‘The Chosen One’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? Will Lemuel Yield The Sword In Next Season?


Netflix’s coming-of-age fantasy series, The Chosen One, is filled with biblical and mythological references that would fill pages if we sat down to explain every one of them. The anti-hero, Jodie Mitchell, is portrayed as a superhuman possessing Jesus-like powers. Some people in his village even consider his arrival as the second coming of Christ, who will write a new Gospel and can even replace Christ in the holy books. But is Jodie the Messiah, as the townsfolk believe? The ending of The Chosen One explains that Jodie is neither God nor the son of an almighty father. He is the offspring of the most evil entity known to humans. Season 1 of the Mexican series ends with this revelation without saying anything further, and hence, we will try to connect the dots and speculate on what we can expect in the second season of The Chosen One.

Is It Renewed For Season 2?

So far, Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement confirming whether they are willing to renew The Chosen One for a second season. It mostly depends on the viewer ratings, but in the case of this series, there is one more crucial factor at play. The creators of the source material haven’t come up with the second book, and we will have to wait for the next season until the book is released. The second book will most likely continue Jodie Mitchell’s storyline to eventually reveal his ultimate fate and that of the world at large. We haven’t read American Jesus, the comic book that inspired the Netflix series, but after finishing the show, we came across numerous loose threads that could be explored in the next season.

Will Lemuel Play An Important Role In Season 2?

The series’ most interesting and mysterious character is Lemuel, played by Tenoch Huerta. Though we have noticed Huerta in various films and series set in Mexico, he is popularly known for his role as Namor in the MCU. When we first saw Huerta in The Chosen One, we believed he would have significant screen time, but Season 1 just showed glimpses of his character, perhaps holding back the meatier parts for the second season. In the first season, it is suggested that Lemuel works for a secret organization whose task is to track down the new Messiah. Not much is revealed about his organization, but we can speculate that it could be an iteration of the Knights Templar, similar to what we saw in Netflix’s popular series, Warrior Nun. We are certain that Lemuel is a positive character in the series, as he was wearing the pendant of John the Apostle, who, according to Christian mythology, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Christ.

Additionally, the presence of Apostle John’s pendant agitated Jodie, the son of Lucifer, and made him vulnerable. He mentally transported Lemuel to the secret temple of Satan, where Lemuel had been before. We think Lemuel had been searching for these unique people for a while. In the final episode, Jodie comes across a girl from a different realm who gives him the letter that Lemuel had written in the past. It is most likely that the girl was trapped or transferred to the other realm, and the secret temple acted as a portal between the two. Throughout the series, there have been numerous mentions of creatures (like whales) who could travel between two realms, which we believe are Heaven and Hell. The question is: how did Lemuel know this girl from another realm? Would she have some part to play in the second season? We can theorize that maybe this unknown entity is trying to convey a message to Lemuel, perhaps a way to stop the evil Jodie from destroying the holy lands.

During The Chosen One’s ending, while Lemuel is being interrogated in a secret facility, his superior mentions that Lemuel had “put” her at risk. We believe it is the same girl whom Jodie referred to as Angel, and she might be the key to stopping Jodie. In the last scene, Lemuel also mentions the need for a sword. Earlier, his superiors had called Lemuel “the sword,” and therefore, we believe that the reference points to a particular human being who may act as a weapon against evil. But if we consider it literally, then Lemuel’s last words might refer to the legendary sword, Excalibur.

Is It Possible To Stop Jodie?

The secret institution calls Jodie the New Messiah and not the son of evil because people like Jodie are often considered vessels that could be used for both good and evil. The coming-of-age genre explores the fact that a child’s upbringing plays an important role in shaping their character. The secret organization had asked Lemuel not to make any direct contact with the new Messiah, as they only wanted to keep a close watch on Jodie and guide him from a distance. Even Satan kept away from his son because he thought it would be best for his child to grow up in a normal society with a mother who would either shape or break him. However, he kept a watch on him through his messengers so that Jodie would follow the voices in his head and slowly adopt the way of evil. Elena, one of the messengers of evil, was there to guide Jodie so that he wouldn’t sway away from the path his father had designed for him.

In the end, Jodie had become a supreme follower of the evil who would attack the holy land of God. However, if evil exists in the world, there would be an equal and opposite power to fight against it. We believe God and his angels might have planned a resistance and sent a warrior to Earth who would stop Jodie or persuade him to end his futile war. We are not sure, but Lemuel could be the one. The only issue is that the ending sequence of The Chosen One happens during Jodie’s adulthood, implying a considerable amount of time has passed since the events in Baja California Sur. If Lemuel is not some holy angel or warrior, he would have probably aged in the current timeline and might not be a good fit to fight against the all-powerful Jodie. That brings us to the second possible contender, which is Tuka.

Can We Expect Tuka’s Return?

At the end of the series, we saw Tuka dressed in all white, acting like a Holy Saint. His resurrection should mean something in the series; therefore, Tuka may raise an army against his best friend. Throughout Season 1, Tuka has been guiding Jodie through the cultural and spiritual values of his Yaqui tribe, and we believe he alone has the power to persuade Jodie to stop the great war against Christianity. However, we are unsure if other characters in Season 1 will return, as Jodie had asked all his friends to move on with their respective lives and forget Jodie forever. Only Tuka is somehow connected with Jodie, as he uses his powers to resurrect him. As far as we know, bringing someone back from the dead is beyond even God, and therefore, there might be some conditions attached to Tuka’s rebirth, which we will find out in Season 2. What was interesting in the entire ordeal was that Jodie used the pain of everyone in town to heal Tuka, which supports the fact that evil powers rely on the misery of others.

Final Words

Overall, we can expect a fierce battle between good and evil in the second season of The Chosen One. The narrative would certainly introduce a character or characters who are capable enough to stop Jodie or persuade him to stop killing innocent people. The big reveal of Season 2 will be the identity of this person and how everything will end. We hope the creators of the source material finish the second book as soon as possible so we can witness the end or transformation of Jodie Mitchell in the upcoming season.

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