‘The Boys’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained – What Happened To Blue Hawk And A-Train?


“The Boys” Season 3: Episode 6 sheds more light on Soldier Boy’s character and changes the audience’s perception of him. Initially, he was portrayed as a potential villain in the series, but the turn of events in Episode 6 revealed that he was nothing but a flawed protagonist. Years of experimentation on him had taken a toll on his physical and mental health, causing him to frequently black out and lose control of his energy blasts. The incident in midtown Manhattan in the previous episode was the result of one such traumatic blackout, and surprisingly, Soldier Boy doesn’t remember how much death and destruction he caused in those moments. Well, with such great uncontrollable power, he is still a dangerous supe and thus needs to be controlled at all costs. MM believed that halothane gas would be able to stop or sedate Soldier Boy, but it doesn’t work anymore. Also, MM has been holding a grudge against Soldier Boy but never revealed with absolute clarity what happened with his family. He finally opens up to Annie (Starlight) in “The Boys” Season 3: Episode 6 and tells her that as a child, he was a huge fan of Soldier Boy until that fateful night when Soldier Boy accidentally killed his grandfather. Accidents do happen, but neither MM nor his family ever forget that incident because Soldier Boy, like many other supes in “The Boys,” doesn’t feel any kind of remorse for their actions and doesn’t have the courage to say sorry to the people whose lives they “accidentally” take away. That’s the flaw.

Nevertheless, “The Boys” Season 3: Episode 6 majorly follows Soldier Boy’s pursuit of vengeance against his own supe team, “Payback,” who betrayed his trust and conspired against him in Nicaragua, after which he was taken away by the Russians. Billy the Butcher uses the opportunity to make a deal with Soldier Boy and promises to find his teammates. In exchange, Butcher wants Soldier Boy to kill Homelander. Hence, Episode 6 is all about payback.

Homelander Prepares For A Battle With Soldier Boy

The Vought received word that the Crimson Countess had been murdered. They believed it was the work of some supe-terrorist, but as Homelander checked the CCTV footage, the visual sent chills down his spine. On the screen, he saw his hero, Soldier Boy. He was Vought’s most prized possession until he was kidnapped, and thus the management replaced him with Homelander. But the world still remembers him as America’s greatest hero. Homelander feared that if the news that Soldier Boy was behind the havoc in Manhattan had gotten out, the company’s image would be completely destroyed, and he would, too, go down with it. This time, there was no Stan Edgar around to clear up the mess and that worried Homelander further. Through his deep research, Deep discovered that Soldier Boy was going after his old teammates and that his next target would probably be the TNT twins who resided in Montpelier, Vermont, and thus Homelander sent Deep to Vermont to check on them while he mentally prepared himself to face his hero.

Kimiko Saves Frenchie And Cherie

In the previous episode, Little Nina kidnapped Frenchie from the hospital to force him to work for her. Frenchie suddenly disappeared, and Kimiko had been waiting for him to return, unaware of the danger he was in. Frenchie probably refused to become Nina’s hired man, which was the reason why, in “The Boys” Season 3: Episode 6, Nina’s goon abducted Kimiko from the hospital and brought her to an old warehouse where they had already been holding Frenchie and Cherie captive. Nina wanted to kill one of Frenchie’s girlfriends to terrorize him, but before her goon could pull the trigger, Kimiko broke free and killed almost everyone in the room, except Nina, who escaped.

Frenchie brought Kimiko and Cherie to a safe place and attended to Kimiko’s wounds. Kimiko always believed that it was compound V that turned her into a ruthless killer, but finally, she realized that the rage to kill people was always inside her, and the chemical just amplified that anger. However, Frenchie, who too had a dark past behind him, knew that it was their traumatic childhood that had made them like this and that they would probably be able to overcome their flaws together. He told Kimiko that the past would always come looking for them and try to pull them back into the dark, but they had to be strong and keep moving forward to a better future.

Soldier Boy Hunts Down TNT Twins

Butcher finally arranged TNT Twins’ address for his new friend, and thus, without wasting any moment, Butcher and Hughie injected some Temp V and prepared themselves for battle. At the TNT Twins’ party, the twins, Thomas and Tessa, told Ben, AKA, Soldier Boy, that it was Black Noir’s idea to hand him over to the Russians. However, everyone knew that Noir doesn’t do things on his own and that Vought probably had something to do with it. Earlier in the episode, as soon as Noir found out that Soldier Boy was alive, he quickly removed the tracking device from his arm and quickly disappeared. We could speculate that he might pay a visit to his closest ally, i.e., Edgar, who might be able to deal with the Soldier Boy situation. If it was the higher management who wanted to get rid of Soldier Boy for some reason, then Stan Edgar would probably know about it, and only Noir can shed further light on the mystery, which will be followed in “The Boys” Season 3: Episode 7.

After a not-so-heartwarming reunion, the TNT Twins tried to attack Soldier Boy, but they had literally lost their powers, probably due to years of drug abuse. In the case of Soldier Boy, the loud music at the party triggered another traumatic episode, and he killed almost 12 heroes and civilians at the party and wounded many others. And ironically, he didn’t remember that he did it. Nevertheless, the TNT Twins were turned to ashes, and soon came the Homelander to finally face his ultimate nemesis.

Soldier Boy Vs. Homelander

We all thought that Soldier Boy would become the right contender for Homelander and would take him down in an instance, but alas, he is not as powerful as the upgrade. As soon as Homelander arrived, he saw Soldier Boy standing with Butcher and quickly connected the dots. He attacked Butcher with his laser eyes and then targeted Soldier Boy and soon conquered him. Homelander was about to choke Soldier Boy to death when, heroically, Butcher stood up and flaunted his newly attained superpowers. Homelander was quite stunned and thus tried to fight back the two supes attacking him. And then came the third. Hughie joined the band to take down Homelander, and they were able to finally knock him down to the floor so that Soldier Boy could destroy him with his energy blast. However, before that could happen, Homelander used the last of his strength to escape. It was the first time someone had punched Homelander so hard, and he just stared at himself in the mirror, trying to face his defeat. But it was just the beginning; the ultimate clash is yet to arrive.

On the other hand, Annie January, AKA Starlight, decided not to become a villain to bring down the villain and hence finally went public with the information about Soldier Boy and why The Vought International, including Homelander, was hiding it. Annie finally decided to quit The Seven and informed the general public that it was the Soldier Boy who killed 12 human beings in Montpelier, Vermont. She revealed to her fans that these heroes don’t care about saving people but are more concerned about their own image, and Homelander is the biggest tyrant of them all. She even told the public that Homelander had done something to Queen Maeve, who had been missing since the previous episode. Butcher and Hughie’s blind pursuit for vengeance compelled Annie to take a drastic step. She wanted to stop Soldier Boy at all cost before he could do any more collateral damage. In her pursuit to stop Homelander, Annie lost two of her close friends. Alex was killed while Maeve had been missing and she didn’t want to lose any more people.

Victoria Neuman offered Annie another deceptive deal to bring down Homelander and Vought, but she knew that underneath, she was just as vicious as the other supes were, and Annie was done playing games. She was only working for Vought International because Hughie wanted her to buy some time, but she had enough of it too. She finally saw Hughie’s real face, who was just bothered about taking revenge and not helping people. He was ready to kill a number of people to bring down Homelander. Hence, she asked herself the question that MM asked Butcher. What’s the difference left between the savage supes and humans who want to stop them if they both kill innocent people around them to bring each other down? Indeed, at this point, Butcher and Homelander are nothing but the two sides of the same coin.

A-Train Finally Killed Blue Hawk But Is A-Train Dead, Too?

Speaking of vengeance, A-Train finally took his revenge on Blue Hawk. In the previous episode, A-Train invited Blue Hawk to a community event so that he could apologize for ruthlessly attacking African-Americans, but instead of feeling sorry, Blue Hawk lost his cool and attacked innocent people, in which A-Train’s brother, Nathan, suffered severe injuries. Later, at the hospital, A-train was informed that Nathan would never be able to walk again. A-train wanted Ashley Barrett, the new CEO, to deal with the situation with seriousness, but like everyone else, Ashley wasn’t bothered. And why should she be? It wasn’t the first time a supe harmed or killed a civilian, right? A-train had killed Hughie’s girlfriend, Robin Ward, and never felt any kind of remorse for it. And though everyone has been telling people not to blindly pursue revenge, Season 3 is all about it. A-train decided to confront Blue Hawk at the TNT Twins’ party and finally attacked him after Soldier Boy created a mess. A-train took Blue Hawk for a stroll, which bruised his entire body and killed him. But that’s not the end. A-train had been advised by the doctors to not use his superhuman speed again after suffering a major heart attack at the end of “The Boys” Season 2. Yet, blinded with revenge, A-Train used his powers and suffered another stroke, which might kill him this time. “The Boys” Season 3: Episode 7 will finally reveal whether he is dead or alive.

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