‘The Big Door Prize’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Dusty Fooling Alice? 


The Big Door Prize season 2, episode 8, doesn’t necessarily focus on any one character in the show. I suppose that’s what makes the title so accurate. “Our Town,” as it’s named after the play by the American playwright Thornton Wilder, focuses on a lot of members of the Deerfield population, just as the play does. Also, the kids finally get to put on their play for the whole town. The episode is wholesome as always, and we get to see a lot of characters embrace change while others struggle to understand what they’re really looking for. The episode does also focus on Father Reuben, though not in the obvious ways we saw some other characters in other episodes. We finally get to learn about his vision and how he might find his footing as a changed human.

Spoiler Alert

How does the play go? 

Episode 8 begins with Father Reuben showing up at Hana’s bar with a poster of the play the school kids are putting on. He’s excited to have her see what he’s done with the kids, but she’s confused when he talks about wrestling. Father then tells Hana that his vision was of him wrestling with his own father, something they used to do when he was a child—pure fun. Having the kids rehearse the play and ask him about wrestling just felt like a “sign” to Father Reuben, almost like his vision coming to life. It seems like Reuben’s been feeling guilty about any kind of positive emotion since his wife died. If she isn’t able to experience it, why should he be allowed? However, the vision probably inspired him to start to think about himself for a bit. Anyway, Reuben invites Hana to the play and also gifts her a silly vampire book because he saw her reading Twilight.

In the meantime, Dusty’s thrown out by Giorgio, thanks to Giorgio getting advice from Dusty’s own dad. It seems that for him to help out with Nat’s debts, he’ll have to rent out his big house and move in with Nat in her small little home. Big changes for Giorgio, not helping for Dusty though. When Dusty tells Alice about his displacement, she offers him a place on her couch, much to his dismay, because he worries about how that’ll look, considering he thinks they’ve been hiding their little situation well (they haven’t at all). While Trina and Jacob are rehearsing for the play (no more playing father and son), Jacob feels a bit awkward. When Trina leaves, he tells his dad that he has to tell her he loves her in the play, but he doesn’t know how to tell her the same in real life. Beau tells Jacob that he shouldn’t worry about the words as much as the feelings. 

Giorgio heads to Reuben for some help in trying to heal from the pain of losing his identity (the house, giving Cass a big role at the restaurant, etc.), but Reuben reminds him that humility is a sign of being a hero (with the help of a quote from the Bible, of course). According to Giorgio’s vision, or at least their interpretation of it, Giorgio needs to be of service to people; that’s how he will flourish the most. So, Giorgio offers to help Reuben out with anything. Reuben then tells him about his little thing with Hana, and Giorgio comes up with a plan. In the meanwhile, Cass learns about Dusty being kicked out of Giorgio’s. 

What Happens With Dusty? 

At the school play, Cass and Dusty see each other after a long time; they’ve both transformed into different people now, and Cass starts to see the changes that she had tried to bring about in Dusty for years, but he never cared to change for her. She feels hurt that, with a little time spent with Alice, he’s made those changes. Anyway, Dusty’s planned for them to sit next to each other because he thinks it’ll be nice for Trina, and Cass agrees. Cass then tells Dusty that the basement is still made up, so if he’d like to move back in, she wouldn’t mind, but Dusty tells her that since Alice offered first, he doesn’t want to change his mind. Earlier, it seemed like Dusty and Alice had a little moment where it looked like they’re both not ready to fully commit to each other just yet but may have already developed feelings. At the intermission, Cass confesses her feelings to Dusty, telling him that it doesn’t feel great to know that he might be leading her on because neither she nor he know where his thing with Alice is going. 

The play goes fantastically, and Trina, dressed as the MORPHO butterfly, is the star of the show. The play is cathartic for Cass. It is a play that explores the message of taking life for granted, and it seems the MORPHO is helping the town realize they shouldn’t let themselves wither away in a similar way. In the meantime, Giorgio puts on a show with Father Reuben in front of the whole town. He claims he’s mad about him changing the play into a “wrestling” mess and calls him on for a showdown. They’ve both been fans of wrestling, so they know exactly what to do with each other. It’s for Father Reuben to have fun and remember that he can be happy as well, and it seems like Giorgio really cares for the man. Finally, when Father Reuben wins the duel, Hana comes up to him with some water, and he kisses her in front of the whole crowd, showing up for himself for the first time. 

We get a flashback from season 1, where Father Reuben told Dusty that the machine was a reminder that their lives could take more than one possible direction, which is a difficult pill to swallow and a scary affair because change is terrifying. On the other hand, Trina and Jacob confess their love to each other through the best slice of pizza. However, not everyone is ready for change. 

At the end of The Big Door Prize season 2, episode 8, Dusty tells Cass that they should probably end their “self-ploration” because they’ve got everything they need from it. Their conversation is interrupted by Trina, who asks them if they’re interested in joining the team for some ice cream. Dusty tells her that they should all go together, leaving Alice hanging without a single word (uff, what is this man up to?). 

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