Let’s Talk About The Best Costumes Of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3, Volume 1


It is rare for a period dramas show to have accurate costumes, mainly because it’s just so hard to put in that sort of manual labor and that kind of detail into garments for a mere few hours of TV. With that said, the reaction to Bridgerton’s costumes was quite mixed. An occasional accurate silhouette was overcome by a hairstyle that could never have been a thing at the time. I’m not a costume historian, so I will take the liberty of discussing the costumes of Bridgerton solely as a viewer with no historical knowledge. What’s intriguing about John Glaser’s costumes is how they play such an important part in telling each character’s story. Though we saw a few changes in costumes in seasons 1 and 2, There’s a massive change for many of the lead characters in season 3. I also think there’s an evident budget hike that really shows in most places, specifically Queen Charlotte’s wigs. I suppose, as John Glaser said himself in as many words, the show is solely escapism, so accuracy is really not what we’re looking for, and I, for one, appreciate a good creative take. 

Penelope and Colin’s Glow Up 

Season 3 of Bridgerton is focused on “Polin,” the new couple in town. The show does move away from its regular format of courtship and then a resulting marriage because, in this case, the two leads have been friends since childhood. With the turning tide, the costumes of the show also have a massive moment this season. To begin with, Colin Bridgerton looks like a different person, thanks to his new “Marlboro Man” look and his chiseled jawline. One that we never saw earlier because of the many ruffles that covered his chest and neck. Now, Colin Bridgerton may have looked fantastic from the start, but his new liberated swashbuckler look allows his best features to pop, making all the ladies swoon. Additionally, he’s got the air of a traveler, and he’s adorned with fabrics and styles from different cities, adding another layer of dimension to his character. 

On the other hand, Penelope’s always been dressed by her mother like a birthday cake for 5-year-olds who love “Barbie.” As much as I’d love one of those cakes, I definitely wouldn’t want to look like one, especially in yellow. Penelope’s first new look is dark and sparkly, inspired by “what they’re wearing in Paris.” Her makeup and hair drastically change, too, taking away the juvenile appearance from before. Her makeup lifts her up and mixes shimmer with dark elements that really make her look mature. She then switches to the more subdued colors of the Bridgerton family, an indication of where her heart really is, but for the most part, we see her in green, a blend of the Featherington and Bridgerton colors (now I want a family color). I can’t go without mentioning the episode with the hot air balloons, where all the ton wears outfits with circular objects and Penelope with giant colored pearls in her hair to celebrate the occasion. It’s quite an adorable detail—truly method dressing if you ask me. 

Kate Bridgerton’s New Look

This season also sees a lot more sparkle, and I noticed a great deal of Eastern influences, I suppose a nod to Kate’s heritage. Designer John Glaser confirmed that Kate’s more open to embracing her heritage this season, and it’s very clear from her outfits in the first episode of season 3. Her dresses are much more ornate in comparison to those of her fellow tons, making her stand out as the Viscountess that she is. Even her lacey nightgown is stunning, though I did appreciate the white ones she wore in the previous season just as much. Her colors are the most unique in the Bridgerton palette, and though she does share the colors of the house, she has much darker tones and a lot of lace. She also switches out her basic jewelry to bigger cuffs and more gold this season and has more drapery owing to her cultural heritage. Her hair is styled quite maturely, too. Her influence is seen on Anthony, too, in the most subtle ways. 

Eloise and Cressida 

Despite this season being focused on “Polin,” there is much to look at in the other women of Bridgerton. Specifically, the other older (so to speak) women on the marriage market, specifically Eloise and Cressida. Now, it’s rather obvious that Eloise has been influenced by her more “well-seasoned” friend. Cressida’s looks this season are somewhat everywhere and also nowhere, kind of like her mind. Her extravagant and bold sleeves are quite an indication that she isn’t here to play around, especially in the ball from episode 3, where she wears a golden dress with massive sleeves and an interesting necklace, which almost looks like a mini corset and, at the same time, reminds me of a circus clown. I don’t mean that as an insult at all; it’s only a very clear reference to how her character feels from within, and I kind of love it. Her flamboyant style is complete with extra ruffles and fur trims that are massive enough to grab attention. I suppose she’s trying to be a peacock, maybe just like Penelope? Her hairstyles are not any less amusing; the rose one was especially eye-catching. I can only imagine the headache. 

On the other hand, Eloise’s looks are subtly more feminine, influenced by her new friend, but also suggest that she’s open to being treated as the rest of the women of the ton. She’s got some double-layered dresses and ruffled detailing, and I especially like it when she wears the coats with the dresses that cross over her neck. Interestingly, in an interview, Claudia Jessi said she had to wear a muff because she hurt her arm and couldn’t wear a cast in the show, of course. Suddenly, life makes more sense. I kid. But, if anything, Eloise’s looks are simply a symbol of her maturity and a new perspective. 

Francesca Bridgerton and the sparkle 

Though Francesca has been on the scene since the first season, this is the first time we’re seeing her as an adult who is to debut. Francesca is almost a replica of her sister Daphne (or maybe it’s just me), and in terms of style, she somewhat blends in, just like she hopes. Francesca does not demand attention, and this is reflected in her ensembles, too. When the Queen is looking for something sparkly, the whole ton tries to shine for her; however, Francesca’s shiny ball gown is in a nude color, which is also very subdued but radiates beauty. 

Alice Mondrich 

The Mondriches come into new money in season 3, and to fit into society, they must attend all the balls and behave in the accepted fashion. For Alice, this comes harder than she imagines at first because Lady Kent’s dresses are old-fashioned and quite drab. However, her jewelry, on the other hand, is much to Alice’s liking. As the show progresses, Alice learns to do her own thing and really shines as an elite woman. Her look with the gold jewelry at the final ball is especially striking, along with Lady Danbury’s, of course.

Queen Charlotte herself 

Speaking of the final ball in season 3, part 1, I can’t leave you without speaking about the Queen’s new hairdos. Specifically, the one where she has glass swans twirling inside her headpiece. Surely, even the Queen wouldn’t be able to support such a grand hairstyle, but she wears it with great suave, showing London who their boss is. Ironically, I also think season 3 sees her in her most relaxed looks simultaneously, maybe somewhat adapting to the new era, even if minutely. Though we do know she’s here for victory alone, even if that means the Queen is after a mere gossip monger. With that, I will bid you goodbye and dream of what Bridgerton season 3, part 2, will bring us. 

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