‘The Bridge Curse: Ritual’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Is Kai Dead Or Alive?


The Bridge Curse: Ritual unfolds at CC University’s Da Ren building, which was said to be the realm between mortal and the dead. The building was supposed to be designed according to Badua design to keep off evil. However, after the architecture had a conflict with the school authorities, the structure was inverted during construction. It had laid the groundwork for countless paranormal activities. In 2016, a student, Kai, went into a coma after attempting to uncover the mystery behind the haunting elevator. Kai was developing a game around the ominous building and wanted to make it look as realistic as possible. He decided to go through the challenges for the improvement of the gameplay, but things took a turn for the worse after he got in the elevator.

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Why did the security guard agree to help Ting?

In 2019, Ting and her friends decided to work on the game that her brother had begun designing. Augmented reality plays a crucial role in The Bridge Curse: Ritual. While nearing the final stage of making the game, the group decided to test it at the actual location. In the first stage (one man hide-and-seek), Ting experienced paranormal phenomena, but luckily her friends came to her rescue before it could get any worse. The security officer in the Da Ren building asked the students to leave immediately once he figured out that they were conducting an experiment. He always had a cap on, and he seemed to be extremely sleep-deprived. We soon find out that the officer is De from the first part of The Bridge Curse.

When the bridge spirit threatened to kill De, he agreed to take five lives to protect himself. From then on, he had been living in the Da Ren building, where spirits outside the building could not enter, but he had to deal with the spirits that resided in the establishment. He avoided stepping out of the building, fearing the bridge spirit. When Ting’s friends pulled a prank on him, he ran out of Da Ren and ended up at the bridge. As anticipated, the evil bridge spirit haunted him. Tired of his miserable existence, De decided to kill himself, but Ting came to his rescue. She reassured him that his life would not go to waste if he decided to help her bring Kai out of a coma. After finding out about the incantations on the lamp her brother was carrying during the experiment, Ting concluded that Kai was stuck in the realm because he had lost the lamp. She planned to take the lamp to him and wake up his spirit, which was trapped in the building.

Ting discussed the possible theory with her friends as well, and together they decided to conduct the “Four Corner” game to summon the evil spirits in the building. De agreed to take part in the game. He could relate to Ting’s situation, and he wanted to help her save her brother. He regretted running away when the bridge spirit had gotten hold of Bo Ru Meng, and he did not wish to repeat his mistake.

Who was haunting the group of students?

The group experienced paranormal activities during the “Four Corner” game. When Ting was completing a round, there was someone following her. All of a sudden, the security cameras started to move on their own, and those in the control room were attacked by an evil spirit. While completing the game, a spirit pretending to be Ting embraced Chen Wei Ma and repeatedly asked him for Yu I Hsu. Soon, the spirit revealed its true self to the group of students. Dressed in elaborate jewelry, the monstrous-looking spirit walked towards them. The spirit took possession of Ting’s body and tortured her. Ting screamed for help, but De ran in the opposite direction. While running away, he realized that he was once again making the same mistake, and he would end up regretting this as well. He ignited the lamp that was meant to ward off evil. He walked towards the evil spirit and flung the lamp in his direction. The spirit faded away, and Ting was rescued. 

Unfortunately, Ma, Hong, Jin, and Li had to be hospitalized after suffering severe injuries. To make matters worse, Kai’s condition degraded all of a sudden, and Ting had to find a way to save her brother. She sought De’s help once again, begging him to assist her in finding Kai’s soul. It was the love Ting had for her brother that convinced De, and he agreed to help her. He further added that, upon looking into the history of the building, he found an image of the architect who had constructed it. Shu Wen Yen had the same pendant that they saw the ghost from the library wearing. They realized he committed suicide to trap his soul in the building to be with his lover, Yu I Hsu, whom he had murdered.

How did Ting plan on saving her brother?

Ting proposed that they conduct the elevator experiment once again. She followed the instructions written in Kai’s diary. She lit the lamp in the hopes of guiding her brother out of the realm. Upon reaching the cursed level, they realized that every dimension converged there. Ting and De saw themselves from different timelines. Once one enters the realm, it becomes a part of its intersecting reality. If that was true, Kai too was supposed to be there. After following the lights, Ting was finally reunited with Kai. But unfortunately, he started to fade away immediately. Ting tried to hold onto him, but Kai was reduced to dust in seconds. De noticed that as soon as the lamp lost oil, her brother disappeared. Ting realized that her brother connected his soul with the lamp by mixing his blood with the oil. Her brother’s soul was in the lamp oil, and at the end of The Bridge Curse: Ritual, Ting concluded that the only way she could save her brother was by protecting the lamp from leaking. The oil from the lamp started to leak after they confronted the ghost in the library. So, they went back to the library to stop the lamp from falling to the ground.

Did Kai survive?

De managed to grab hold of the lamp before it could hit the floor. Ting distracted the ghost by lying to protect De. As all the ghosts in the building gathered to attack Ting, to her surprise, her brother came to her rescue. Ting, Kai, and De headed to the elevator, but shockingly, the elevator stopped working. The only possible explanation was that the spirits refused to let go of Kai, and because he tried to return to the mortal world, they trapped Ting. The ghost of Shu Wen Yen took possession of Ting, while Kai and De were fixed to the elevator ceiling. Kai from another dimension came to their rescue; this explains his hesitation upon entering the elevator. As the spirits dragged him out of the elevator (as seen in the 2016 surveillance video), he left the lamp for his other self to protect Ting. Kai sacrificed his life as he walked towards the pile of spirits with the lamp in his hand. He used the fire to destroy them, and Ting returned to the mortal world from the realm of the spirits. Before his disintegration, Kai begged Ting to live her life to the fullest. With the death of his spirit, Kai’s heart stopped beating, and he died at the hospital. 

The Bridge Curse: Ritual ends with De attending Kai’s funeral. When he stepped out of the De Ran building, the bridge spirit haunted him again. De had two choices: he could either spend the rest of his life trapped in the Da Ren building or he had to sacrifice five lives to continue living out in the open. Which one will he choose?

What does the end credit suggest?

During The Bridge Curse: Ritual‘s ending, we find out that De took up a job as a cameraman. After the curse, he spent three years living in fear, and the bridge ghost continued to haunt him. The spirit instructed him to kill journalist Shu Yu Lian, and that was when he decided to live in the Du Ren building. In The Bridge Curse, De asks Shu Yu Lian to help him break the cycle. The end credit scene suggests that in 2020, De plans on destroying the bridge ghost with the lamp. The first part begins with the 2020 episode, and the ending of part two explains how he intended to break the cycle. By pretending to be Shu Yu Lin’s cameraman, he will direct her interest toward the bridge ghost story, and we already know how it goes. Maybe, De planned on tricking the ghost by bringing five people for it to take possession, but in the end, De, with Shu Yu Lian’s help, will burn down the bridge ghost. Part 3 of The Bridge Curse will possibly explain how De and Shu Yu Lian destroyed the evil bridge spirit.

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