‘The Buccaneers’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next From Apple TV Series?


There is no news about The Buccaneers season 2, but there might be soon. The ending of season 1 was not neat, but it was exactly what it should have been. The people creating and getting into the mess have resolved it in the most dignified way possible. There should be a second season, considering how invested we are in the lives of these characters. While we wait for that, let us try to understand where their lives may take them in the meantime.

Spoiler Alert

Will Conchita and Richard stay with the latter’s family?

Richard has one of the toughest choices to make in the series next season. When he and Conchita decided to separate from his family, the first thing he rejoiced about was that he wouldn’t have to shoulder any more responsibilities that come with his title. However, the very next day, he is told that he must step up to take care of his mother and sister. Doing so would mean that everything that Conchita and he had gone through would be for nothing. Conchita was happy that her husband finally took a stand, but she was also concerned about how they would survive without the money. If Richard stays back, his family will once again start taunting Conchita, and Richard may turn helpless again because he knows that he needs them for money. He may be furious with his mother for turning a blind eye to his abuse, but he cannot stand up against her when he is dependent on the family’s money for his survival. That is going to create a lot of unpleasantness in their lives. Also, since Jinny has left Seadown, the taunts about ‘Americanness’ will increase, and it remains to be seen if Conchita raises her voice against James’ abusive ways and how they are received by her family.

Of course, there is always the possibility that Richard’s father is lying to him about his condition. Maybe he is not on his deathbed after all, and until Richard figures that out, things will be tricky. But if he was not lying, would Conchita and Richard be able to say that they cannot sacrifice their lifelong happiness for a dying man’s wishes? Nothing is about to get easy for this couple.

What will happen to Mabel and Honoria?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Honoria and Mabel are two young women who don’t have much power in society. Mabel has called off her marriage, but can she sustain that? Will she go back to New York, or will she stay in England? If her choice is the latter, what will be her excuse? Will Honoria be able to follow the same path as Mabel? She also has no money of her own and certainly has a lot less freedom than Mabel. How do these two plan on being together? It is possible if Richard is able to support them financially. The alternative is that Nan uses her money and influence to give them a safe space in the world. Assuming one of these two works out for them, what is to say that their own feelings won’t run dry? Mabel was kissing someone in America, and it is worth questioning whether she is choosing Honoria because of love or convenience. These two have their own fight to figure out.

Who is Nan’s mother?

Nan was told that her biological mother had passed away a long time ago. But Patti and Tracy know the truth to be different. It is unclear whether Patti would have proceeded with the divorce, considering that she did not want Nan to marry Theo. Patti realizes the grief of a loveless marriage, and she does not want that for her daughters. But Nan did get married, so maybe Patti will wait a while before she takes the divorce to see whether her daughter can be truly happy or not. Another thing that has changed is that Nan’s biological mother is at the Duke’s castle. We suspect that Theo’s mother had something to do with that. She cares for the ‘institution’, and Nan’s mother may be a part of some idea of hers to salvage the scandal around Theo’s marriage. Or perhaps Nan’s mother had always been working in America, and this was a coincidence. Either way, Nan is once again in a difficult situation. If her attitude in The Buccaneers season 2 is anything like season 1, she will blame everyone for her troubles before trying to handle them. Theo is on her side. He might help her, though there is a consideration that Nan’s mother might be someone accomplished or notable. In such a case, Theo’s influence might not be the solution to the problem.

Will James Seadown look for Jinny?

For James, nothing was ever a matter of love. It was all about control, and he got it whichever way he could. If he needed to follow propriety for that, then so be it. If it came from acting unconventionally, then he would do that. But every action of his was driven by the desire to exercise control over a person. This is why he humiliated Lizzy, and it is why he acted so uninterested in Jinny before proposing to her, so that she would be at his beck and call.

Jinny is pregnant, and it is against Seadown’s pride that his wife and unborn child have left him. He would certainly try to look for them, just as Nan tries to thwart his efforts. But the bigger question is whether Jinny is able to break free of his manipulations. The nature of abuse is that its effects can be felt even when the abuser is not around. Though Jinny is escaping, she still won’t admit that Seadown is the villain. She thinks that he can’t help himself, and she is escaping because she doesn’t want her child to go through that. It may be a while before Jinny realizes that James is an evil person to begin with, and she shouldn’t let him, or his words dictate her mind and life.

Will Guy and Nan run away?

There is something that Guy said at the end of season 1 that makes us think that he and Nan are not done with each other. Guy said that ‘true love always wins’. Additionally, his demeanor was not that of someone who was saying a final goodbye. He expects to meet Nan again. Nan and Guy have a plan for themselves. Maybe she will run away after settling her affairs and securing Patti and Jinny’s future. Or maybe the two are just done crying, so this is why they are not looking more heartbroken. But a third possibility is that Theo is somehow involved in his mother’s plan. Maybe he is not as good a person as everyone is thinking, and that is why Nan and Guy have no guilt about their love or whatever they are planning on doing. The only thing we know is that Nan and Guy are not done with each other, and they will reunite in The Buccaneers season 2.

Will Nan fall in love with Theo?

Nan and Guy have professed their love enough to know that, at the end of season 1, Nan has no feelings for Theo while he continues to be in love with her. The possibility must be considered that Nan will stay true to her marriage, considering the number of people whose lives depend on her being a Duchess. Theo is not a bad man, and he is also aware that Nan has feelings for Guy. He may not know why she walked down the aisle to be with him, but some common sense would imply that he needs to take things slow with Nan. Maybe that will win Nan’s heart eventually. She might remember why she agreed to marry him in the first place, and if she is getting over Guy, she may find that Theo not only makes her feel just as good, but he also gives her the feeling of security and longevity. That may make her want to give the marriage a chance, and by extension, she may like and fall in love with Theo over time.

On the other hand, what if Jinny and Guy fall in love? When they are hiding or going places, they will have to say what their relationship is, and lying that they are married is the most convenient and believable option. What if this farce eventually leads to real love? It is a thought, but it could happen. There are endless possibilities for The Buccaneers season 2, and it would be great if the show made a comeback with them.

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