‘The Bastard Son And The Devil Himself’ Season 2: Expectations – Will Nathan Become A Heart Eater?


Season 1 of “The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself” ended on a cliffhanger and with a lot of questions that were still unanswered. Nathan, like everyone else around him, had always believed that Fairborn was the more righteous faction as compared to the Blood witches. He believed that Marcus Edge was an evil man who was killing innocent people without any reason. He was made to believe that being a blood witch was like being cursed. All his life, he had been discriminated against by the Fairborn, and by the time he reached his teenage years, he had become accustomed to it. Nathan felt like an outcast most of the time, and he believed that his life was never going to change for the better. Nathan didn’t understand what his fault was. He did not choose to be born as a blood witch. He never intended to hurt anybody, but he was often treated as if he had committed some grave offense. When Nathan met the Ozanne blood witches, he got to know a completely different narrative. He realized that his whole generation had been brainwashed to believe something that was not entirely true. His father was not such a bad man, and it was the actions of the Fairborn that had made him into a dreaded killer who wanted to avenge the deaths of the members of his clan.

Will Nathan Become A Heart Eater?

Nathan had not yet turned 17, which is why he didn’t know what powers he would get eventually. Soul, Jessica, and every other Fairborn witches had told Nathan that his father, Marcus Edge, used to take the power of other witches. Nathan believed his father was a cruel and barbaric man who didn’t abide by any ethics or morals. His father could also hear the heartbeats of other people, and Nathan had inherited that from him. When Nathan reached the Ozanne territory, he was told that his father didn’t snatch the powers of other witches, as he had been told. He was told that the Fairborn interpreted everything according to their convenience. They made sure that the blood witches were made to look like these evil entities who had no right to live. Nathan was told that when witches died, their powers ended with them. Marcus’ mother had the magical ability to take their powers after they died and pass them on to the next generations. That is how they honored the memory of their ancestors. They made sure that the dead never left them. It was a pure and pious job, and the Fairborn faction had tweaked the narrative and made it look like a sinister activity. Marcus’ mother was a heart eater, and eventually, all her power would have gone to Marcus. But the Fairborn had killed her and all the witches like her, and so their powers never passed to their successors. That is why Marcus killed the Fairborn and took their powers. He believed that the Fairborn owed him that much. The Ozanne witches gave Nathan a lot to think about. They had turned his belief system, his perspectives, and his sensibilities upside down. He didn’t know what was true and what was not. His whole life felt like a lie. He felt cheated. But more importantly, he wanted to discover himself. He wanted to find out if he was actually the wolf’s child or not. Nathan’s Giving Ceremony was completed by Marcus Edge, who met him in the woods when he was being chased by Soul. Marcus had given three gifts to Nathan after giving his blood. The third and final gift was a chance to see who he really was. Obviously, Nathan didn’t understand what his father meant by that. He didn’t know what he wanted him to see.

Soul and Nathan finally came face to face. But before Soul could do anything, Annalise came and killed him. Seeing Soul’s heart lying on the floor did something to Nathan. He looked at heart and it felt as if Nathan had realized something about himself. Maybe the third gift given to him by Marcus had started showing its effect. Maybe Nathan had realized that, like his grandmother, he was also a heat eater. If the speculation is believed to be true, then in season 2 of “The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself”, we could get to witness a more powerful and more lethal Nathan. He already had excellent combat skills as a result of his intense training with Ceelia, and if he became a “heart eater,” then he would be unstoppable. Something that had been taken from his family in an unjustified manner was probably given back to him. The world of witches had its own magical ways and means that were beyond anybody’s comprehension. The once bullied outcast was on the verge of becoming one of the most powerful witches of all time. 

Will Jessica Come Back To Take Revenge? Will Mercury Help Her in Her Cause?

Because of the kind of things, she had experienced in her childhood, Jessica had a lot of contempt for the blood witches. She not only considered them worthless, but she believed that the blood witches did not deserve to live in this world. She didn’t leave any opportunity to torture her own younger stepbrother. Hate had changed her into something very evil and dangerous. Jessica was capable of doing anything. Words like mercy and sympathy didn’t mean anything to her. She could go to any extent to accomplish her mission. She rose through the ranks very quickly and became Soul’s second in command. Towards the end of “The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself,” Season 1, we see that Jessica is unable to kill Nathan or Annalise. Jessica was a fierce fighter, but still, her powers weren’t as lethal as Annalise’s. Jessica, maybe for the first time in her life, had lost to her brother. She felt purposeless. She was walking aimlessly when she found the magic portal that led her to Mercury.

Mercury was an untrustworthy blood witch. She always said that she was there to help anybody and everybody who came her way, but that was not entirely true. Mercury never helped anybody if it wasn’t advantageous for her. She had adopted Gabriel because he was a child prodigy of sorts. Nathan’s grandmother was always skeptical about taking her help because she knew that in a barter with Mercury, the other party was always at a loss. Maybe Mercury had planned it all. She had the ability to predict what could happen in the future. Maybe she would have seen that Jessica was going to become the leader or maybe the most important member of the Fairborn faction. Mercury told Jessica in clear words that though she wouldn’t be able to fix her powers, she would be able to get her revenge on the ones who were responsible for her condition. It could mean that in “The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself” Season 2, Mercury would help Jessica build her own army and take revenge on Annalise, Nathan, Gabriel, and Annalise. Mercury had a personal interest attached to it too. Gabriel had stolen Nathan’s blood from her, and Mercury was not the kind of person who would forgive anybody. Jessica’s ego had been bruised. She felt insulted and embarrassed at her own weakness. She had felt helpless in front of Annalise, and that fact made her even more frustrated and infuriated. It could be possible that, with the help of Mercury, she would wage war against the blood witches in the 2nd season of “The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself” and try to wipe them off the face of the earth.

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