things have to make sense, no? Anyway, in episode 5 of The Atypical Family, Do Da-Hae decided to get away from the Bok family because she finally realized their true powers. However, the family has also learned about her scheming mother, and for some odd reason, they’re still confused about whether Gwi-Ju should marry her or not. What’s odd to me is that at this point, they don’t know that he’s started to go back in time, yet Mrs. Bok is still considering Da-Hae as a daughter-in-law. Did I misread something here? Anyway, from the previews of episode 5, we saw that there would be a wedding in today’s episode of The Atypical Family. Do they go through with the wedding or not? Let’s find out.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens at In-A’s School? 

The Atypical Family episode 6 starts off right where episode 5 ended, with Gwi-Ju saving Da-Hae from being locked in the storage room at In-A’s school. He then tells her that he has always been desperate to go back to the time of that fire and save somebody, and he makes a promise that he will go back no matter what and save her. Da-Hae gets a good look at his neck at this time, but I can’t tell if it’s meant to imply that she’ll remember him by the mole on his neck or something. On the other hand, Gwi-Ju has to go meet In-A’s teacher because that’s what he’s in the school for. In the meantime, Da-Hae returns to the sauna and tells her uncle that she plans on leaving the Boks alone. It appears she’s got sincere feelings for Gwi-Ju. When her mother shows up, Da-Hae and her uncle tell her about what they’re planning—a strategic exit. 

It turns out that Gwi-Ju was concerned about In-A being bullied, and so Hye-Rim was interrogated by the teacher. In-A apologizes to Hye-Rim, telling her it was all her father’s fault. When Gwi-Ju tries to talk to her, she tells him she was a mistake anyway, so why bother acting like he cares now (ouch)? She then tells him that she’d rather talk to Da-Hae than him. It seems like this sparks a new fire in Gwi-Ju, and he decides to persuade Da-Hae to return. He’ll fall in love with her if he has to if it means In-A’s happiness. Gwi-Ju spends a good amount of time to impressing Da-Hae and her family by showing up at the sauna for work, and, on the other hand, being a better dad to In-A. 

Finally, Gwi-Ju tells Da-Hae that she needs to return home, not just for him but for In-A. Da-Hae agrees to help him with one thing and then return to the sauna. She meets with In-A, who calls her a scammer and then proceeds to ask her to come home. Da-Hae tells In-A that her father was probably at the school because he worried about her. In-A tells Da-Hae that she should keep their secret, and though her current plan is flawed, she could always start a circus with them. It’s clear that In-A really wants her to come back. Da-Hae wonders how long In-A will hide her powers from her family, but In-A still hasn’t revealed why she isn’t telling anyone. It’s probably got something to do with her mom, I suppose. 

What does Dong-Hee find? 

The Bok family sends Dong-Hee to do some more snooping at the sauna, and Dong-Hee overhears Grace talking to the mother. However, Da-Hae’s mother sends Grace away and gives Dong-Hee a massage instead, which helps her shed some actual weight. Back at home, when Dong-Hee tells everyone that they should forget about Da-Hae, Gwi-Ju shows them that he’s actually able to go back in time again. Mr. Bok already knew about it, but Mrs. Bok and Dong-Hee are stupefied. Seeing as he has his power back, the family realizes there’s some story here, and Mr. and Mrs. Bok decide to meet Da-Hae’s family at the sauna. It doesn’t go so well at first, and Da-Hae’s mother is firm on the fact that she won’t let Da-Hae near them if they don’t promise to officiate Gwi-Ju and her wedding. A sleep-deprived Mrs. Bok agrees and then somehow manages to fall into a deep slumber at the sauna, shocking everybody. However, she has a dream. 

In the meantime, at Hye-Rim’s birthday celebration, Joon-Woo pays more attention to In-A than Hye-Rim. By the end of the day, Hye-Rim asks Da-Hae to bring Joon-Woo behind the carousel so she can confess to him. However, while waiting for Hye-Rim, Joon-Woo tells In-A that he likes her, which Hye-Rim overhears. Later, Hye-Rim returns In-A’s watch and shoes, telling her they’re not friends anymore, leaving In-A exactly where she was before. Mrs. Bok also learns that it was In-A who stole the watch. 

After Mrs. Bok tells Gwi-Ju what she saw in the dream, he goes to Da-Hae to ask her to marry him. She refuses at first and even tells Gwi-Ju that he doesn’t have to save her because she’s standing right in front of him just fine (this bit is quite convoluted). So, if she tells him to stay away from her and not go back to the past, she won’t die? Or does she wish to be dead? What is it? I’m not so sure just yet. Apparently, she says yes anyway, and everyone is excited for a grand wedding (as seen in Mrs. Bok’s dream). It seems there’s something Mrs. Bok is hiding from the rest of the family, but we’ll soon find out. In the meantime, Dong-Hee is keen on proving that Da-Hae’s a con artist. She gets Grace to tell her that Da-Hae has been giving Mrs. Bok sleeping pills (which is why she can sleep easily). She rushes back home, with Grace following suit, and completely upends Da-Hae’s room. Finally, she finds Da-Hae hiding their family ring in her suitcase. Grace finds Dong-Hee at this time and tries to fight her for the ring; however, they’re both fighting so hard that Dong-Hee ends up breaking the railing of the first floor and falling. She manages to catch herself in the air, completely shocking Grace and leaving her feeling overjoyed about being able to fly again. 

At the end of The Atypical Family episode 6, there’s a grand wedding for Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae. Before the big moment, Mr. Bok tries to tell Da-Hae what it’s like to be married into the Bok family, and he also tells her that this is a really huge step for Gwi-Ju, who may not be able to survive another heartbreak again. This gets the cogs turning in Da-Hae’s mind. Though she takes Gwi-Ju’s hand and walks the aisle with him, she ultimately reveals that she’s a fraud, leaving Gwi-Ju at the altar. It seems this is exactly what Mrs. Bok had seen in her dream, which is why she wanted it to play out exactly as she saw it. I suppose we can count on In-A to bring Da-Hae back, because it seems she holds real family secrets. Maybe at the end of the day, it’s about getting the older generation to open up their minds to what’s new.

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