‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Saved Do Da-Hae 13 Years Ago? 


Episode 8 of The Atypical Family has got to be the most entertaining of the lot thus far. Though the show has progressively improved in storytelling and plot, this episode also has the charm of old-school K-dramas that make them especially fun to watch. In my article for episode 7, I said the show felt close to over because of how quickly things moved. This episode slows the pace down a little and makes for an entertaining episode that gives us some really important information, too. Additionally, we get to see some character development, and a lot of exciting change is coming our way in the coming episodes. Episode 7 ended with Gwi-Ju trying to make a deal with Da-Hae’s fake mother. We know that Da-Hae doesn’t approve of this idea, but will it work out for Gwi-Ju and her fake family? Let’s find out in episode.

Spoiler Alert

Are the Bok’s and Da-Hae’s families going to team up? 

The Atypical Family episode 8 begins with Da-Hae refusing to spend time with Gwi-Ju because she doesn’t want to mess with a family that has superpowers. On the other hand, Grace and her mom tell Gwi-Ju that it’s easier for them to threaten the Bok family than go with Gwi-Ju’s plan, but Gwi-Ju lets them know that it would be quite silly of them to simply threaten the family when they could get so much more out of an alliance with the man who can travel through time. On the other hand, Mrs. Bok also keeps dreaming about the ring and even sees someone give Da-Hae the ring. To make his plan a reality, Gwi-Ju starts spending all his time with Da-Hae (this family is supposed to be broke; what is he doing being unemployed?). When Da-Hae goes to see other men to lure them into dating and then eventually marrying her, Gwi-Ju intervenes and messes up her plans by announcing he’s her third husband, whom she left on the day of their wedding. This whole thing makes it clear how good Da-Hae is as a con artist for real. 

The two of them discuss “happy moments,” and Gwi-Ju appreciates how Da-Hae found happiness in little things, while he was always stuck feeling guilty for being happy. He tells her about how he learned when he was fairly young that his moments of happiness would be someone else’s moments of grief and how he became a firefighter to save lives because of that situation. Da-Hae doesn’t empathize with him, looking at him rather skeptically. Da-Hae tells Gwi-Ju that she will be the one who chooses when she’ll leave her fake family, and then Gwi-Ju somehow goes back to the moment when Da-Hae’s “mother” came to find her during her biological father’s funeral. Gwi-Ju had been in the same hospital at the time, so he could make the connection in the past, now proving that he can go back to any moment that he and Da-Hae shared, even those they didn’t know of, and not just the happy moments. Gwi-Ju watches Da-Hae sign papers for her mother. Then he goes up to Da-Hae, pays his respects to her father, and then places a hand on her shoulder, allowing her to feel comforted enough to properly cry. 

It turns out Mr. Bok has a female platonic friend, and they discuss their marriage problems together. However, the woman’s husband finds them together and gets the wrong impression, telling Mr. Bok that he will sue him. Mr. Bok promises to pay the guy some money, but they surely don’t have enough. The man wants to talk to Mrs. Bok, but for the moment, Mr. Bok manages to keep him away. 

Gwi-Ju later brings Da-Hae the bingsu she had told him about to take her back to her happy moment. Da-Hae had had the bingsu back when she had just come out of the fire at her school and tried to steal some bread. The old woman had taken her for some shaved ice to help her deal with the situation. Gwi-Ju then tells Da-Hae that he doesn’t really plan on working with her family; he just wants to spend time with her and be there for her. In the middle of all this, he also completely leaves Da-Hae’s uncle confused.

Why does Grace decide to help Dong-Hee? 

In all honesty, it appears as if Grace really likes Dong-Hee and respects her. When Dong-Hee finds out that it was Grace who pushed her off the railing, she chases after her and almost pushes her off, too. However, being the bigger person (very unintentional), Dong-Hee leaves Grace alone but tells her to fix things for her. Grace then tries to help Dong-Hee grab her ex-fiancé’s attention; however, even if he did like her at some point, at the moment, he’s only after her wealth. Dong-Hee feels her resolve break after speaking to him and then goes back to pushing herself to exercise. She desperately wants to fly again. Seeing how she’s being treated, Grace promises Dong-Hee that she’ll help her lose weight (so she can fly) and also help her get married. 

What Happens With In-A? 

In-A is now getting bullied at school, and one of the girls pushes her, breaking her phone, and then pretends In-A doesn’t exist. Da-Hae’s uncle intervenes and takes In-A to the sauna, where they play a little traditional game of “cham cham cham.” In-A seems to be in a competitive spirit because, when she loses, and Da-Hae’s uncle flicks her on the forehead as punishment, she takes off her glasses to know his moves exactly (seems like a bad day for Uncle). It seems Da-Hae’s family has one thing in their grasp: the fact that the Boks are not happy, and maybe with a permanent alliance, it would be a win-win situation for everybody (except Da-Hae, of course). Worried for herself, Da-Hae tells Mrs. Bok to keep Gwi-Ju away from her. She even gives her the lottery ticket that Gwi-Ju got for their family, as he promised he would. Da-Hae believes that with enough money, the Bok family can go back to having stress-free lifestyles, leaving them powerful again. With the lottery ticket, they’d be able to get back on their feet, and Da-Hae presumes Gwi-Ju will leave her alone then. However, at night, when Mrs. Bok is fast asleep, possibly from the pills Da-Hae suggested to her, Mr. Bok steals the winning lottery ticket from her hand to pay that guy off. 

Who saved Da-Hae? 

At the end of The Atypical Family episode 8, we learn that Gwi-Ju is the one who saves Da-Hae because he left her with the Bok family ring and told her to hold onto it for all those years. It’s the same ring that Mrs. Bok and Dong-Hee assumed Da-Hae had stolen from their safe (though that was near impossible). Finally, Gwi-Ju looks for the ring in the safe and finds another that is exactly identical. At the same time, Mrs. Bok dreams of Gwi-Ju saving Da-Hae and giving her a ring before a massive wall collapses in the fire, waking her up. It seems he’ll have to go back and save her now. 

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