‘The Buccaneers’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Nan Not Tell The Truth To Theo?


Of late, we have discovered something very interesting about criticism, which is to question its objective, and this is especially in regard to men’s criticism of women. It is fair to say that The Buccaneers was set in a different time, but our reason for this comparison is that most things have not really changed. The heroine of this episode of The Buccaneers is not Nan but Patti St. George, and she proves to be far more resilient than her narcissistic daughters. Happiness is going to be difficult for the woman because she is not really surrounded by people looking out for her. Nan is most definitely a covert narcissist; Jinny is a pick-me at the very least and Tracy has no respect or regard for her. Anybody else who may claim to be her friend, like Lavinia, offers the occasional words of comfort but will continue to be jealous of her behind her back. Thankfully, Patti has that look of self-assurance that tells us she knows who she is and is strong enough to manage her path in life, with whatever it may bring. Our hearts truly go out to her, and this is a recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

Is Richard having an affair with Mrs. Testvalley?

This was the greatest shock of The Buccaneers Episode 4 and one of the many things that convinced us that women should never marry early. Richard is extremely happy in New York, and that is making Conchita happy. She is glad to have some of the old romance back, and Richard couldn’t be more delighted about being able to dance his heart out.

Conchita wants to stay back in America, and Ms. Testvalley tells her that Richard wouldn’t agree to that. In England, he has power, and he wouldn’t exchange that just to be able to dance at parties. In hindsight, even in England, when Conchita was pregnant, Richard went out socializing and did whatever he pleased. It was Cochita who had to make all the sacrifices and adjustments. She tells Richard that she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up in that environment, and if he doesn’t live in New York, then she will have to make the harder choice, which may be their separation. Richard loves his child and Conchita, but he cannot let go of his privilege. As he wonders what to do, he sits down next to the bathtub that has Ms. Testvalley in it. She is obviously a source of comfort for him, and that means that their involvement is deeper than it had appeared.

How does Seadown manipulate Jinny?

Seadown displays classic signs of narcissism, where he acts extremely self-importantly and then proceeds to isolate his wife from everyone she knows by placing himself in high esteem in the other’s eyes. He doesn’t like the party thrown in his honor because he feels it is simply an exhibition of him and his title. He continues to berate Jinny’s family for forcing them to do a first dance and for being attentive in general. Jinny, who doesn’t know any better, is confused because, in her words, Seadown is a perfect man behind closed doors, so this sudden change in his behavior is making her think that she must be at fault. When Jinny asks her mother to apologize to Seadown, he steps in and calls her silly and praises his mother-in-law instead, which ends up making Jinny look like the one with a chip on her shoulder. Lizzy is keeping a close watch on the couple, and she can sense that the trouble has already started. That is why Lizzy decides to go to England to be able to help her friend. If only Lizzy had felt so protective of Jinny before leaving England, the latter could have saved a lot of trouble.

How does Nan confront her parents?

Nan has been the most frustrating character for two episodes in a row. She refuses to take accountability, plays the victim, and is constantly on the lookout for someone to blame for her faults. Seadown may still be better because at least his evil will become apparent eventually, but Nan will always be tiresome. She is mad at her mother for celebrating her daughter’s engagement and marriage. Nan feels that this is a farce since Patti is not their real mother, so she has to pretend or be happy for superficial things like Nan’s fiance being a Duke. Sometimes, the biggest mistake that women make is not understanding their mothers. She doesn’t even give Patti a chance to explain things, and she hides away until her father finds her. Tracy tells Nan that he doesn’t remember her biological mother and that she has just been a fling. Nan is disgusted and storms off, only for Jinny to find her and tell her that Patti has always been the perfect parent, and it is time for Nan to accept that.

Why Does Nan Not Tell The Truth To Theo?

Nan tells Patti that she wants to do the brave thing and tell the truth to Theo. Patti understands what Nan is saying, and she decides to support her daughter. However, Theo has found another problem to obsess over. He finds a letter from Guy professing his love for Nan. Guy had written that letter in a drunken state, and he regretted sending it. Theo had picked up the letter out of curiosity, and his entire world turned upside down. He drags Nan away, tells her that he loves her, and makes her say it back to him. Maybe Thoe thinks that Nan is also in love with Guy since the two have spent a lot of time together, and he doesn’t want to risk losing her. When Nan tries to tell Theo about her parentage, he asks her to withhold anything that might hurt their relationship, and Nan agrees once again.

It is really quite foolish to do what Nan is doing. In the previous episode, she had made it Guy’s responsibility, to tell the truth to Theo, and this time, she had acted as if it were her mother holding her back when both times she should have been the one to do it. It is not clear if Nan is really ‘different from other girls’ or if she is just a coward who is pretending too hard. Why weren’t Conchita or even Mabel the protagonists of this show, and why was Nan given that status?

At the end of The Buccaneers episode 4, Nan is no closer to telling Theo the truth, and Guy is screaming from the cliffs because of what he has done. Then there is Patti, who tells her husband that she feels done with him, and he indulges in some good old taunts about how she is completely dependent on him when it was he who had said during the episode that she was the most fabulous woman in New York. But Patti doesn’t care. She may or may not leave him, but she has certainly detached from him and learned to find peace in aligning things the right way. On a final note, Tracy has not told Nan the truth about her mother.

Final Thoughts

The Buccaneers loves reminding its audience of the geography of the characters. There are repeated references to the place being England or New York. There is also a fair amount of twisting of modern-day lingo, like ‘adulting; or ‘Twitter’ and a version of drunk texting your ex. However, these adaptations are quite smart, so there are no complaints. As for the story itself, it just remains to be seen what happens when the girls go back to England.

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