‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Gwi-Ju Still Trust Da-Hae?


The Atypical Family episode 7 feels like the 13th episode of a full-length show. You know, when everything goes well before some sort of misunderstanding tests the leading couple one last time before they confess their undying love for each other, and we’re left happy forever. Episode 7 takes off after Da-Hae confesses she’s a con artist to the whole family. In this episode, we get to see Gwi-Ju finally behave like a responsible dad to In-A and also a lover boy to Da-Hae. However, his transformation from depressed skeptic to excitable lover boy did leave me a bit confused because of how fast things changed. On the other hand, I can’t say the same about Dong-Hee’s weight loss because it looks shockingly realistic. Anyway, with all that said, let’s dive into episode 7 of The Atypical Family.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Gwi-Ju keep going back in time? 

Gwi-Ju is quite devastated by Da-Hae leaving the wedding the way she did, and he returns to that time. The family spent a lot of money on the wedding, and Mrs. Bok didn’t really care much because she believes whatever she sees in her dreams is inevitable. Gwi-Ju is certain there’s something wrong with Da-Hae’s situation because he believes they’ve got some kind of emotional attachment to each other, so it’s his confusion that has him going back in time to check on what Da-Hae’s really got going on in her mind. In episode 7, Da-Hae’s mom finally learns about the Bok family’s powers and actually believes they exist. In the meantime, in the Bok household, Dong-Hee shows Mrs. Bok the stolen ring that she found in Da-Hae’s room. Additionally, everyone now knows that Grace was working with Da-Hae, too, so technically, both “family secrets” are out in the open. 

So, while Da-Hae’s mother locks her up for messing up their whole game with the Boks, Gwi-Ju keeps going back to the special moments with Da-Hae, trying to figure out if he was happy in those memories or not. He realizes quickly that he really wasn’t, but there’s something that connects him to Da-Hae. In the meantime, at school, In-A tries to keep to herself because she knows that Hye-Rim doesn’t actually like her and is simply pretending. However, Jun-Woo tries to get her to join them for a snack after school, and when Hye-Rim shows up in the classroom, she removes In-A’s glasses to check on her. In-A then gets a glimpse of the girl’s thoughts and pushes her away physically, running from school without her glasses. 

In-A doesn’t want to go home, though, because she doesn’t really have anyone to look out for her there, so instead, she decides to head to the sauna where Da-Hae lives. Da-Hae’s mother finds In-A and takes her in, giving her some food and trying to coax information out of her, especially to understand what the girl’s power is. In-A learns that Da-Hae’s kind of locked up because she messed things up for her mother. Da-Hae’s told by her mother that if she can sort things out with In-A, then things will go back to what they were like before, and maybe she will be free from her in the near future. I suppose Da-Hae considers it, but she takes In-A out to get her some glasses and then calls Gwi-Ju to pick her up. 

When Gwi-Ju gets there, he worries greatly for In-A, and the whole family believes that Da-Hae kidnapped the girl to get their attention. Though In-A attempts to explain that she went on her own free will to have some alone time, they don’t really believe her. Gwi-Ju tells Da-Hae that he’s cutting ties with her now because her messing with his daughter was the last straw for him. Ironically, Gwi-Ju tells Da-Hae that he’ll never return to memories with her, but when Da-Hae turns around, another Gwi-Ju is standing in front of her. He tells Da-Hae that he needs her help and gets her to tell the present timeline Gwi-Ju that his sister is in danger. Somehow, future Gwi-Ju’s plan works despite Da-Hae’s hesitation in talking to present Gwi-Ju. 

What Does Gwi-Ju Promise Da-Hae?

In the meantime, it is Grace who puts Dong-Hee in danger because she wants to capture a video of her flying. When Dong-Hee isn’t able to fly, she tries to climb over a railing, but before she can actually do it, Grace pushes her, and Dong-Hee lands right on top of Gwi-Ju, who is there because of Da-Hae’s warning. Dong-Hee then goes unconscious after seeing Da-Hae watching her, thinking she’s the one who pushed her off the railing as revenge. When Dong-Hee wakes up, she immediately calls her family, telling them that she was pushed by Da-Hae, and at the same time, they tell her that In-A was kidnapped by her, and Gwi-Ju has been missing for hours since he went to pick her up. However, Gwi-Ju grabs the phone from Dong-Hee’s hand and cancels the call. 

When Mr. and Mrs. Bok arrive at the hospital, Mrs. Bok immediately slaps Da-Hae and tells her to stay away from her family. We also learn later that Da-Hae’s mother slapped her on the same spot after she ruined the wedding. In-A tries to tell her grandmother that Da-Hae isn’t a bad person, but Mrs. Bok simply insults In-A, calling her a thief who learned bad habits right from her childhood. In-A doesn’t hold back, though; she calls her grandmother a thief, too, because she used to steal all those lottery numbers and stock numbers because she could see the future. In-A also reveals that it’s best if they team up with Da-Hae because she’s the only one Gwi-Ju can interact with when he goes into the past. Mrs. Bok also learns that Mr. Bok already knew about this. Basically, everybody now knows about Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae’s capabilities in the past. On the other hand, Gwi-Ju goes back to right after the wedding and tells Da-Hae that he knows she was trying to save him by causing such a big scene rather than running away quietly. 

At the end of The Atypical Family episode 7, Gwi-Ju comes to make a deal with Da-Hae’s mother. He tells her that they should become business partners because they need each other. In the meantime, Mr. Bok heads off to a bar because he’s upset that Mrs. Bok always treated him as a good-for-nothing guy, though he always cared for the family. We see a woman tap his shoulder before the scene fades out (scandy). Gwi-Ju tells Da-Hae that she needs to spend a lot of time with him now because, with her cooperation, he can actually change things in the past. If they spend time together, he can go back to all those moments to help people. He also promises that he’s going to set things right for them and make sure their story doesn’t end anytime soon.

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