‘The Big Door Prize’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Is Izzy So Horrible To Cass?


The seventh episode of The Big Door Prize is an episode of introspection. In a world where we’re so openly ready to judge others, we can’t ever view ourselves through such a lens. As we come closer to the end of the season, I am still wondering what will happen with the MORPHO now that most of our protagonists have revealed their visions. The Big Door Prize is quite the healing show, and despite it being labeled a comedy, it’s quite dramatic, really combines the two genres, and paints a beautiful aquarelle painting. It is detailed and gorgeous, but not too dark and overwhelming. I suppose I’ll be a bit sad to see it go, but for now, we enjoy what we’ve got. So, let’s dive into everything that happens in episode 7. 

Spoiler Alert

Why is Trina giving Dusty the silent treatment? 

Episode 7 opens with a beautiful dance rehearsal by Izzy. What’s intriguing is that she has a special dance studio in her house, yet all the mirrors are covered. She stops in the middle of her routine and decides to ring up Freya and ask her to meet earlier than planned. It’s a date, of course, and Freya agrees to meet Izzy for lunch the same afternoon. On the other hand, Dusty’s moved into Girorgio’s (because he’s really got no other friends). In the meantime, Nat’s finally selling all the products she bought online, which include way too many panini presses. It turns out Savannah told them that Trina is giving Dusty the silent treatment, which he himself doesn’t know anything about. So, when Dusty learns that she’s got her driver’s license and is going to pick Savannah up for school, he decides to get a ride, too. 

Izzy makes a visit to Mr. J’s store to try and get some information about Freya. He doesn’t know much about the woman except that she likes the color orange and horses. He wonders if Izzy is trying something out thanks to her vision in the MORPHO, but she tells him that her vision was simply her driving away somewhere, and she doesn’t know what it really means. She definitely knows what it means. Anyway, since Mr. J isn’t able to give Izzy any real information, she leaves him to practice his magic trick. 

In the car, Dusty tries to get Trina to talk to him by bringing up his groin pains. This obviously works in his favor because Trina tells him to stop talking immediately. They then get talking, and Trina and Savannah talk about how Alice is a terrible drama teacher and isn’t really helping with the school play at all. They’re doing the play “Our Town,” which is a classic, but none of the kids can relate to such an old text, and they’re finding it hard to find any interest in the play at all. Dusty claims he’s been a part of this play before, and he played a teacher back in the day (whoops). Trina calls his life boring and moves on. It’s clear that she doesn’t like Alice very much, but her disdain for her obviously stems from the fact that her father is seeing the woman. Dusty then learns that Cass is working at Giorgio’s. 

Back at Giorgio’s, the man gives Cass a “trainer’s” sash, telling her that she’ll have to work her way up slowly. Cass confides in Xander, the young man who is meant to train her and has worked at Giorgio’s for the past six years. Cass tells Xander that she’s quite humiliated by the current situation, and what makes it worse is that Izzy (wearing a dreamy orange ensemble) shows up with Freya at the restaurant, making Cass feel worse about herself. 

What Did Izzy’s MORPHO Vision Mean? 

While the kids are practicing for the play, Dusty shows up to support Alice for a bit. Seeing her father gets Trina into the “zone,” and ironically, the scene in the play is of a father and daughter. Also, it’s Jacob playing the dad (yikes). Alice tells Trina she should do whatever she likes in the play and gives her full freedom to go all out, i.e., to push Jacob. Dusty isn’t so sure this is about the play anymore. It seems Father Reuben also has a lot of insights on acting. He teaches the kids some cool moves to make it look like an action drama, and then the students even get Dusty involved to make things more fun. Alice is happy with the situation because, it seems, she’s finally able to get through to the students by allowing them to be their most creative selves. 

In the meantime, Cass gives Izzy an earful at the restaurant, telling her that she came there specifically to make her feel bad about herself for doing a “starter’s” job at the age of 39. Izzy is stunned by Cass’ words, but she doesn’t really have anything to explain to Freya because they are, in fact, quite true. Izzy admits to Freya that she isn’t the best mother to Cass, and Freya admits that everyone is flawed and leaves it at that. Later, though, Freya brings it up again because Izzy seems to be very distracted. See, Izzy’s still stuck on the idea that Cass told her that she is incapable of love. All this time, Izzy’s been feeling guilty about her feelings towards Cass. Izzy’s fear of judgment is not really from Freya; she’s just projecting it onto her because she’s afraid of confrontation. Izzy finally tells Freya that back in the day, she almost left Cass behind with Martha (who really loved Cass) and drove away to nowhere. Izzy was bored; she just wanted to be free, but she ended up returning for Cass. The MORPHO machine gave Izzy the option to keep going, and it seems she chose not to continue. At the restaurant, Freya tells Izzy that she doesn’t really care if Izzy isn’t a perfect mom or even a perfect person, because nobody really is. She only hopes for honesty between them. 

How does Cass find herself? 

Izzy and Freya end up leaving the restaurant, and it seems young Xander has to be the one to help Cass get over her mother’s belittling. Xander reminds Cass that she’s almost 40, and she can’t keep blaming her mother even now. These simple words are able to bring Cass some clarity, and she decides to change things up at the restaurant. Firstly, she removes her sash and then starts serving. When Giorgio returns, at first, it seems he’s mad at Cass for changing things up; however, he’s actually really proud of her, and apparently, he gave her the trainee position specifically because he knew it would motivate her to get on top of things for herself. In the meantime, Dusty learns from Alice that he just needs to allow Trina some time to figure things out for herself before trying to fix things between them. 

At the end of episode 7 of The Big Door Prize, Izzy takes Freya to her dance room, and Freya notices the mirrors are covered. She then gets Izzy to open up to herself as well as to Freya. It seems the tough Izzy also struggles with insecurities, specifically with her body as a dancer, which she’s been hiding from everybody. With Freya’s help, maybe Izzy will learn to give love—not just to other people but to herself, too. 

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