‘The Buccaneers’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Theo And Nan Going To Get Married?


Could Nan get any more annoying? So far in The Buccaneers, there has not been a single moment when Nan has been likable. We are not sure if she was written this way in the book as well, but the series is not giving the character any points. However, from the looks of it, Guy has certainly smartened up, and we are happy for him. As for the others, they have managed to deliver complex emotions and stories, which would have served well for Nan to do. We will get to her at the end, so for now, let us go through the recap of The Buccaneers Episode 6.

Spoiler Alert

Why is Mabel getting married?

Mabel senses that the way she treated Honoria in the previous episode was terrible. Her fears were completely valid, and while we will never hold it against a woman if she acts like a man, we will still consider it wrong if the person on the receiving end is a woman. To explain our point better, we would recommend a study of ‘false equivalence.’ Meanwhile, Mabel apologizes to Honoria, who makes sure to tell her how awful she has made her feel. At this time, Mabel pulls the most tried and tested method of seeking forgiveness, which is to present Honoria with a gift. Everything may not be alright between them yet, but Honoria is softening toward her.

But Mabel still knows that a relationship between them would not be possible in the long term. There is the threat of going back home and facing her mother, who would be in a hurry to get her married since she knows her truth. That is when Mabel finds a lifeline. A fellow queer friend of hers is also on the lookout for a rich bride, and they both decide that it would be wise for them to be married to each other. Since they are both queer, they would give each other the required space and freedom to live their own lives. Additionally, Mabel would be able to live in England, and she probably likes the prospect because she would be close to Honoria. Mabel must like Honoria because, though homosexuality is not accepted in either England or New York, the latter place still has more freedom, and if Mabel is willing to give that up, the reason must be love.

What is the relationship between Mr. Testvalley and Richard?

Richard and Conchita are separated because of their differences with their families, but their amiability is not understandable to anyone. Regardless, Richard is always around Conchita and his daughter, Minnie, and he knows that the moment he chooses to go to New York with Conchita or have a separate life with her at least, things will be alright. But he is taking his time to come to that conclusion. The whole situation is complicated by the fact that the two of them are still in love. They even end up spending a night together, and in many ways, it looks like they have reconciled, though that fact is yet to be clear.

Coming to Testvalley, whatever the arrangement between her and Richard, Honoria was aware of it, though it is doubtful whether she ever said it out loud. Ms. Testvalley overhears Richard and Cochita together, and that is when Honoria also tells Ms. Testvalley that Richard has chosen happiness and freedom. It is clear that Honoria is asking Ms. Testvalley to choose the same things for herself. The time with Mabel and the other Americans has really opened up her mind. Therefore, the next day, Ms. Testvalley announced that she was leaving as she had taken up a new job in Cornwall. Richard tries to stop her, but Ms. Testvalley has made up her mind. She says that Conchita would never understand their relationship, and here is how we are convinced that Richard and Ms. Testvalley are lovers. When asking her to stay, Richard doesn’t say that he will miss her. He only uses Conchita’s and Minnie’s names. If Richard and Ms. Testvalley’s relationship were anything else, it wouldn’t be so difficult to just say the words, but that was not possible, meaning that Richard was aware that whatever was between them was wrong.

Are Theo and Nan going to get married?

Nan and Guy are once again back on good terms. Some time has passed since the events of the last episode, and Nan is not as angry, so she is able to listen to him. Guy tells her that while he was looking for a rich wife to help with his mother’s treatment, it was all real with Nan. Frankly, money always sweetens the pot, but would Guy have liked the dish without it? The same question applies to Nan, because would she have proceeded with the engagement if Theo was really a broke artist? Why is she still asking Guy what was in the letter when she knows the repercussions of the answer? Has she still not decided who she likes more?

On the other hand, Lizzy has finally told Jinny what James did to her. Jinny is already extremely brainwashed and completely under the spell of her husband, so she refuses to validate her friend’s story. When she later asks James about it, he gaslights her more, saying that she should stop being a daughter, friend, or sister and devote herself completely to him. Jinny is too dazed to even reply to that.

At the end of The Buccaneers Episode 6, James tells Theo’s mother about Nan’s illegitimacy, thereby breaking off the engagement. Theo’s mother wants Nan to leave immediately, and even Nan is sure that there is no looking back now. However, she says that she is relieved that the wedding is not happening. Nan thinks that Jinny is the one who told the Duchess, and her sister doesn’t even deny it. But her words make Nan understand that she is not upset about her reality anymore. Therefore, in a room full of people, she herself announces the truth and apologizes to Theo for lying to him. But Theo is a better man, and he says that he wants to marry Nan regardless of anything. Nan looks happy, but it is impossible to forget that just a while ago, she was happy that the wedding was called off. As for Guy, he has probably smartened up and is walking into the room to announce something with Jean Hopeleigh. Hopefully, he is marrying her and moving on from Nan.

Final Thoughts

Are none of these girls going to have a happy marriage? Jinny doesn’t, Nan is making mistakes, Conchita is struggling, and Mabel is stepping into a world of secrets. So what did these girls travel to England for? They should have stayed at home. At least the weather was better.

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