‘The Buccaneers’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Nan Pick Theo?


The reason we love the seventh episode of The Buccaneers is because Nan finally got a reality check. That girl has no accountability, and her delulu levels are not even funny. She will hold everyone responsible for her troubles except herself. It just highlights her hypocrisy in the first episode of the show when she says that she is not the ‘main character’ and does not want to be one. For someone like that, she manages to make everything about herself with zero empathy for other people’s feelings. Frankly, she is the worst of the lot, and Theo has done well if he notices that in time. As for the rest of the characters, we may make fun of the occasional cringe of the show, but the narrative of this episode made us realize how well-structured the plots were, despite the shaky packaging. The following is a recap of The Buccaneers Episode 7.

Spoiler Alert

What was Richard and Miss Testvalley’s relationship?

After getting to know what Richard went through, we are embarrassed by our previous speculations about his relationship with Miss Testvalley. As Richard is spending time with his daughter, Honoria comes to meet him, and she says how Richard changed once Miss Testvalley came into their lives. She was their governess or nanny, and she was responsible for taking care of the children. However, she had sexually abused Richard. As a child, Richard believed that he was in love with Miss Testvalley, though the feelings became complicated once he grew up. Perhaps they did not have a relationship in Richard’s adulthood, but he wasn’t able to shake off the manipulation. According to Honoria, Richard started laughing only when Conchita came into his life.

Richard tries to bring up Miss Testvalley to his mother, and he is shocked to find that she is aware of what has happened to him. His mother had sent Miss Testvalley away when she first realized what was happening, but she never spoke about it to Richard because that was ‘not the way of polite society.’ Finally, Richard sees just how harmful the ways of his family are. The silence they preferred may be cultural, but it was not rooted in common sense or empathy. There was a harmful obedience to societal guidelines that did not leave any room for love or acceptance within the family. Finally, Richard understands where Conchita is coming from. It wasn’t just an adjustment issue, but an acceptance one. And there was no cure for this. He apologizes to Conchita for forcing his family on her and promises to take her away from them. There is a lot that Richard has to deal with, but he has taken an important step towards it.

What happens to Jinny?

Jinny most likely knows that her husband is not a good man. She has never needed proof of it because it was obvious from his behavior. But she is completely brainwashed and confused at this point, and she is reaching her breaking point. When her parents come to the party, she has to lie to James about going to the bathroom to get away from him. When she tells her parents about what has been going on, she is still protecting James, and she takes the blame upon herself. Her mother tells her how disappointed she is in her, and even her father isn’t able to look at her straight. Nan had long stopped talking to her, and in all essence, Jinny had lost her family. As for her friends, they were already angry with her since they thought that she had told Theo’s mother the truth about Nan. Lizzy was still sympathetic because she knew Jinny’s situation, but that day, even that was lost. James catches Lizzy in a vulnerable moment and humiliates her, which Jinny witnesses. Lizzy accuses Jinny of standing by and watching that happen and storms off. That day, Jinny was left completely alone. James’ mission to isolate her from her friends and family has been successful. Lizzy goes off in a carriage, not being able to bear being at the party, but she comes back eventually. Perhaps she thinks she cannot go anywhere, so she is back. Or it could be that she has started seeing the light and will seek a separation soon enough.

Does Nan pick Theo?

While Honoria is upset with Mabel, we particularly feel bad for Patti, who is Nan’s mother. She has long decided that she won’t be held back by her husband’s embarrassment. When the Duke asks her what she would really like, Patti doesn’t give an answer, but probably all she yearns for is some freedom and the love she deserves. She tells her husband, Tracy, that after they go to New York, she will be filing for a divorce. Tracy is at his wit’s end because, so far, he has been telling Patti that she is too ‘muddled-headed’ to survive on her own. But now, Patti will be the mother-in-law of the Duke, which would ensure that she has a stable and good life, maybe better than the one she had before. So there is nothing that Tracy can say that will make her stay back.

Meanwhile, Nan and Theo get into a fight because Nan keeps picking at everything Theo says because she is herself embarrassed about the whispers around her. From our perspective, Nan isn’t able to handle the fact that someone is better than her, and our point will be proven in a second.

Theo and Guy come to blows when the former talks about the telegram that he read in New York. Both of them pretty much fight like children and create a scene at the party. When Nan confronts them about it, Guy finally tells her what was written in the telegram. As Theo looks at Guy, he realizes that he still has those feelings for her. As for Nan, the happiness on her face is visible. Once Guy is done, Nan does the next manipulative thing she knows to do and becomes angry with Theo for not talking to her about her illegitimacy before, since he knew about that. Theo rightfully points out that it was Nan’s secret to tell, and he was waiting for her, as he should have. Additionally, if Nan thought that she couldn’t talk to the man she was marrying, why would she fight so hard for this alliance? She had all the time in the world to confess to Theo, but she did not do that. Now, she had the audacity to be angry with him because he gave her the space she needed. Theo makes it clear that he will gladly back off from this alliance if Nan doesn’t share his feelings. In our opinion, he should have broken up with her anyway.

At the end of The Buccaneers Episode 7, Nan and Guy have a talk where they decide to let go of each other. We are glad because if Nan had chosen to be with Guy, her mother would have suffered the most. Nan leaves with Theo in a carriage, seemingly having chosen him. However, she has no esteem in our eyes because we are sure that if Guy had said that he still loved her as much, she would have chosen him. Nan cares about no one but herself, and hopefully, Theo will see that before it is too late. Their getting married is not a happy ending for him, but at least Patti would get the queenlike exit from her marriage that she deserves.

Final Thoughts

The Buccaneers would have been such a perfect show if not for Nan. We cannot remember the last time we hated a character so much. The only good thing about “The Buccaneers” ending is that we won’t have to see more of her, and that makes us happy.

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