‘The Brothers Sun’ Season 2 Theories: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


Season 1 of The Brothers Sun saw Eileen, Charles, and Bruce dealing with a rebellious organization that wanted to bring an end to the Triads. In addition to that, Eileen attempted to become the Dragon Head, the leader of the Triads, since she was under the assumption that Big Sun was going to be in a coma for the rest of his life. But Big Sun made a surprising return, thereby sullying Eileen’s plans, albeit temporarily. Eventually, the underdog, Bruce, got Big Sun arrested, and Eileen managed to falsify his medical records, thereby imprisoning him in the hospital for the foreseeable future. While that meant that the Suns were free to write their own future, Big Sun’s confidant, Yuan, seemed to have other plans. To be clear, at the time of writing this article, Netflix hasn’t indicated if there will be more seasons of The Brothers Sun. The streaming platform gives their own original shows a very small window to make it or break it in terms of views and secure a second season. Sam Song Li, who plays Bruce, has said that the team behind the series has plans to take us back into the world of crime and churros. However, until and unless we get official confirmation from Netflix or the creators of the show, all we can do is speculate.

Spoiler Alert

Eileen, Charles, And June Remakes The Triads

Most of the old heads of the Triads (also known as ghosts) are in jail or on the run because their identities have been made public. So, Taiwan is about to witness a power vacuum. Despite living a very low-key lifestyle for several decades, Eileen has clearly harbored intentions of wielding a lot of power. And since she has the chance to be the harbinger of stability in Taiwan, she wants to take it as soon as possible. The Triads have been sexist and patriarchal in nature, thereby leading to an unnecessary amount of violence because that’s what men do. In a heated conversation between Charles and Big Sun, Charles even said that the Triads are just a bunch of men fighting over plots of land. The Boxers have shown the Triads that they don’t represent the people anymore and that they’ve become the oppressors, even though they were meant to fight oppression. Eileen can restore the Triads’ old ways of helping the people and keeping the authorities at bay. In addition to that, it’s obvious that she can inject a lot of femininity into the system or at least recognize the women who have been the backbone of the Triads. By the way, I am not discounting the chances of Eileen becoming completely power-hungry and retreading the path that has been paved by Big Sun. That said, Charles Sun will probably get to be himself. He has been a weapon all his life, and Eileen is partially responsible for that. We have seen how he acts when his father isn’t around. But I am not sure how well he will gel with his mother. It’s going to be a rough transition because it’s impossible to unlearn decades of sexism in a few weeks. I hope that he does get to access his softer side and evolve as a person, though. I also expect Charles to do more bakery work because he has perfected his churro recipe. A bakery shop can be a good front for Eileen’s version of the Triads. June can be Eileen’s enforcer, thereby giving Charles some downtime. We saw June and Charles bonding over past traumas in John Cho’s house, and it seems like she can fill the hole left by Xing, Blood Boots, and the Wang Brothers.

Bruce Sun Completes His Education And Becomes An Actor

Bruce Sun’s arc has clearly been set up to emulate that of Barry’s story from Barry. I mean, where else have you seen a man with a violent past trying to make a career in improv and acting? On top of that, Bruce is studying to be a doctor. It does seem like he is determined to never return to a life of crime. He has an eye for expensive stuff, but given how he doesn’t succumb to Big Sun’s tactics, it looks like he wants to achieve greatness in a way that’s legal and nonviolent. But that doesn’t mean that that is what is going to happen. He is a Sun. He has been instrumental in taking down the Triads. He is Eileen’s biggest weakness. People tried to exploit all of these aspects in Season 1 of The Brothers Sun. So, it’s totally possible that someone is going to do the same in Season 2 as well. However, Bruce isn’t as stupid as he looks. He is a calculative person. He can strategize and improvise. So, no matter what challenge is thrown in his direction, he’ll probably deal with it without his family’s help. And if things do get a little action-heavy, TK is still in Los Angeles to help Bruce out.

Yuan Scripts Big Sun’s Return

In the mid-credits scene of The Brothers Sun Season 1, we see Yuan planning to kill Frank Ma before he can testify against Big Sun and the rest of the Triads. It’s unclear what Yuan has been doing in Taipei all this time, but it’s obvious that he has stayed loyal to Big Sun. We are going to see him turn Los Angeles upside down to find out about Frank Ma and ensure that Big Sun’s case never goes to trial. In addition to that, he has to orchestrate a rescue mission to get Big Sun out of Los Angeles before he dies of an insulin overdose. If Big Sun does make yet another return, though, he is definitely going to wage war against Eileen. It’ll be an uphill task for him because he has to start from scratch. He doesn’t have the Triads to support him. His own gang will be in Eileen’s hands. So, with Yuan’s help, he has to search for warriors who can rally behind him. That said, I am not ruling out the possibility that Yuan is going to betray Big Sun. Power can do that to people. Maybe he will ensure that Frank Ma testifies against Big Sun and ruins his chances of ever making a comeback. Then, he will be free to create his own gang and fight against Eileen. I don’t expect him to reveal his hand too soon. He’ll probably gain Eileen’s trust and then betray her at the opportune moment. The success or failure of his mission entirely depends on what he targets and how much he underestimates Eileen Sun.

The Return of the Boxers

Grace’s death doesn’t mean that the Boxers are over. Yes, the setback that they’ve faced in this season of The Brothers Sun is unimaginable. But, going by the maps in Grace’s office, it’s clear that the organization isn’t limited to Los Angeles. They have more rebels hiding in the crowds all over the world. And once they hear about Grace’s sacrifice, they are going to be motivated to take another swing at the Triads. They’ll probably see Bruce as the one who betrayed the Boxers in a big way and go after him. However, if they see that Eileen’s version of the Triads aligns with their idea of what the Triads should do, maybe they will back off? I mean, they aren’t fanatics. Their cause has substance, and even though Eileen knows nothing about their agenda, she wants the Triads to function in a productive way and not in a destructive way. If she ends up winning the Boxers’ trust and vice versa, it’s possible that they’ll join her instead of fighting against her. I am not saying that it’ll be easy because the Boxers have lost a lot because of the Triads. I am saying that it’s possible. Even if they don’t join Eileen’s gang, maybe they’ll continue their humanitarian work while keeping Eileen in check. At least that’ll prevent Eileen from becoming too power-hungry.

Alexis Becomes the District Attorney

After Big Sun’s arrest, Alexis happily told the press that there was a good chance that she was going to be the next DA. But that hinges entirely on the success of Frank Ma’s testimony and the trial of Big Sun. As mentioned before, Yuan is probably going to prevent that from happening, and if Alexis doesn’t see that coming, it is going to hurt her chances of getting a promotion. She also has to take care of her connections to the Sun household, which is something that her boss is aware of. If Big Sun isn’t sent to jail, even if it’s temporary, she is going to be blamed for working for the Suns. And she can end up losing her job. Well, going by The Brothers Sun’s anti-cop themes, maybe Alexis’ is going to be exposed to the reality of the law enforcement agencies and the legal arms of the system. Season 1 of the show doesn’t really delve into it, but let’s not kid ourselves and admit that it’s impossible for the Triads or the Korean gangs to function without the help of the police and the lawyers. Some of them are definitely corrupt, and Alexis is going to learn about that once Yuan starts to bend or break the law to get to Frank Ma and Big Sun. Who knows? Maybe that’ll prompt her to join Charles and Eileen so that she can do all the good work that she wants to do without being bogged down by bossy men and convoluted rules and regulations.

Consistency in Terms of the Quality of Action, Comedy, and Drama

My biggest expectation from the yet-to-be-announced Season 2 of The Brothers Sun is consistency in terms of the storytelling. I think Brad Falchuk, Byron Wu, and everyone involved in the making of the show has cracked the code to modernize the style that Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung, John Woo, Andrew Lau, Johnnie To, Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh are synonymous with while keeping things incredibly relatable for the Asian audience. And I want them to build on it without jeopardizing the foundations. I was laughing, tensing up, and crying throughout the first season of the show. I understand the need to go bigger, louder, and more ambitious in terms of the scale and scope of a potential Season 2. However, I hope that the showrunners don’t compromise on the character work, the comedy, the intricacy of an action set piece, and most importantly, the simplicity of the drama that they’ve already aced in the first season. And while I know that it’s not totally up to the makers, I want Netflix to shift to a weekly release schedule, especially if the episodes are over an hour long. I don’t have a problem with the length; I have a problem with the tradition of binging. It’s like eating a 100-course meal in one bite. It’s enjoyable, but it doesn’t allow you to savor the flavors, does it? So, maybe it’s time to change things up so that shows like The Brothers Sun can be properly appreciated.

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