‘The Buccaneers’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Nan Break Up With Guy?


It is surprising that the central love triangle of The Buccaneers has such unlikeable people. Thankfully, the actual likable people have equal screen time, which manages any annoyance we may feel. On a different note, it may have been better if The Buccaneers wasn’t trying so hard to be ‘feminist,’ and that is because it is creating a bit of a mess. The distinction between American and British women that the show has tried to show is not based on actual historical accuracy but instead to better represent the struggle of women to be what they want to be. Earlier, the intention was not to call the show ‘unfeminist’ but to say that this route is simply hampering smoother storytelling. Even a more factual representation of those times would have been a better conveyance of whatever message the show was aiming for. Meanwhile, here’s the recap of The Buccaneers Episode 5.

Spoiler Alert

How is Lizzy fighting against James?

The reason Lizzy left New York after the incident with James was because she was embarrassed by what had happened. It may have been a premature judgment when we said that Lizzy did not say anything to Jinny out of a desire to see her pushed into hell as a punishment. A few more episodes have given us the perspective that Lizzy was simply too ashamed of it. However, she continued to be worried for her friend, which is why she came back to England, though she is not yet clear as to what she can do. Meanwhile, James is taking his chances to express that he remains more powerful than Lizzy. Be it pretending to not recognize her in New York or acting as if he were swatting a fly in this episode, James is making his thoughts clear.

Lizzy is dejected, and at a time like this, she turns to the only thing that feels comfortable, which is some toffee. She gets some company in the form of Guy, and there is something about the awkwardness and Lizzy’s heightened emotions that give their conversation a very woke turn. Lizzy ends up telling Guy about how she doesn’t want to shrink herself anymore, literally and figuratively, for the sake of men. She also tells him about the incident, without the details, and how it affected her. Guy gives good advice when he points out that Lizzy subconsciously seems to know that the shame wasn’t hers to carry. That is what Lizzy needed to hear from another person, and she is much braver now. During the game in the maze, Lizzy stands in front of James, undaunted. It is unclear what Lizzy’s overall objective is, but she seems to be protecting Jinny from James. This time, when she sneaks off with her best friend, Lizzy takes the chance to remind Jinny of how brave and fabulous she used to be. Even Jinny is noticing that she feels better when she is away from her husband. But that night, Jinny is embarrassed by James. He initially tells her that he is not angry, but later, he locks her out of the room. He seems to let her in later, which is probably going to be his excuse for gaslighting her by making her feel ashamed and then saying that she imagined the punishment. It is similar to what was shown in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, where Alice and Dylan share a similar relationship.

Do Mabel and Honoria separate?

This was a surprise, even to us. Mabel clearly has a lover back in New York, and since her mother found her, the reality of living her truth has hit her hard. Back in England, Honoria is learning to accept what she wants. As she speaks to Jean Hopeleigh, Honoria wonders whether keeping silent about herself was a mistake she made. In the maze, she tells Mabel that she has missed her and wants to take the next step with her, after which the girls end up spending time alone in a cottage. But soon after, Mabel leaves her alone. That was a bad move, but Mabel also has a point when she says that they have to separate. The girls cannot escape their families or have a sustainable income by themselves, which means that marriage is not an option but a compulsion. Their relationship with each other is only going to be a hindrance going forward, and a painful one at that.

Does Nan break up with Guy?

Ever since Nan and Theo came back from New York, Guy has been strange with them. Theo is also insecure, and he has invited Jean Hopeleigh on behalf of Guy for matchmaking purposes, making her an awkward addition to the group. Meanwhile, Nan is confused about her feelings for Guy. She has a moment with him when she is chopping wood, and later, she is also wowed by his words about wanting a partner who is equal to him, like how it was with his parents. Did Nan not think that Theo treated her like an equal?

In the maze, Nan ends up telling Theo that Jean is not a good match for him, and it must be said that Nan’s pick-me attitude is very grating on the nerves. However, it ends up being revealed that she never received Theo’s telegram, and that changes everything because it isn’t hard for her to guess what he must have written. She talks to Conchita, who is excited that her friend has found love, no matter how inconvenient, and Nan is ready to talk to Guy about it. She confronts him about the telegram, and he confesses his love to her. Nan reciprocates that with a kiss, but she is uncomfortable, as technically, she is cheating on her fiance.

At a card game, Theo takes the chance to embarrass Guy by pointing out that he has lost all his money. While Nan wins the game, Theo reveals that Guy went to New York to find a rich woman to marry. This makes Nan think that Guy never fell in love with her and that their interactions in New York were purely driven by economics. At the end of The Buccaneers Episode 5, Nan tells Guy that she wants nothing to do with him. Theo offers to help Guy financially, but the man doesn’t want the help. As for the engaged couple, they reconcile, but their issues are far from over.

Final Thoughts

The Buccaneers Episode 5 was made enjoyable by everyone other than the people in the love triangle. Nan continues to play the victim while ignoring the fact that she is the one who has withheld an important secret from her fiancé, one that is capable of changing everything. As for Theo, he will probably never get over his insecurities, and Guy is bearing the brunt of it. These people could use some distance from each other.

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