‘The Baby’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – Do Mrs. Eaves and Natasha Harm The Baby?


“The Baby” camouflages the often less talked about, greyer emotions related to motherhood in an enthralling manner. The exploration of the metaphorical depictions of postpartum rage in the narrative, being experienced by a mother, makes the ride even more fascinating. It is intriguing to see how the writers draw a parallel between a supernatural element and motherhood, which takes a woman to unforeseeable curves in her life, where she herself is stunned by the kind of emotions she ends up feeling. It is a special feeling to give birth, and that brings about certain changes to the core of a woman. Natasha was never ready for that responsibility, but now she was stuck with a kid and had to put up with him.

Natasha wants to kill the baby and get rid of the responsibility, but at the same time, she feels burdened with guilt at the thought of killing someone who cannot fight for itself. In episode two, we saw that Natasha met Mrs. Eaves, a mysterious-looking woman who had some past experience with the baby, and knew how to deal with the situation. 

So let’s take this exhilarating ride with Natasha and see what uncanny twists and turns her life is going to take.

The Strange Conflicts Of Motherhood

Natasha wanted to get rid of the baby, yet wasn’t ready to kill it, as she felt this weird attachment looking at the innocent eyes. Natasha brings Mrs. Eaves to her place. She is already too perplexed and harried with the recent developments in her life and is not in a mental frame to digest another baffling revelation. Mrs. Eaves wanted to talk in private. She tells Natasha that the baby could hear them, and she didn’t want to discuss anything in front of him. Mrs. Eaves was the one who had sent Natasha the pen-drive, which had photos of all the women who had the kid at different periods of time. The baby, as revealed in episode 2 itself, was being passed from one woman to another, and whoever had him in their possession met with a tragic end. Mrs. Eaves wanted to help Natasha kill the baby. Natasha is taken aback. There was something eerie and weird about the baby, but even then, he was still a toddler, and Natasha couldn’t think about killing him. 

Mrs. Eaves tells Natasha that the baby would wreak havoc in her life. It had the potential to destroy her completely. She spoke with a lot of authority and told Natasha that she didn’t have any other option other than to kill him. Natasha tells Mrs. Eaves to leave, but then gets a premonition of sorts. She looks at the baby, and it strikes her all of a sudden that other than agreeing with what Mrs. Eaves was saying, she didn’t have any other recourse to deal with the issues at hand. She stops Mrs. Eaves, who tells her to make the baby sleep. But guess what, the baby didn’t want to sleep. They tried their level best, but they just couldn’t do anything in front of the stubbornness of the baby. Mrs. Eaves could sense that the baby knew that they were trying to kill it. Natasha calls her friend Mags, as she remembers suddenly that she used some device to make her baby sleep. It was called a BunBun (a musical soft toy), and Natasha went to meet Mags and get it from her.

Natasha rushed to Universe of Fun, a theme park for children, where Mags had gone with her “Bump and Baby group.” Natasha, as always, gets cringed with the kind of conversations these new mothers used to have. It always revolved around their babies, and they related to it because each of them was going through a similar phase in their lives. Natasha just wanted the bunbun. She gets it, and the baby falls asleep. But before she could escape the scene, a song started playing at full volume. A young boy came near the baby and burst a balloon, and to Natasha’s horror, the baby woke up once again. Natasha is agitated, and she lashes out at the young boy. One of the mothers from the group asked her to leave, and came forward to help her with the cradle, which Natasha was not able to move. While the lady was removing the brakes, the cradle automatically folded and severed one of her fingers. Natasha knew that it was the baby who was responsible for the accident. Somehow, he possessed the evil powers to have his way and gravely injure the people who got in touch with him.

Episode 3: Ending Explained – Do Mrs. Eaves and Natasha Harm the baby? 

Natasha had gotten a message from her sister Bobbi, telling her that she needed her. Now, this was a rarity, as Bobbi and Natasha were not on speaking terms. Their parents had separated, and Bobbi had moved in with her mother. Natasha rushes to Bobbi’s place, only to find out that she had texted her by mistake. She was texting her partner Sam, as they were scheduled to have a meeting with a social worker, Patricia, who was helping them to adopt a baby. Bobbi had hidden the fact that she had a sister, and now, with Natasha reaching unannounced, it created a very bad impression in front of the social worker. The meeting was a debacle, and Bobbi had messed it up big time. But the arrival of Natasha acted as a blessing in disguise. The baby was not sleeping, but as soon as Bobbi took him in her hands, the baby fell asleep. Natasha is astonished and asks her sister how she did that. Bobbi tells her that it was the Mesmer technique that she saw on Mumsnet. The social worker got the assurance that Bobbi was good with children, and Natasha and Mrs. Eaves could now proceed with their plan, as the baby was asleep. 

Mrs. Eaves hands Natasha the knife and asks her to do the needful. But Natasha just couldn’t do it. Mrs. Eaves tried to snatch the knife from her, and they entered into a scuffle. Mrs. Eaves tries to remind Natasha of the various women who have met their fate in unfathomable ways just because they had the baby in their possession. Natasha stops defending the baby and agrees to kill it. But the baby vanishes, and both the women stand there shaking in trepidation and astonishment, having no clue about where the baby went.

The upcoming episodes will shed more light on what is in store for Natasha and whether she would be able to solve the mystery and get rid of the little one.

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