‘The Baby’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – Is Mrs. Eaves Able To Kill Jack?


Episode 7 of the HBO miniseries, “The Baby,” treads forward on the path of conciliation. Natasha and the wicked child were like bruised and vanquished soldiers, who were too tired to pick up a sword. Natasha didn’t feel the same menace she once used to from the kid. But Mrs. Eaves still wanted to get rid of the evil presence as soon as possible. 

Jack, Helen McGregor’s husband, was still alive, and Mrs. Eaves wanted to find him and end things once and for all. For all this while, Mrs. Eaves believed that the baby was a result of a curse. He was a product of hatred, abuse, and neglect. His mother never loved him. Not even once did she take him in her hands after he was born. She didn’t even look at him, and all this was in stark contrast to the kind of unconditional love that mothers usually feel. In the 6th Episode, it seemed like Natasha had started to understand what the innocent-looking, cradle-ridden devil wanted. She was sure that even the little one was tired of his devilry. Mrs. Eaves wanted to immediately go to find Jack, kill him, and end the curse, but Natasha brought everybody back to her home. She is rather perplexed by the speculations made by Mrs. Eaves, but with the kind of events that happened in her life for the past few days, she was in no state to repudiate any theory no matter how bizarre it sounded. She had seen weird things happening. She had seen the little one possessing all the children, back at her mother’s (Barbara’s) house. Everybody at Jupiter House had realized that the harmless-looking baby possessed evil powers. Had Bobbi not arrived at the scene and distracted him with her magic tricks, he would have killed Barbara and the others. That is why, back at Natasha’s home, Mrs. Eaves finds herself in an uneasy and restless state. She knew that she wouldn’t get this opportunity to end the curse and kill the baby, so easily again. But seeing the physical state of Mrs. Eaves, Natasha was not in the mood to allow her to go on a hunt. The harried old woman had just had a heart attack at Jupiter House, and needed to rest for a bit. And moreover, the baby was not troubling them, and after the devastating things he did back at Barbara’s house, he was also worn too.

Natasha was skeptical about the fact that a curse could actually be on somebody. Mrs. Eaves makes her understand that any strong negative feelings could be symbolic of a curse. As human beings, we feel strong hatred or anger towards a lot of things. That very feeling has the potential to change the course of events. Like positive thoughts, even negative ones have the power to manifest themselves. Mrs. Eaves gets a vision where she sees Helen once again and assures her that she will kill the baby.

‘The Baby’ Episode 7:  Ending Explained – Is Mrs. Eaves Able To Kill Jack? Was Mrs. Eaves And Nour The Same Person? 

In the 7th episode, Bobbi went to meet her partner, Sam, who was preparing for an audition and was all set to go on stage and perform her magic tricks. The social worker, named Patricia, had turned down their request for adoption due to which Bobbi was in bad shape mentally. But Sam was so engrossed in preparing for the audition that she couldn’t pay attention properly. Bobbi gets frustrated and is highly let down by the lack of empathy shown by Sam. She leaves the performance halfway and walks off the stage, leaving Sam in an embarrassing situation.

Mrs. Eaves had found the baby a month after Helen had died, with a woman in Cornwall. The baby demanded unconditional love, and when he didn’t get it, he used to kill the woman and move on to the next. There was a pattern that the little devil followed: he only chose childless women who didn’t want to have a baby in their lives, just like Natasha, who not only didn’t want to have a baby but often discouraged her friends from having one. She had always felt that a woman’s life changes forever after a baby comes into her life. Natasha used to get frustrated that her friends had forgotten that they had a life apart from catering to their newborn.

Natasha had found out that Jack was in Lea Bridge Hospital and had been admitted for lung disease. In the night, when Natasha was asleep, Mrs. Eaves quietly took the baby and left for the hospital. Jack had married once again and had a wife and kids. His family had come to celebrate his birthday at the hospital. Once they left, Mrs. Eaves entered his ward, and a revelation was made then. Jack recognizes Helen’s friend. Mrs. Eaves was actually Nour, Helen’s partner, with whom she had moved in. Maybe after Helen died, Nour would have taken a fake identity so that nobody recognized her. Helen had told Nour, when they had visited the cabin beneath the cliff for the very first time, that it belonged to her maiden aunt, named Mrs. Eaves. It could have been a possibility that Nour thought that if she had to make her hunt seem legitimate, she had to pretend to be somebody who is closely related to Helen.

Jack reasons Mrs. Eaves and tells her that there was something really uncanny about the kid and blames Helen for not loving him. Jack, till now, had believed that Helen had drowned with the baby, and he pleaded and yelled that if he had any clue about his existence, he wouldn’t have left him like that. Mrs. Eaves tries to burn Jack, but he counterattacks and, in the scuffle, loses his breath and succumbs.

Back home, Natasha, too, got a psychic vision. She saw a young Nour who told her that there was no curse. The baby was just a violent product of the violent world. Nour asks her to end the cycle by giving the child what it has wanted for a long time, i.e., love, care, and affection. Natasha wakes up from her dream and, not being able to find Mrs. Eaves at home, rushes to the hospital. She finds Mrs. Eaves and tells her that she was mistaken to believe that she had put some curse. The old woman, in a haggard state, tries to convince Natasha to let her do the needful. She told her that her affection was not going to do any good. But Natasha had made up her mind. She picks up the baby and leaves the hospital.

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