‘The Brothers Sun’ Post Credits Scene, Explained: Will Yuan Bring Back Big Sun?


Revolving around a complex mafia family, the Netflix series The Brothers Sun portrayed an array of flawed characters motivated by their own self-interest. Big Sun, the leader of the Jade Dragons, loved his position and power more than he loved his own wife or sons. Early in the series, it became clear that Big Sun raised Charles as a ruthless assassin to ensure he had a loyal soldier who would never betray his trust. Being a poor country boy, Big Sun was an ambitious man who wanted to conquer all the Triads in Taiwan and become the undefeated ruler of the Taiwanese underworld. But before the man could fulfill his ambitions, a rebel group named The Boxers tried to kill him, which was why Big Sun went into hiding so as to understand his enemies and strike back with all his might.

At the end of The Brothers Sun Season 1, not only did Big Sun’s loyal son desert him, but his estranged son, Bruce, also attempted to shoot his father in order to eliminate the evil once and for all. After the attack, Big Sun was admitted to a hospital, where his wife, Eileen, decided to put the final nail in his coffin and inject the helpless man with insulin in order to paralyze him for life. At this juncture, Big Sun was helpless. He couldn’t run away from police custody on his own, and his sons weren’t coming to help. But it was the mid-credits scene of The Brothers Sun that brought a ray of hope for the slowly decaying gangster.

Yuan, Big Sun’s most loyal general, discussed a plan of action with an American lawyer to save his master at all costs. A broad smile on Yuan’s face at the end of the series suggested that he was indeed going to kill Frank Ma before the man could testify against Big Sun in a court of law. Earlier, Frank Ma had cracked a deal with Deputy DA Alexis Kong that he would give his testimony in an American court in exchange for free passage back to Taiwan. It is probable that Kong would try to build a case against the Triads based on Frank Ma’s testimony, which is when Yuan and his men would intervene and kill Frank to obstruct the legal process. In such a case, Yuan and his lawyer will demand the release of Big Sun, and it is most likely that the loyal general will give it his all to revive his paralyzed master.

Yuan’s demeanor at the end of the series also implies that he always knew about Big Sun’s plan to fake his coma so that he could expose his enemies’ true intentions, and Big Sun might get the opportunity to eliminate all the possible threats. However, he had never thought that his own wife would try to take over his empire. For Big Sun, the betrayal came from his family, and perhaps it was the reason why he didn’t bring Yuan with him when he came to California to deal with his wife and his sons. He left his general behind so he could extract him out of the foreign country in case any tragedy befell him. And that is exactly what Yuan will do in the next season of The Brothers Sun.

So what is going to happen if the police have to let Big Sun go, and he somehow gets back on his feet? The man will try to hit the closest target first, which is none other than the boy who fired a bullet at him. It is no surprise that Bruce is the most vulnerable of them all. And after Charles and Eileen’s departure to Taiwan, there is no one left to protect the soft boy. Big Sun may try to abduct his youngest son to use him as leverage against his wife. He is most likely to travel back to Taipei with Bruce, where he will blackmail Eileen to hand over the throne if she wants to see her son alive. As mentioned earlier, Big Sun feels no love or attachment to his sons, and the ruthless father just wants to fulfill his own desires. It is also possible that Yuan will have an army of assassins waiting for Big Sun’s order to initiate an attack on Eileen in Taiwan. After such a betrayal, Big Sun is certainly not going to let Charles, Eileen, and Bruce live another day if he somehow regains his health.

Based on the above theories, it won’t be wrong to speculate that the final showdown between the father and the rest of the family is going to take place in Taipei, where Charles may have to finally go against his traditional values and make a difficult decision. Charles is bound to protect his family, but what if the family itself is trying to kill each other? Will Charles be able to raise a weapon against his own father and put an end to the evil that has turned him into a ruthless monster? Based on the title and other themes discussed in The Brothers Sun Season 1, we can speculate that the final clash will be between Charles and Big Sun, where Charles will eventually finish the job that Bruce failed to do in the first season. Such a face-off may take place after Big Sun has either hurt or killed Eileen, which may fuel Charles’ anger and turn him against his own father. In the end, the Jade Dragons are going to perish, as all the other Triads did in season 1, but what will cause the end of the crime family will be further explored in the next season. The Boxers, too, may have a role to play. They may try to help Bruce end his father’s evil regime and bring peace and order to a world full of chaos. The Brothers Sun’s mid-credit scene does mark the possibility of a second season, and we just cannot wait for its announcement. I hope the next installment amps up the family politics and especially the raw action, which has been the most striking feature of the entire series.

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Shikhar Agrawal
Shikhar Agrawal
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