‘The Boys’ Season 2: Summary & What To Expect In Season 3


Amazon Prime Series “The Boys” Season 2 was grotesquely gory and featured everything, from much awaited face-off to downfall of the super heroes. Much unexpected in the store was a new superhero, Stormfront, The Nazi, whom the audience hated passionately, of course our true hatred still being loyal to Homelander. What was interesting about the whole season that gripped us throughout, is to learn the fate of Homelander and how Butcher, our main man, is going to defeat him. The first season ended with Butcher finding Becca with Homelander’s son, and Homelander dropping uninvited. Though the resolution of the Season 1 cliffhanger was too lazy, there were other things in Season 2 that kept it’s loyal viewership invested and intrigued. It also paved way and constructed a foundation for Season 3.

Without further ado, let’s explore the most unexpected and surprising points in “The Boys” Season 2 and What to Expect in upcoming season.

Introduction of New Seven Member – Stormfront

After A-train’s accident, and Deep already being kicked out of The Seven, the superhero team lacks one slot to be filled. This is where the runners of the show introduced the most hated character of seasons 2, The Stormfront. As described in the season, Stormfront is a social media queen but her backstory lies way back to the Nazi Regime. Her cruelty and methods of bloodshed, being influenced by the same. However, Hughie and his team, with the help of A-train are able to expose the truth of Stormfront, where she even meets an end, but not quite dead. Maybe, we will be revisiting her viciousness in “The Boys” Season 3.

An important sub plot to examine throughout the series was the intimacy and kinda-type-romance between Stormfront and Homelander. Not to sound blunt, but they actually vibed on the level of sadism and were a perfect couple in that sense.

Fate of Butcher 

Since “The Boys” seasons 1, Butcher’s motive has been fairly straightforward – find out what happened to his wife, Becca. After discovering she was still alive that goal shifted to reuniting with her. The entire second season explored Butcher’s pursuit to find, get and finally lose Becca. However, his hatred towards Homelander elevates to new heights, until he promises Becca to look after Homelander and Becca’s son Ryan and not let him become like his father, Homelander.

Butcher has been quite skeptical throughout regarding Vought and other government agencies but in the end he changes his hand and let them take Ryan, for proper care and guidance where he will stay away from Homelander’s shadow, or as we hope so. The third season will focus more on this father-son chemistry and what will Ryan grow up to, and thus gonna be an interesting watch, whether history repeats or it’s a beginning of the new era of Good Supes.

Homelander’s Affair leading to his Solitude

Homelander has been quite a lady’s man throughout “The Boys” seasons 2. While he finds a temporary solace in Stormfront whom he thinks loves as wildly as he does, but the end of Stormfront and Becca in the end, leads Homelander to stop looking around and finally make peace with himself.

To get Ryan, Homelander and Butches face off over but before he can reach out for Butcher, Maeve arrives and threatens Homelander to leave everyone and stop chasing them or she will release Homelander’s video footage from “The Boys” Season 1 where he let a plane full of people die.

Though in a very lazily written scene and incredibly boring face off, Homelander let go everyone as the footage would lead to threat of public condemnation – and the loss of the cult-like worship he currently enjoys – that finally makes Homelander stand down. What lacked is Homelander giving up so easily, and it really destroyed his character arc and so much power he holds, nevertheless, the runners of the show might be in a hurry to end the show, and we will see Homelander coming up with new tactics in seasons 3.

A Happy Ending

After Homelander flies away, and Stormfront is crushed to ashes, Butcher and his team can relax for a moment. “The Boys” seasons 2, witness some long awaited reunions and might be a completion of character arc, like Hughie and Starlight finally getting together, and Maeve taking a stand against the evilness in the seven and thus it will also help to make peace with the love in her life.

A-Train is shifted back to the seven, after much of his struggle and digging out on Stormfront, but an end is an end, now matter how it comes. Frenchie and Mimiko leaves the underground shed and finally see the sunlight of their relationship which is further going to be explored in “The Boys” season 3.

All the charges against Butcher and his team are dropped and thus they all can go home without the worry of being chased by the police. A tearful moment in the end when Mother’s Milk arrives to his family and meets his daughter.

Suspicious Compound V

While Vought put an indefinite hold on the release of Compound V, the chemical that turned normal beings into superheroes or monsters, as you want to call it, however, the chemical still remains in Vought who will use it as per their own preference and selfish motives. The compound V has created a lot of Supe Terrorists, as they called in season 2, who are still out there in the wild and don’t know what their fate would be, and season 3 will explore either of them.

A New Villain for ‘The Boys’ Season 3

The closing sequence of “The Boys” Season 2 gives away one last surprise – A new Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, a vocal opponent of Vought and a blood-smeared bystander in the super-villain attack on Congress, is actually a supe herself. And, since her ability allows her to make people’s heads explode, she’s apparently behind the attack on her own hearing.

The episode doesn’t reveal much about her motivation – except power, and more of it – but her decision to murder Church of the Collective leader Adana rather than owe him a favor for the information he provided doesn’t bode well for anyone. Especially naive Hughie, who’s decided to take a job with her campaign.

What to Expect in Season 3

Season 2 ended on a happy note, almost screwing all the character arcs and not leaving much to hope for, but yet there are few loose ends to the story which could be pulled in the season 3. The new super villain Victoria Neuman is going to be played around by the runner in the next season, while Homelander will try to find a way to fight back against Butcher and all those who hurt Stormfront. Homelander may also pursue his son Ryan in the next season, or it will be an interesting take to see how Ryan grows up to be. The Vought’s special Compound V will be given further spotlight and new superheroes and super-villains will be introduced from the comics to keep the viewers engaged and rave about it. What we all are waiting for is Butcher’s role in the new scheme of things.

“The Boys” Season 2 didn’t elevate the drama or brought any freshness as compared to Season 1, yet it made the episodes gripping, and their intention to hate the superheroes was fulfilled without doubt. Yet, it would be great if the runners and writers of the show elevate the character arc of the remaining Characters in the story, or it won’t really be able to compete with the scenes of Marvel Avengers. Enough said, let wait and watch, what Mayhem season 3 brings upon screen.

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