‘The Big Door Prize’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Dusty And Cass Happy Together?


The penultimate episode of The Big Door Prize is rather melancholic for fans of the first season of the show. I suppose that, when I talk about these fans, I’m referring to myself, but it seems like change is inevitable, which makes me quite sad. Can a machine really tell us what our potential is? Is it fair to change our lives drastically simply based on a cartoon vision from a machine that popped out of nowhere? I’m not quite certain I’d do it, but of course, there would be no “Big Door Prize” without everyone’s trust in the MORPHO. As it goes, it’s always the young ones who have to stand by and see the adults devolving in such a situation. With only one episode left in the series, I do hope the people of Deerfield realize that their potential doesn’t come from a little card that came out of a machine or a little vision of their possible future. Now, I’ll stop boring you with my philosophical crisis and dive straight into The Big Door Prize episode 9.

Spoiler Alert

How Does “Un-Selfploration” Go? 

Episode 9 of season 2 begins with Dusty back in his own bed with Cass. Immediately, it’s evident that things are quite awkward for the couple. However, what makes things worse is that their best friends (I mean, at least Nat really is Cass’ best friend) decide to prepare an early morning song to celebrate their “un-selfploration,” making Cass and Dusty regret their life decisions. In the meantime, Trina is bunking at Jacob’s by lying to her parents because she’s having trouble dealing with their situation and has no one else to vent to. She notices Kolton’s card in his things and wonders if he was going to tell her about it at all. Jacob tells her that he would’ve eventually, but for the moment, he was simply trying to deal with the idea that his brother had tried the machine before he died. Additionally, he asks Trina not to tell him what the card says if she does end up looking at it. On a side note, is it possible that Kolton’s card got him into a car accident? Am I the only one who thinks the machine’s got something to do with his death? 

At the same time, Beau gets fired from the ice rink by Trevor. Jacob and Trina think it’s because Jacob ditched the guy after trying to be friends with him for all of two days. However, they learn that Beau’s been breaking into the rink early in the morning to use it for his own practice, a rule break amongst many others. Jacob and Trina aren’t able to get Beau’s job back for him, but they do get some free ice time for Beau to put on a show for them. Beau then puts on Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” (Beau is not afraid) and gives a performance of a lifetime, some would say. I think it’s the big smile that does it for me. For Beau, he managed to get out of his childhood trauma of not being able to tell his father he wanted to become a figure skater by doing it as an adult, a positive potential card, though I don’t think it’s gone the same way for others at Deerfield. 

Although it seemed like Cass didn’t get much from the “self-ploration” at first, she actually did much more than Dusty would think. She found her freedom, and she managed to start afresh with a new job and everything. It appears Cass had forgotten what it was like to be probed by Dusty’s belittling jokes. It’s honestly quite frustrating. He calls her a waitress, and though she’s a manager, he doesn’t bother cheering her on for the Deercoming parade (don’t ask me). Finally, Giorgio asks Dusty how Alice took the news of him getting back with Cass, and they all realize that he hasn’t even bothered telling her (sheesh). Dusty later proceeds to place a thank-you card on Alice’s car for his final goodbye (great work, my dude), but she notices him and gets furious (as she should). At the same time, it seems the situation is worse than they imagined because Trina asks Jacob if she can basically move in with him (you know, stay with him and Beau since they’re still kids), and he agrees. 

Are Dusty and Cass having second thoughts? 

It becomes rather evident that Dusty is so comfortable with Cass that he seems to forget she’s got actual feelings. On the other hand, being away from his scrutiny (I’m almost getting deja vu at this point), Cass was much better off, but it seems nothing’s really changed between these two. While rehearsing a song and dance with Nat for the parade, Cass confesses that she’s tired of Dusty’s jokes and she can’t take them anymore. It’s unfortunate, because she spent her whole life with her mom’s voice in her head saying she wasn’t good enough, which later became her husband’s voice. Cass has already cut one of them out of her life, so what’s another, no? 

On the other hand, Alice had told Dusty that he was in her vision and then frustratedly left him on her driveway. Now, Dusty sees her at the parade and wants to talk to her, but Giorgio refuses to let him see her. Finally, Dusty tells him that Alice saw him in her vision, and so he really needed to talk to her. After Alice has calmed down a little bit from seeing Dusty’s face, she tells him that she pursued him because, in her vision, Dusty was the one who pushed her to reach her potential—a simple shove off the aeroplane to explore a new side of herself. However, she realizes this is the second time the MORPHO has let her down because earlier, it was a dream she’d already given up on, and now it was Dusty, who was never meant to be in her future—a temporary fix, one could say. Dusty then admits that he’s seen Alice in his vision, too; someone was on the side of the ski trail, and they were wearing the same beanie and yellow coat as Alice. Dusty then feels exasperated by the machine and decides to go by the shop to try and get it to continue to the next stage (they can only see their visions one time). 

At the end of episode 9 of The Big Door Prize season 2, Dusty goes into Mr. J’s shop and essentially treats the MORPHO like a frozen computer, bashing random keys and beating it like he’s trying to make his favorite chicken dish. Ultimately, the machine puts out the message, “Please see a guide,” but as we know, they don’t have a guide. With just one episode of the second season remaining, I wonder if we’re going to get another stage of the MORPHO or if the residents of Deerfield are finally going to wake up from this very long dream. 

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