The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020) Review – HeartBreak Is Inevitable


The Broken Hearts Gallery is an open-hearted rom-com movie directed by Natalie Krinsky and led by Geraldine Viswanathan as Lucy. Lucy is a lovable and cheerful girl who surrounds herself with token reminders of failed relationships, some of them literal trash. It is a unique basis for a rom-com and one that is easily acceptable. 

26-year-old, Lucy works as an assistant at Woolf Gallery in New York City. She adores her boss Eva Woolf aspiring to be like her someday. Lucy, after having a series of failed relationships, finally believes that her current boyfriend and colleague Max would be the one but ends up getting dumped and also losing her job which leaves her devastated. While going home, heartbroken, she plops herself in a stranger’s car, thinking it to be her drive home. As an expected plot twist in a rom-com, the driver, Nick indulges her by dropping her off.

Weeks later, they meet each other again. Nick has been busy working on his dream project, “A Boutique Hotel” for five years now with no luck financially. Unexpectedly they found their comfort in each other. Lucy decides to help Nick in designing his hotel, while opening her own Broken Hearts Gallery in a small corner in it, to let go of some of her memoirs of past relationships that keep haunting her, and helping others to do the same. So, the Broken Hearts Gallery.

In her gallery, people can drop off the pain and memories that still haunt after their relationship has ended. Lucy began to popularize her gallery with Twitter and Instagram, asking people to come and “Leave your Heartbreak”. She manages to make her own community, where people can share their loss and move forward together, making it a fresh view for a rom-com genre. 

The lead actors have given excellent performances, with special mention to Geraldine, who instantly takes everyone with her infectious energy. The story would no doubt be dull, if not for her amazing portrayal of Lucy. The humour is excellently brought on by her two best friends and housemates, Amanda (Molly Gordon) and Nadine (Phillipa Soo), who always support Lucy when the time comes. 

The Broken Hearts Gallery has all the elements of a perfect rom-com movie, a girl making her way into the art world, accompanied by her two weird best friends in whom she can find her comfort. A boy, whom she meets when she least expects it and who helps her grow both emotionally and personally.

The Broken Hearts Gallery will leave a smile on your face, with its fresh ideas and writing, and who knows you can also let go of your heartbreak. So, don’t forget to Catch It Today!

The film is available on Video on Demand.

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Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal is an Electrical Engineer, graduated from the Indian Insitute of Technology Palakkad. In her leisure time, she likes to watch films but more precisely writes her thoughts about it thus influencing others to watch more Good Content.

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