‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Gwi-Ju’s Wife?


With only four episodes remaining in The Atypical Family, the drama is getting super intense. The show that started off a bit slow has slowly made its way into my heart thanks to its low-key family moments amidst the fantastical and mysterious background. The Atypical Family tells the story of the Bok family, who have superpowers that have died down thanks to modern life problems such as depression and obesity. When Da-Hae, a young woman, comes into their lives, everything starts to change, and it seems like there’s hope for the Bok family to get their powers back. In episode 9, we get an emotional rollercoaster involving Gwi-Ju and his daughter, I-Na. We finally learn some important details about what really happened when I-Na’s mother died after that massive car accident. Let’s quickly recap The Atypical Family episode 9.

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What’s Happening With I-Na? 

Episode 9 begins with Mrs. Bok having the same dream of Gwi-Ju saving Da-Hae. Gwi-Ju shows up to the room and reassures his mother that he won’t die at the fire from 13 years ago (I’m still confused about how that’s possible at all since he’s basically just an apparition only visible to Da-Hae?). Gwi-Ju also shows his mom the ring that she thought Da-Hae had stolen from their safe. He tells her that he gave Da-Hae the ring in the past, and there’s another from the present. On the other hand, Da-Hae’s mother’s plan to break the Bok family apart begins. She sends pictures of Mr. Bok with the lady at the bar to his wife while he tries to right his wrong. He gives away the stolen lottery ticket to that man’s wife, but when he returns home, his wife already has the pictures. She’s furious, and she throws him out of the house. Mr. Bok pretends he’s going on a little trip when In-A asks him where he’s headed. 

While Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae spend some time together to further discuss their plans, his mother goes to lunch with Dong-Hee and the plastic surgeon. She’s clearly not planning on giving the new couple the gym building, and this leaves Dong-Hee furious. She finally speaks up against Mrs. Bok, telling her that nobody in the family is happy with her and everyone tries to avoid her, not only her husband. It seems Mrs. Bok had tried to force her daughter into marrying and having a child to continue their legacy. She never really cared about her at all. Now, Dong-Hee’s been struggling to lose weight and to do exactly what her mother expects of her because she thinks it’ll give her the happiness she deserves, but her mother instead insults her by asking if she’s actually lost any weight at all. Dong-Hee tells her mother that she never let her live her dreams, but she’ll be sure to make her mother’s dreams a reality. 

Mrs. Bok isn’t doing very well at this point because she isn’t really sleeping, and it’s Da-Hae’s mother who finds her in an unstable condition and takes her to the sauna. On the other hand, I-Na gets bullied at school for real this time and runs away. With the help of Da-Hae’s uncle, Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae search for I-Na at her favorite spots outside school. During this time, Gwi-Ju finally learns about I-Na’s choices, how she feels, and how she spends most of her time—alone. Da-Hae finds Mrs. Bok sleeping at the sauna. She tells her mother that she’s going to stop being her daughter if she continues to mess with the Bok family. Da-Hae claims that she always treated her as her real mother, but the loan shark never believed Da-Hae was her real daughter. We then learn that her biological daughter has died, which is why the girls call her “mother.” Da-Hae kind of cuts ties and leaves to help Gwi-Ju again. 

At home, Gwi-Ju finds I-Na’s broken phone, just as Da-Hae’s uncle told him. When Da-Hae asks him if he can go back to a time with I-Na, he says he hasn’t spent enough time with her to be able to do that. He’s been neglecting her all this time and never knew what was actually going on in her mind. A future Gwi-Ju shows up to Da-Hae at the same time, and he tells her that they need to rush to the school gym because I-Na is there. The girl, Hye-Rim, knows that I-Na will be locked up in the gym but doesn’t help her out. Finally, Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae save I-Na. I-Na is sorrowful because she preferred being invisible to getting bullied. Da-Hae is able to connect to I-Na, knowing that she accidentally heard somebody’s negative mental thoughts. Da-Hae then tells I-Na that she was invisible as a high schooler, too, but when a massive fire broke loose, someone came looking for her through the fire. She claims that there’ll be someone to save I-Na, too, who would run through fire for her, and when that person comes, she shouldn’t push them away. Da-Hae then tells Gwi-Ju to stop bombarding I-Na with questions and instead just look into her eyes. 

What Happened to Gwi-Ju’s Wife? 

Gwi-Ju and I-Na get some alone time outside in the park, and when I-Na pushes away the coffee that he brings her because it’s too late for caffeine, he accidentally drops the cup, and it splashes onto her glasses. Gwi-Ju tries to clean them, and I-Na yells at him to stay away. This is when Gwi-Ju takes Da-Hae’s advice and tries to communicate with I-Na through his eyes. I-Na sees that her father is really sorry for leaving her alone for all these years and wants to be there by her side now. She wonders why now. Especially when she knows that she made a mistake. It seems just before the accident, I-Na’s mother had not intended to commit suicide with the child but had simply wanted to get away from Gwi-Ju. It turns out I-Na had read her mother’s negative thoughts about I-Na’s birth being a mistake. A 5-year-old I-Na spoke out what she heard. Distracted by what I-Na said, her mother swiveled, trying to avoid a couple of cars on the highway, leading them off the road and to her mother’s ultimate death. I-Na has been carrying the guilt of her mother’s death all these years. Gwi-Ju finally comforts her and tells her that she was not a mistake but the best thing that happened to him. So much so that he would always keep going back to the moment she was born. 

On the other hand, we learn that Da-Hae and Mrs. Bok made a plan to use Da-Hae’s mother’s dead daughter to get her back. When Mrs. Bok wakes up in the sauna, she tells her that her daughter is alive, and she sees her hugging the daughter, saying she’s glad she’s still alive in a dream. I’m not sure where this is going, but maybe it’s to make her feel guilty about her treatment of Da-Hae. In the meantime, Grace promises Dong-Hee that she’ll help her achieve her goals and get her into her dream wedding gown. 

Gwi-Ju teaches I-Na how to cycle in the park, and she zips off while he gets some time with Da-Hae. I-Na meets her friend Jun-Woo then and tries to run away from him, but he gives her her old glasses back and promises to try and stay away from her at school if she doesn’t run away. I-Na then tells him that she likes him, finally taking Da-Hae’s advice of not avoiding the people who really want to help. 

The ninth episode of The Atypical Family ends with Gwi-Ju making a promise to Da-Hae that he will save her and telling her that he’s fallen in love with her. However, at the same time, Mrs. Bok has a dream of Gwi-Ju dying and rushes to find her husband at the bar, telling him about her dream and crying profusely. We also see the future Gwi-Ju, who came to see Da-Hae while they were looking for I-Na, and he looks really sad. I suppose something sad is going to happen in the next episode so that the final episodes are all happy. 

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