‘The Big Door Prize’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Beau And Jacob Going To Be Okay?


Episode 6 of The Big Door Prize is quite wholesome while simultaneously being a bit disturbing. If childbirth (animal or human) doesn’t bother you, then that’s wonderful, but I needed a moment, with all the little sounds (barf). With that set aside, though, as we inch closer to the end of the second season, the characters of the show are getting more serious with their endeavors, specifically the Dusty and Cass situation. I’m a little bit concerned regarding the whole MORPHO situation because I’m quite at a loss for ideas on how to theorize what MORPHO is going to morph into. I guess for now, we just have to go with the flow and enjoy what we’ve got until something new suddenly comes up about the MORPHO. With that said, let’s quickly jump into the drama of the people of Deerfield.

Spoiler Alert

What Does Beau’s MORPHO Vision Say? 

Episode 6 of The Big Door Prize begins with Beau and Mr. J having a great time together, trying to do sheriff-y things. It is, of course, massively entertaining, but it’s for Beau to let out all his pent-up energy because he’s only a fake sheriff without a job. Finally, he decides to step into the mosque with some encouragement from Mr. J. See; Beau is worried that his legacy is going to be minimized to that one moment when he barfed at the botanical gardens when he was in school. Everybody still remembers that moment, but Mr. J makes him realize that the new stage of the MORPHO helps you let go of moments such as that one in order to become a better version of yourself. Just as Beau suspected, it’s a vision of him barfing and ruining everything his puke touches. I suppose what it’s meant to show is that Beau is so stuck on that moment that he can’t live any moment without thinking about it and ruining it. Mr. J then tells Beau that the most humiliating thing in his life happened so many years ago, so it’s only looking up for him now. He basically tells Beau to start over. 

Immediately, Beau decides to shave his face and go on a date. Jacob is quite disturbed by these prospects, but he’s also quite worried about his pops because it’s the first time he’s decided to do anything at all after his wife and son passed away. Jacob follows Beau to the bar, where Hana happens to be the bartender, to check on his old man. Hana and Jacob talk about Kolton’s visit, and Jacob wonders if Kolton has tried the MORPHO machine, but Hana doesn’t know. Jacob then claims he’s the worrier of the family, but his father and brother were always very carefree. 

Ultimately, Beau gets stood up, and Jacob goes up to him, telling him that he didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. Jacob and Beau discuss the deaths of Jacob’s mom and Kolton. They realize that they’ve been stuck in limbo because of the two deaths they’ve had to deal with. The MORPHO machine, or rather, Mr. Johnson, finally allowed Beau to step out of his comfort zone and get over his fear of humiliation. Yes, he got stood up, but he actually went on that date, something he can be very proud of. Additionally, Beau tells Jacob that the reason he barfed at the gardens was because he was afraid to tell his father that he didn’t want to play basketball, wanting to figure skate instead. 

Does Izzy need help?

In the meantime, Mr. J encourages Izzy to join his physiotherapy sessions because she’s got a busted knee. Obviously, Izzy sees this as a blow to her ego, too, and she acts up in front of Freya, the instructor. Izzy does want to make new friends, but she’s just a terrible person at this point because, somehow, she’s incapable of understanding anybody. And this woman is the mayor. Anyway, Izzy doesn’t do very well in the class because she wants to show off her amazing skills. Giorgio, who also happens to be in this class, then claims that Freya might be flirting with Izzy (this guy is more Cupid-coded than Emma). However, when Izzy confidently asks Freya if Giorgio’s assumption is right, Freya is shockingly harsh towards her and tells her that she would not flirt with an egotistical show-off (ouch). 

Are Dusty and Cass okay? 

For Dusty and Cass, things are about to get really serious because Alice shows up at home. After an awkward encounter when Dusty makes a terrible, two-women, one-home joke, Alice leaves her dog and heads off to salsa. It seems she’s got no sitter, and there was nothing else she could do, and Dusty was kind enough to sit the dog. Cass is quite uncomfortable with the whole situation, but Dusty simply takes the dog to his room and tries to avoid all contact for the time being. After a few hours, Dusty comes out, revealing that the dog Yo-Yo has gone into labor on his bed. He needs a few supplies and finally has to ask Cass about them. They both end up returning to the room and trying to calm Yo-Yo down and work their way through her birthing process (yikes). Trina arrives and doesn’t know what’s happening, but since Cass is freaking out, Dusty asks her to take her mom upstairs to calm her down while he finishes the puppy birth. 

At the end of episode 6, Trina learns that the dog was Alice’s and then notices Cass and Dusty undressing each other with their eyes, even though they’re meant to be “self-ploring.” She reveals that she’s seen her father kissing Alice, and Cass is hurt knowing that he might actually be moving on. Ultimately, she tells them to get it together, and Cass realizes that she’s quite confused herself. She tells Dusty that it’ll be best if he moves out for the time being. On the other hand, Beau learns that he wasn’t standing up; the doctor was simply called in for an emergency. After rejoicing, Jacob tells his dad that Kolton may have had a MORPHO card too. Beau’s saved Kolton’s wallet from that time, but as Jacob is about to flip the MORPHO card, he stops himself because they’ll never know what Kolton’s real potential was. Beau thinks it’s a good idea to burn the card, but Jacob doesn’t want to go that far. Ultimately, they say goodbye to Kolton for real by burning his favorite chips. When Beau’s away, Jacob looks at his brother’s MORPHO card with pondering eyes. I suppose he will eventually open it because it might connect him with his dead twin in some way. 

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