‘The Big Door Prize’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Nat Want to Slow Down?


Episode 5 of The Big Door Prize is about appreciating what you have in life and trusting the people you love. It’s about pushing yourself in the slightest and also holding on to what you care about. I’m not sure where the show is going with Cass and Dusty’s relationship, but I hope it leaves them both happy at the end of the day. That’s all that matters here, and Trina’s happiness of course. Episode 5 focuses on Giorgio and Nat’s relationship. In all honesty, for the most part of this episode, I forgot about the existence of the MORPHO machine until it was mentioned. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the series is more focused on its humans than it is on its machines, as it goes with most sci-fi. At the end of the day, it’s all about us! However, compared to episode 4, I found episode 5 a little bit boring. Maybe it’s too much soap and too little The Big Door Prize. I’m not quite sure, but either way, let’s recap episode 5.

Spoiler Alert

What’s Happening With Nat? 

The Big Door Prize episode 5 begins with Giorgio and Nat having a little breakfast-in-bed chat. Giorgio has imported fruit loops from Canada, especially for her, because she loves the cereal, but the American food coloring hurts her eyes. Giorgio’s also hidden a ring in there for Nat, which is inspired by the Stanley Cup ring. Nat doesn’t seem as excited as she should be when she sees it, and Giorgio notices. When he asks her what’s wrong, she tells him that maybe they should take things a little bit slow for the sake of her daughter Savannah. Obviously, Giorgio has no choice but to agree, but his feelings are hurt because he planned a fun family activity for the night, but Nat’s promised to take Cass out for a girl’s night during her self-ploration. Dusty’s planned a specially starry night for the kids at Giorgio’s, and it comes with free pizza, so they show up without any fuss. Giorgio’s also put up tents and added some blankets to make it feel like it’s an outdoor activity, and it looks very exciting. Alice is also joining in on the fun, and she’s going to be playing her cello because she’s in her “go with the flow” era that we learned about in episode 3

So, while Dusty and Alice are spending the night together in a room of kids with a starry backdrop, Cass, Nat, and Hana are exploring the night scene by going clubbing in their finest clothes. Of course, for Hana, that’s just her regular outfit. However, when they go inside their exciting club, it’s actually a casino with a couple of old people and a bachelorette party. Cass doesn’t want to be disappointed, though, so she decides that to make this night extra fun, they should all pretend to be other people. She pretends to be Brit, a femme fatale who has lovers across the world, and Nat pretends to be Savannah, a woman with a gambling problem. Hana is, of course, Hana, the bartender with no friends. 

Nat spends a lot of money on the gambling table, and she’s taking her fake personality very seriously, but Cass and Hana realize there’s something strange happening with her. Finally, Nat reveals to the girls that she’s been in huge debt. She finally saw her vision in the MORPHO machine. After Nat’s divorce, she found solace in online shopping and ended up spending way too much. The MORPHO machine showed her a bunch of boxes, which kept coming and coming until one finally crushed her. On the other hand, at Giorgio’s, Savannah tells Giorgio that she actually likes him and he’s rich, so she’s okay with him being her stepdad, but maybe Nat’s the one who wants to slow things down (whoops). 

Does Dusty like Alice? 

At Giorgio’s, Trina tells Dusty that she’s excited to see him so passionate about something. Dusty’s so stuck on Alice that he thinks Trina’s talking about her when, in fact, she’s talking about astronomy (whoops). On the other hand, Trina and Jacob’s relationship seems to be hanging on by a thread because he’s now trying so hard to be friends with Trevor. So much so that he’s reading a French book (of course, it’s called Butterfly). Also, Trevor isn’t even interested in the “under the stars” exhibit because he thinks they should be out looking at the blood moon instead. The three of them end up sharing a blanket, and things don’t go so well. To top it off, the projector stops working, and Dusty’s project has to take a break even before it’s actually started. 

So, as the kids all leave after getting their free pizza and no astronomical awakening, the men of the town sit around Giorgio’s fake fire. Apparently, Giorgio’s vision was about how, if he takes too many things on, he might end up buckling under the weight of it all. In an oddly vulnerable moment, Dusty admits that he can’t understand why a young and hot person like Alice would be into a person like him. Finally, the circle concludes that everyone has to move at their own pace, and everyone’s their own person, so Dusty is fantastic, too. Finally, Dusty picks up the courage and goes up to Alice and kisses her in the car park. Unfortunately for him, Trina’s there too, and she sees them together. Trina tells Jacob that she has to see him. Jacob admits to her that even if she thinks he’s clingy, there’s no other person he’d rather spend his time with (aww). 

At the end of episode 5 of The Big Door Prize, Giorgio reads the write-up Dusty had planned out for the “Under the Stars” experience. Basically, Dusty compares humans with stars and how clusters are like families, so he always finds comfort in the clusters. Basically, he loves his family, but dang, are things changing? At the same time, while Dusty’s actually stargazing atop his car outside of Giorgio’s, Cass gazes at him as if she has some regrets. This could either mean that she wants to go back to how things were or that she wants to give up on them for good. The episode ends with Nat telling Giorgio the truth about her debt and him not caring about it at all because nothing can come between them. 

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