‘The Castaways’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: What Happens To Erin And Lori?


The Castaways is the story of two sisters and their journey to be each other’s ‘enchanted forest’, despite the conspiracies around them. The story has its sweet moments, and it is Erin’s arc that is the best written among the others. The following is a recap and ending of The Castaways Season 1.

Spoiler Alert

Why do Erin and Lori fight?

Erin and Lori are sisters who have always lived together. After losing their parents, Lori took care of Erin for many years and continues to support her to this day. But all that changes when Lori finds out that her husband, Pete, is having an affair. She tells Erin about it, and to her shock, her sister was already aware. She just did not tell Lori because she did not want to jeopardize their relationship. However, Lori has a different perspective on it. She feels betrayed by Erin, and she says that she has put her entire life on hold for her sister. She gave up many opportunities and did not explore the world as she wanted to because Erin was in need of a caregiver. Therefore, Erin’s dishonesty hit her harder. She had brought Erin to Fiji to get away from Pete and talk to her alone, but this was their worst fight. Erin missed the flight the next day because she spent the night with the pilot and was late to the airport by an hour. However, Lori thought that she had not come to the airport because of the fight.

Something that the sisters did not know was that the pilot was part of a conspiracy regarding a few passengers on the plane. Mike was paid by Daniel to land the plane at a different destination as part of an accident. This would give Daniel the opportunity to kill Amber, whom he was having an affair with. Amber had threatened to reveal everything to Daniel’s wife, and she had her son prove that. Daniel was completely dependent on his wife for his life and lifestyle, which is why he was so desperate to kill Amber, and he hatched this whole plan with Mike. But none of them could predict that the accident would become a little too real and that the plane would actually malfunction and crash on a deserted island that no one knew about.

How do the passengers survive on the island?

There aren’t many survivors on the plane. Lori, Daniel, Felix, Heather, Amber, Mike, and Jack are the ones that make it. Heather dies almost immediately, and all the passengers are focused on helping Amber with her baby since the woman has been hurt badly in her leg and cannot move much. For a brief moment, the crew gets excited at a boat passing by that could rescue them, but it fades soon enough when they realize that Lori’s lighter is missing, so they cannot light a fire to alert the boat.

Most of the crew initially struggles, but Felix is skilled at surviving in the wild, and he helps the passengers cope. Jack ends up giving up his life because he doesn’t believe that there is a way out of the island and prefers to end his life as soon as he can. After this fiasco, Lori and Felix retrieve a big box that turns out to have electric appliances instead of the rations they were hoping for. But Felix uses the wires to build a raft, which the passengers decide to use to get help. They choose Felix to go on land because none of them trust the pilot. Their suspicions turn out to be true because Mike steals the boat in the middle of the night and escapes. He does not alert anyone to his return or to the people on the island because he is saving his own skin. If the crash is investigated, his hand in the affair will be revealed. Additionally, Mike is aware that Daniel is going to kill Amber. If he leads the authorities to them, considering the total change of plans, there is no telling what secrets will be revealed, and it is highly likely that Mike will be held equally liable for the murder.

Weeks pass, and back on the island, the passengers learn to survive by themselves. Amber and Daniel’s affair is revealed, though everyone thinks it started after the plane crash. One day, Amber admits that she stole Lori’s lighter because she was not prepared to go back to the mainland. Nobody understands why she did that, and they are all angry, but moments later, when they find that Amber is dead, they have a new crisis on hand. Felix dives in to try and save Amber, but the waves engulf him. Lori and Daniel are the only ones left on the island, and they are waiting to see if Felix has made it out alive. During this time, Lori figures out that Daniel is Sonny’s father, and she also deduces by looking at the scratches on his neck that he must have killed Amber. Therefore, Lori now has to protect herself and Sonny from a killer on a deserted island.

How does Erin figure out that her sister is alive?

Ever since the plane disappeared, Erin has been refusing to believe that Lori might be dead, saying that she can feel her sister. The settlement is not getting approved because Erin won’t sign, and she has convinced Amber’s parents to hold out as well. According to Erin, if she signed the settlement, it would be akin to admitting that her sister is dead, meaning that no one would look for them anymore. Erin asks Pete to pay for her flight to Fiji, and in return, she will move out of his house.

Erin’s clue is that the pilot, Mike, was found using Lori’s card three weeks ago. If he is alive, then so must the others, and Erin is trying to get to the bottom of it. She finds Mike, but before him, she runs into a woman who is pretending to be Mike’s daughter. When Mike and Erin finally meet, they have to go to rescue Natasha, Mike’s real daughter, who is being held hostage by this woman. All she wants is for Mike to take her to the island, where the passengers are. Erin sneaks into the plane and goes to the island, but she finds that Mike has played a game there. The woman was looking for Daniel Eldridge, and Mike leaves her on a fake island and escapes on a boat with Erin, though he is fatally shot. He tells Erin everything about Daniel and Amber and their plan, which went haywire because the crash was a lot more severe than expected. Mike reveals that by stealing Erin’s phone, he was protecting her from getting on that plane, and his plan worked. Mike guides her to the deserted island and passes away, having done his final good deed.

Are the castaways rescued from the island?

Once Erin reaches the island, she sees a headstone sort of thing with Lori’s name carved on it and assumes the worst. However, when she sees some blood on that carving, she figures out that there is some danger. Luckily, Erin meets Lori before she meets Daniel, and the sisters decide to escape with Sonny. But Daniel has already gotten to him. Lori thinks on her feet and says that she has no business with his past and Amber, and she just wants to leave the island. Daniel agrees, and they run into Erin, who pretends to be the agent sent by Daniel’s wife. Erin lies and says that Mrs. Eldridge is expecting Daniel and that he should burn any evidence he has connecting him to Amber. When Daniel goes to burn the photographs, the sisters take the boat and Sonny and run away. Lori admits that she used Erin as an excuse to stay in a marriage that was long over. Also, Erin had grown up with Lori and Pete taking her parents’ place, so it is no surprise that she acted like a child and tried to hide the affair from Lori. Erin and Lori should have escaped after this reconciliation, but they spot Felix, who is alive and washed up on the shore. He doesn’t know what is going on, and Daniel is about to kill him. The sisters are forced to go back for him, and in the fight that follows, they are able to kill Daniel and save Felix. The police boat has also found the island and is on its way to rescue them. But Felix doesn’t want to return to civilization. He is afraid of the judgment he will have to face and the stunted life he will lead because of the people’s fear. He asks Lori to stay on the island with him.

During The Castaways‘ ending, Erin encourages her sister to take the boat and escape with Felix, since she is in love with him in a way she has always wanted to be. Lori agrees and leaves with the man. The police rescue Sonny and Erin, and when they get back, Erin continues with the narrative that her sister is dead, and she doesn’t know where Mike is. The police find it suspicious, but there is nothing they can do since they never investigated properly, so they have nothing to go on. Erin makes sure that Mike’s money (that he got from Daniel) reaches Natasha, his daughter. Erin herself becomes a full-time reporter, and she gets the money from the settlement, which Pete gives her, and apologizes for his role in the tragedy. Elsewhere, Lori and Felix are living their best lives, preparing for the baby that is to come.

Final Thoughts

The Castaways is an oversimplified story. It was an engaging mystery that did not get enough time to develop in meaningful ways, making a lot of its subplots feel choppy. But it was also not a complete waste of time, so that makes it watchable.

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