‘The Beekeeper’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Adam Kill Derek Danforth?


The world goes haywire when an ex-commando decides to seek revenge on digital scammers. The Beekeeper, starring Jason Statham as the no-nonsense beekeeper, Adam Clay, is an action thriller where one good guy single-handedly tries to bring justice to the victims. Adam Clay is a mysterious figure with barely any information or fingerprint data available. He lived a peaceful life in a barn, cultivating honey. He had leased the barn from his neighbor, Eloise Parker, who lived at her farmhouse. Adam was extremely fond of her because, all his life, she was the only person who cared for him. When Adam found out that Eloise committed suicide after being scammed, he decided to find the perpetrators and seek revenge.

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How did Adam manage to grab the attention of Derek Danforth?

Eloise Parker had fallen victim to an online phishing network and had lost all her savings. She committed suicide that night, unable to cope with the shock. Eloise had invited Adam over to her house for dinner that morning, and when he entered her house, he found out she had taken her life. Eloise’s daughter, Agent Verona Parker, held Adam responsible for the death of her mother, but the lack of evidence led to his release. Verona later checked her mother’s computer and realized what had gone down. She apologized to Adam and discussed the case with him. Verona tried to seek help from the cybercrime unit, and even though the crew had been active for over two years, there was barely any information available. It was a lost case considering that the evidence would fall short in the court of law. To our surprise, Adam had reach well beyond what the FBI did. He used his secret cell phone to contact his ex-colleague to dig out information on the phishing company. He found out about the United Data Group, and he had the location of the office from where the call was made to Eloise.

Adam kicked and punched his way into the call center, where young bloods were trained to scam the elderly population. Adam announced that he would burn down the building, and he was not kidding. After most of the building was evacuated, Adam burned down the entire place. The head of the branch who was also responsible for scamming Eloise, Mickey Garnett, contacted his boss for guidance. He was instructed to look into their recent deals and find out if the person responsible was related to them. Mickey and his men managed to track down Adam, but they were unaware of the trouble they had gotten themselves into. Adam killed them all except Mickey to find out more about his boss. He followed Mickey, and when he stopped to make a call to Derek Danforth, Adam interrupted. He tied Mickey to his truck and drove him off the bridge. Adam directly spoke to Derek and warned him that he would come after him.

How was the CIA involved?

Former CIA director Wallace Westwyld was responsible for running security for Danforth Enterprise, and Derek sought help from him to deal with his situation. Wallace knew about Derek’s data mining consumer service business, but he agreed to help, knowing that Derek’s mother would be disappointed upon learning his secrets. Upon finding out that the man was a beekeeper, Wallace immediately knew that Derek had gotten himself involved with a dangerous person. As it turned out, the beekeepers were a group of selected skilled assassins in charge of protecting the United States, and they operated beyond government jurisdiction. Adam Clay, or the person who operated under the alias, was an ex-beekeeper.

Wallace called Janet, his contact at the CIA, in search of a solution. Janet later informed Wallace that Adam was a retired member of the secret group and was no longer active. She promised to take care of him with the help of the current beekeeper, who, as Wallace described, was quite a lunatic. Adam set the new beekeeper on fire, but before doing so, he chopped off her finger to get access to her resources. Meanwhile, the beekeepers declared neutrality after the clash, and Wallace gathered a group of ex-special forces personnel to combat the threat. Verona and her team were also granted funds by the FBI to handle the beekeeper. Adam found his way into the Nine Points building, and after tackling Wallace’s team, he got hold of the branch manager. Adam wanted to find out who was behind the whole phishing racket. After torturing him, Adam found out that the man behind the operation was Derek Danforth, son of President Danforth. Adam was not afraid to oppose the president because he felt that if the system was broken, it was his duty to correct it. In this instance, that meant attacking the queen bee’s defective progeny to ensure the wellbeing of the hive.

How did Adam seek revenge on Derek Danforth?

After failing to deal with the threat, Wallace advised Derek to ask his mother for help. He believed that to keep Derek safe, it was important that he stay close to his mother. Derek contacted his mother, and it was decided that he would stay with her at her beach house on the weekend. Meanwhile, after investing in the companies Adam Clay targeted, Verona discovered that Danforth Enterprises was tied to the phishing companies, and they also happened to be a vendor to the intelligence community and the Justice Department. The FBI also made use of software created by Danforth Enterprise to combat financial fraud. Jessica Danforth, the President of the United States, was the founder and operator of the company before she stepped down from the role. The money that was used to run her election campaign turned out to be dirty. Her son’s fraud business financed her political career.

Every possible precaution was taken to keep Adam Clay away from the president’s beach house. The president was finally made aware of the current situation. She introduced her coke-blowing son to Jackson Prigg, the deputy director of the FBI. Jessica was visibly disappointed in her son, and she wanted him to admit the mess he had gotten her into. When Prigg questioned him about United Data Group and the Nine Points, he dismissed them, stating that they were one of the many companies he had invested in. Derek ran out of things to say when Jackson decided to get specific and brought up the data mining package created by the intelligence community. Jessica blamed him for destroying a functioning system by using the CIA program during the election. Her husband had left her an empire, and she never needed the dirty money of her son. At the end of The Beekeeper, Derek explained that he started his shady business because he was afraid of his mother leaving him nothing for the sake of her political ambition. He believed his mother owed everything to him because, at the end of the day, he was the reason she was the President of the United States.

While the mother and son argued, Adam Clay bypassed the security and entered the beach house. He singlehandedly tackled every possible threat and was very close to finally putting the bullet in Derek. Jessica decided that she would confess the entire truth to the public because she had always believed in being honest and she genuinely cared about serving the people of her country. She was ready to jeopardize her entire career rather than live with the lie. Wallace confronted Adam when he was about to force his way into the president’s room. When he asked Adam why he was chasing Derek, Adam replied that he thought there was good in the universe and that he believed in right and wrong. While Wallace tried to put up an honest man act, Adam knew he was a Danforth puppet. After dealing with Wallace, Adam finally had his target right in front of him. Verona had also entered the room and had her gun pointed at Adam.

During The Beekeeper‘s ending Derek announced that he would shoot his mother dead, which was when Adam pulled the trigger first and blew Derek’s head off. Within seconds, Adam jumped out of the window and disappeared into the sea. Verona could have stopped him, but as much as she had faith in the justice system, she was well aware that Adam was the only reason why her mother’s killers were finally brought to justice. We can expect Jessica Danforth to make a public confession, and a reelection will ensue. Perhaps after the death of her son, Jessica might as well give up on her political career. Adam Clay, the mysterious man, disappears, and considering there is barely any information on him, he will once again go back to cultivating bees. But if anyone threatens to attack the weak, Adam will once again wreak havoc.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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