‘The Castaways’ Season 2 Theories & Predictions: What To Expect Next From Paramount Series?


In so many ways, The Castaways season 1 had a ridiculous ending, one that was not well-formulated or even thought out. The story itself was fine, and frankly, if there had been a better build-up to the ending, it would have come across as sensible. But that is not the case anymore. There aren’t many loose ends with the series, but there is scope for building on the story, in case there is season 2 of The Castaways.

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Will Lori and Felix return to the mainland?

Lori’s decision to go away with Felix was impulsive at best. The man preferred a solitary life because of everything he had gone through, but Lori was under no such compulsion. Her life in civilization was undoubtedly a tough one, with a husband who cheated on her and who was ready to welcome a baby, something that he and Lori had not been able to do for so many years. But that doesn’t mean that Lori had nothing to look forward to back home. She probably had a job or a source of income. Maybe their dead parents had left something behind for the sisters. If nothing else, Lori could claim some money as an alimony settlement as well. Life near the beach, away from people, sounds idyllic, but is it sustainable? Lori will never get her hazelnut frappe on that deserted island. And what does she plan on doing when her child grows up to a certain age? They would need to go to school, interact with other people, and live in a society. Lori and Felix may live in some remote area where nobody knows them, but maybe they will have issues that force them to meet the people they left behind. The nearest possibility is that Lori will need a hospital as her due date approaches.

If Lori and Felix are discovered, the insurance company will come for them and Erin for fraud and stealing the claim amount. But before anything else, what will Mrs. Eldridge have to say? Daniel was in tears, thinking of her anger at his affair. Is it only because she was the one with the money in the household, or was there more to it? Maybe he was ready to kill Amber because he knew that the same thing could happen to him. If Mrs. Eldridge ever came to know that Felix and Lori were alive, she would want to know what happened to Daniel. The detective she employed knew that Daniel was alive, which means that Mrs. Eldridge was also aware of this. How did she come to know that? Was it a hunch because of Erin’s perseverance, or had she done any investigation of her own that had led her to the pilot and, thereby, the possibility of Daniel being alive? Whether the detective makes it out alive or not, Mrs. Eldridge has to know that there is something wrong with the whole thing. What if she discovers Sonny? Would she want to kill him or raise him herself, as some sort of twisted revenge or coping mechanism? Lori is undoubtedly attached to Sonny, and that means that she and, by extension, Erin will do whatever it takes to protect him. Erin and Lori have killed Daniel, and Mrs. Eldridge may want revenge. This story is far from over. Perhaps Natasha will also join this story. After all, if Mrs. Eldridge knows that Mike was involved in the plan, she may assume that Natasha knows something. Natasha has come into some money because of Erin, but she doesn’t know the details of it. Mrs. Eldridge would never believe that, and Natasha may be forced to contact Erin or someone else, starting the whole thing again.

Was there some other conspiracy going on?

Mike was shown as someone who dealt with people’s dirty business. That is why Daniel approached him in the first place. Strictly speaking, Mike got the bad end of the deal at the end. Everything was supposed to happen peacefully, and Mike was supposed to get back to his life after Daniel murdered Amber. But things went haywire, and more people died than Mike had bargained for. The money he made from Daniel’s watch must be nowhere near enough to put in the labor of creating a new identity. Perhaps Mike was involved with other people, and since his life as a pilot was over, he had made plans to turn to the underworld completely. Maybe he already had some plans in place. It was odd that he used Lori’s credit card. That kind of thing leaves a trace. Mike had all the cash he could need, but using the card made us think that he was sending a signal. Perhaps he wanted to alert Erin and include her in the plan, considering she was a conspiracy theorist, but the introduction of the detective changed everything. Maybe Erin will find the clue and pursue it in The Castaways season 2.

Something else we are considering is that Mike’s friend, Kaali, may have been talking about something else when she said that she shouldn’t have gone along with it. This could be the other conspiracy Mike was involved in. After all, why would Mike involve her in this plan? It was completely unnecessary. Additionally, Amber’s parents probably know who Sonny’s father is. What if there is a medical emergency and they need funds or help? They would need to contact Mrs. Eldridge, and that would open the can of worms.

Will the cast return for season 2?

While there has been no news of The Castaways season 2 so far, we are considering the possibility that it may return with a completely new cast. Erin is pursuing her career as a journalist. It is likely that she gets involved in another case that gives a new meaning to ‘castaway,’ and the second season is about solving that. Basically, if the narrative is to be continued, there is plenty of scope for that. Hopefully, the second season will focus more on the emotional development between characters than season 1 did.

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