‘The Baby’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Was Lydia Mcnaish Wilcoxes?


“The Baby,” a 2022 HBO original, excavates different allegories that are hidden under the umbrella of the purest form of love that we know as human beings, i.e., motherhood. In episode 1, we saw how Natasha had always been paranoid about raising a child. The sinister happenings act as a metaphor for the fear and anxiety that comes along with raising a child. Obviously, in the series, it has been given a supernatural tint. Natasha was strictly averse to the idea of having a kid, and she feels that her two best friends, Rita and Mags, are losing out on life so much. She feels frustrated that the poker night that was supposed to be just for the ladies had now become about the babies, as Mags could not leave her kid alone, and soon Rita was going to join the clan.

Natasha is relieved that she didn’t fall into the trap of “you should experience motherhood once,” and kept her life simple and without any unnecessary stress. But fate had other plans. Natasha, out of nowhere, gets stuck with a kid. She left it in the police station and thought that she had got rid of it, but at the end of episode one, she found the same kid on her doorstep. She didn’t understand how the kid came to her place. She is perplexed and cannot decipher what exactly is happening to her, because everything seems too bizarre to be true. So let’s dive straight into episode 2, and see if Natasha gets any answers or if the mystery gets even more entangled.

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Was It Natasha’s Baby?

Natasha does not know what to do with the baby. She believes that there is something sinister about it. She gives her friend, Rita, a call and decides to call her over and reveal the mess she is in. More than anything, she just wants to confirm the fact that it is not her baby. She is in a deluded state of mind, and everything seems fuzzy to her. To her disbelief, Rita tells her that it is indeed her baby. She thinks that Natasha is going through a bad phase and is not able to cope with the maddening responsibility that comes with raising a child. Rita offers to take the kid for a walk outside so that Natasha gets a breather. But she is stunned at the revelation. Natasha had reasons to believe that it was not her baby. She clearly remembers how the body of a girl had fallen in front of her from the cliff and how the baby had fallen into her hands. She asks Rita to leave because, instead of giving her some clarity and helping her to come out of the chaos, she has made things even more muddled up for Natasha. She calls Mags to confirm with her that on the day of the poker night, she didn’t have a baby. Mags  reiterates what Rita has said, adding on to the tension.

They were all behaving like Natasha always had a baby, and there was nothing strange about the situation. Natasha decides to unravel the truth herself and find the real mother of the baby.

Who Was Lydia McNaish Wilcoxes?

Episode 2 takes us to the backstory of the girl who jumped from the cliff at the beginning of Episode 1. Her name is Lydia McNaish Wilcoxes. She used to work at Crookies Cookies, a coffee shop. A woman had come to the shop with her baby just when they were about to close. Lydia’s colleague, Fooze, said that he needed to go somewhere, so she stayed back to give coffee to the lady. Lydia went inside the pantry, and the woman accidentally choked on a cookie. She died at the coffee shop, and Lydia came out to see her lying near the counter, and couldn’t fathom the absurdity of what she was witnessing. That woman had the same baby, and it was passed on to Lydia after she died.

Natasha, after getting horrified by the news that the baby was her’s, visits Crookies Cookies to meet Lydia. She meets Fooze in the shop, Lydia’s colleague, who tells her that he had seen Lydia a month ago. After that incident when the woman choked, Lydia stopped coming to work, and then later, they came to know that she had jumped from the cliff. Natasha notices that there is a CCTV camera in the shop. She sees the footage of that day when the lady died, and she comes across a shocking detail that she was unaware of. That woman who choked on the cookie, Lydia, and now Natasha, had the same baby. She realizes that it wasn’t Lydia’s baby and was passed onto her just like it had now come to Natasha. Fooze’s dog was barking profusely at the baby since the time Natasha walked inside the shop.

Fooze and Natasha were busy looking at the CCTV footage when the baby threw the ball outside the shop, with which Bruv, the dog, was in the habit of playing fetch. The dog follows the ball and goes outside. It goes in the middle of the road, and a truck runs over it. The dog dies, and Natasha knows that it was done intentionally by the baby.

What Was There In The Pendrive? Who was the woman in Natasha’s car? 

Natasha wants to end this nightmare. She had run out of solutions. She tries to distract herself by cooking and feeding the baby, who has been crying for quite some time. Just then, her doorbell rings, and she finds an envelope kept on her doorstep. She finds a pen drive inside it and plugs it into her laptop, and what she sees almost knocks her out. There were pictures of the same baby with different women over a period of time. Natasha realized that whoever the baby went to ultimately met their fate. All of them had died, and now the baby was with Natasha. She drives with the baby to a field, where she decides to leave it and escape. The field was like a labyrinth, and it dawned on Natasha that she could not escape her destiny no matter how hard she tried. She goes back to the baby and takes her back with her. She sits in her car and finds a woman sitting in the back seat. The mysterious old woman was Mrs. Eaves (Amira Ghazalla), and she wanted to have a conversation with Natasha.

Though the episode ends on a cliffhanger without telling us who Mrs. Eaves is and what she was doing in the backseat of Natasha’s car, it could be speculated that she is linked somehow to the baby. She knows about some information that Natasha and the viewers were unaware of till now. She seemed to have survived the wrath of the sinister baby, when all the other women had perished. Upcoming episodes will shed more light on the involvement of Mrs. Eaves in the fiasco and will reveal if she was the one who delivered the Pendrive to Natasha or had any role to play in the proceedings.

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