‘The Company You Keep’ Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: What To Expect In Season 2?


“The Company You Keep” Episode 9 ended with Daphne redeeming herself and agreeing to work with Emma to watch the downfall of the Maguire Empire after Patrick had all but stated that she would not be a part of it. Patrick had also asked Connor to take care of Emma; however, he had instead put David and Jen in harm’s way, by accident. David and Jen had walked out of the debate and taken Emma’s car with them. They triggered an explosion as soon as David started it. Jen thought fast and pushed both her and David out of the car right before the explosion.

Spoilers Alert

Did David And Jen Die?

“The Company You Keep” 10 begins with Birdie and Charlie preparing to open the bar while discussing Frankie’s offer. Birdie is adamantly against Leo and Fran selling the bar while Leo switches on the television to catch up on some news updates. The channel broadcasts how David and Jen’s lives were endangered due to their car exploding. They rushed to the hospital immediately. Leo brought the news to Charlie’s attention while the rest of the family asked him to go to Emma. Meanwhile, David seems to be out of any danger and is recuperating while Jen is unconscious. Emma is not able to answer David about who was behind this explosion; however, she promises to avenge them. She is contacted by both her teammates and Charlie for different reasons. Her teammates wanted her to drop the case, while Charlie had been concerned and wanted to help. David and Jen, on the other hand, reunited after Jen woke up from her induced coma. She seemed to be getting better after being in a critical condition. David seemed to be giving up on his campaign as well as politics altogether before Jen manipulated him into not quitting politics just yet. David wanted a life with Jen and without politics, but Jen motivated him enough to turn back on his party and instead focus on being a public candidate after winning the elections. He agreed to a single term to prove his capabilities. Later on, at the end of the episode, an even bigger plan is afoot because Jen is either a Russian or she knows the language fluently enough to converse with her mother about her handling of David without letting him know about their conversation.

Did Frankie End Up Being a Conman?

While Charlie, Emma, and Daphne were busy reeling in Patrick and Connor, Leo and Fran set up a meeting with Frankie to talk about how they would sell the bar. Simon and Birdie hung around while Ollie flitted around the bar, going about her own business. Ollie quickly swiped the development plan Frankie had not shown Fran and Leo while she pretended to be busy. She showed the plan to Birdie and Simon, who then went on to discuss it with Leo and Fran. They realized that Frankie had been duping them, and the investors he was talking about were going to set their sights on the whole neighborhood and not just their bar. Fran and Leo felt betrayed; however, they quickly began to plan out how to ensure the investors disagreed with investing in the first place. Frankie was selling the whole neighborhood out to fill his pockets, and Charlie helped them set a plan after he was informed of the situation. He asked them to set up a meeting with both Frankie and the investors at the harbor where the con had been set up to bring down the Maguires. They met at the restaurant near the harbor, and the investors were spooked out by the open fire. This made sure that the deal did not take place, while the Nicolettis walked away with some insurance money that they were promised in case the deal did not go through.

Did Daphne Choose To Help Them Out?

The ninth episode of “The Company You Keep” ensured that Daphne agreed to help Emma and Charlie out as they planned to take down the Maguires. They wagered on Patrick rising to their bet of contacting Brad and also taking over the ammunition transportation. They had also counted on him trying to gain the upper hand and sending Daphne, as he set her up, to take the fall instead of him. They had prepared for each scenario while Emma contacted Singh, her agent from the FBI, and requested backup. She appealed to him by telling him about how the CIA had hung her out to dry. Charlie took direct charge, and he told the truth to Patrick while also tricking him into thinking that he was still being deceived. Patrick had been set on not believing him as he followed Charlie to where the weapons were kept. He saw that the weapons were intact and that he was telling the truth, but he fell for the FBI raid. He had perceived that the raid was fake and had opened fire and lost his life in an encounter. Before he lost his life, Patrick sent Connor to finish off Daphne. Emma had intercepted the attack and instead hurt Connor. Both Daphne and Emma later joined Charlie after they were positive that Connor had indeed drowned after being injured. Daphne, Emma, and Charlie successfully took down both of the Maguires as well as their empire of drugs and weapons after ensuring that both Patrick and Connor were dead.

Did Emma Walk Out of Her Job?

The CIA had not been happy with Emma working on her own, especially after they asked her to wash her hands off the case. The Maguires were related to the higher-ups, and thus, the case was to go cold and not end up in their deaths. Higher-up officials, like Dalton Bridges, were not happy with the situation, and Emma was going to be sacked if she did not follow their rules. Emma, however, wanted to stick to her own rules, and she walked out on her boss. Mason had already been a huge help to Emma, and she knew that Emma and Charlie were hiding Daphne as they planned to take down the Maguires. Mason had asked why Emma had not made her aware, but Emma told him that she did not want Mason questioning her loyalties. This had made up Mason’s mind to follow Emma anyway. She got together with Emma and another of their bosses to plan out a way to cleanse the CIA and bring back what it had been there for. They wanted the CIA to return to its path of justice and not become an institution that shielded criminals instead of the public. Emma also wanted to recruit Charlie, but he had not agreed to it. They had had a conversation where they discussed their differences and decided to mutually stay separate. “The Company You Keep” Episode 10 ended with them meeting in a bar as they were back on square 1, and this time, they chose to focus on their jobs instead of on each other.

 What To Expect From Season 2?

There is a chance of a second season where they would address if Emma was able to weed out the corruption in the CIA, while Charlie would most likely help her out. There would also be another curve ball regarding Jen and David. It seems that Jen was not who she portrayed herself to be; she seemed to be a spy from Russia, because a plot seems to be afoot. She spoke to her mother in Russian, who had congratulated her on how she handled David. This points out that maybe she could be a part of the Russian syndicate. These are just conjectures and would probably be answered when and if there is a “The Company You Keep” Season 2. This season does tease the beginnings of another season.

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