‘The Claus Family 2’ Ending, Explained: Was Jules Able to Reunite Marie’s Parents?


Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated festivities in the world. It brings the family together and deepens their affection, but another fascinating aspect of the season is the “gifts.” On Christmas Eve, the fairytale Santa Claus leaves a gift for the children. However, in “The Claus Family,” the Santa of our dreams actually exists. Netflix’s “The Claus Family” is a Dutch film that centers around the Claus family, who are actually the successors of Santa Claus. They have been passed down from generation to generation, as Santa Claus, giving gifts to children on Christmas night. This time, that responsibility falls on the Claus family scion, Jules (played by Mo Bakker), who effortlessly takes on the task of delivering gifts on Christmas Eve, and despite the prohibitions of Grandpa Noel Claus, he gives his friend the most precious gift of life.

Spoilers Ahead

‘The Claus Family 2’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

We learned in “The Claus Family 1” (released in 2020) that Jules’ father died in a car accident on Christmas Eve. Since then, Jules started to hate Christmas; however, he eventually discovered that he was a descendant of Santa Claus. His ancestors, including his grandfather Noel (played by Jan Decleir), were all Santa Clauses who delivered gifts to children on Christmas Eve. Jules couldn’t avoid Christmas even if he tried, as he enjoyed helping his grandfather with gift delivery. He began to misbehave with his mother and rejected all of the Christmas festivities because he was still not over the loss of losing his father and thus was afraid to say a proper goodbye to him. He realized he had harmed his mother and all the wonderful memories of his past. He learned that all broken things could be restored if we love them. Jules then started delivering the gifts around the world himself, and he went on to become Santa. Jules accepted his father’s absence and focused on the joys of Christmas. He no longer holds any grudges against Christmas.

In “The Claus Family 2,” we see Jules’ mother, Suzanne (played by Bracha van Doesburgh), start her own cookie shop during the Christmas season. Everyone, even Jules, was excited about it. But Jules discovered a little girl, Marie, standing on the street. Jules approached her and sensed she was upset. That night, Jules found a letter on the street in which Marie wrote to Santa about her life’s difficulties. She was devastated by her parent’s divorce and requested that Santa help reconcile their relationship as a gift. To fix Marie’s situation, Jules knew exactly where to go. He contacted his grandfather Noel, and the two of them delivered the gifts to most of the world. However, when Jules informed Grandpa of Marie’s wish written in that letter, he replied that he could not give this gift to anyone. When asked for an answer, Grandpa scolded him. But Jules didn’t give up. With the help of his grandpa’s elves, Ikka, Gunna, Assa, and Holger, he discovered many of those letters that his grandpa had hidden. In those letters, children asked Santa to reunite their parents, which Grandpa had ignored. So, Jules decided to help Marie on his own. Jules sneaked up to Marie’s father’s shopping mall, stealing the snow globe of grandpa. He tried to keep Marie’s father and mother connected, but instead of improving their relationship, they ended up arguing. Marie became irritated by their constant fighting and locked herself in a room at the top of the mall. Meanwhile, the mall caught fire. The film shows how Jules tried his hardest to help Marie out of the situation and why his grandfather was hesitant to help Marie’s parents reunite.

Why Didn’t Grandpa Noel Want to Help Marie?

When Jules begged his grandfather to help Marie, he either avoided or reprimanded him. Noel eventually recognized his mistake. He realized that Jules was just a curious little kid. As a result, he was forced to tell Jules about his history. Noel informed him about his wife, with whom he had a beautiful relationship that had turned bitter. He and his wife grew apart, and one day she died. This tragedy of losing his wife left a scar on him, and he started to believe that no matter how much he loved her, he would never be able to repair their shattered relationship. As a result, he felt that he could not fix someone else’s broken relationship. We don’t possess the power to mend any broken relationship unless we have the willpower to do it. Even in this world, no magic has the power to mend a broken bond.

‘The Claus Family 2’ Ending Explained: Was Jules Able to Reunite Marie’s Parents?

Jules tried one final time to mend their relationship by holding Marie’s parents together in an elevator in the shopping mall, but it was still impossible for Jules to restore their love. Rather, the entire shopping complex caught fire as a result of this. Jules bravely rescued Marie. This incident made Marie’s parents realize that all this time they had spent their time fighting amongst themselves rather than focusing on their daughter. They didn’t even realize that they were making Marie suffer both mentally and emotionally. They admitted that they no longer loved each other, but they did love their child. So, they may wish to give each other another chance to see whether there is still love between them. Finally, Jules stood in her mother’s cookie shop and watched as Marie’s mother invited Marie’s father to her home, where the two of them celebrated Christmas. They may or may not be together, but they understood that Marie was the most valuable gift in their lives and decided to cherish her together.

What Was the Most Precious Gift?

Noel believed he had lost his wife because he couldn’t love her enough. Since then, he started to avoid the children’s requests to mend their parents’ broken relationship. But, in the end, Noel recognized that the greatest present he could give someone was love. So, he apologized to Jules for his previous behavior and agreed to let him help Marie. After all, what is the point of Christmas if Santa can’t deliver love as a gift? Therefore, Jules offered his friendship to Marie and, like a true Santa, helped her get out of her dilemma. He tried to reunite his parents, and he was able to do that. He was aware that Marie’s parents had recognized this priceless gift, which was their child, Marie. They believed that Marie was created with their love and that no other gift could be greater. Therefore, instead of wasting time in quarrels, they became more careful towards Marie and might have tried to give their relationship a second chance.

The world needs compassion and empathy. The tradition of giving gifts will always be a part of Christmas, but spreading love is the greatest gift that can make the world a better place.

“The Claus Family 2” is a 2022 Drama Fantasy film directed by Ruben Vandenborre.

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