‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Charlie Find Out Daphne’s Weakness?


In the previous episode, “The Company You Keep” introduced the main characters of the series while also divulging their jobs to the viewer. Charlie and Emma, a conman and a CIA agent, respectively, hit it off at a bar where they had both gathered to get respite from their cheating partners. They spend a weekend together only to return to their respective realities, where Charlie has to save his family from going bankrupt, and Emma has to track down and arrest a drug dealer. Emma and her team arrest Patrick Maguire, the dealer Charlie had swindled out of cash early on, while Daphne, Patrick’s accountant, tracks down Charlie and his family to get the swindled cash out of him. Charlie has a few days to get a good heist to make his payments on time, or else his whole family would be in trouble because Daphne wasn’t looking to play around.

Spoilers Ahead

Were the Nicolettis Able To Find A Suitable Crook To Steal From?

“The Company You Keep” Episode 2 begins with a little recap from the previous episode, reminding the audience about what had already occurred, while the main storyline begins with the Nicolettis attending an auction. In this auction, they decided to steal a necklace from the highest bidder, the Elsworths, who’d paid half a million to own that particular necklace. Birdie set out to look for more information about them when she found out that the necklace was being sold and bought by the same person, which could only point toward money laundering. Fran and Charlie kept an eye out at the auction while Leo chatted with the driver of the Elsworths to fish for more information. 

The Nicolettis decided to target the Elsworths to get their hands on the black diamond necklace that they’d supposedly bought. They started to prepare for their heist, as this would mean easy money and also enough to pay off Daphne when she came to collect payment. Daphne visits their bar to remind them of the date she will be returning to collect the money, and she threatens the family by setting her eyes on Birdie’s daughter. Charlie tries to handle the situation by bargaining for more time; however, not one to budge, Daphne sticks to three days. The Nicolettis finish their preparations to head on to their heist, but not before they do a little background check on Daphne so as to find her weakness.

Do Charlie And Emma Meet On Their Mission?

On the night of the auction, Charlie was supposed to meet Emma on a date, and she took care of things on her end and reached the restaurant they were to meet at. Charlie, however, while tying up loose ends at the auction so as to escape unnoticed, had been late, which had almost served as a terrible impression on Emma. They had a rather stiff and awkward conversation and quickly moved on to other activities as they left the restaurant. They had to cease their lovemaking, as the mood was ruined due to the advertisement of Emma’s brother running for the Senate elections. They decide to take a raincheck because Daphne had decided to pay a visit at the bar to discuss their payment methods, while Emma had just moved back in with her parents and had to return to support her brother’s small victory.

Emma had been tailing Daphne for quite some time. As soon as she received the green light to install a camera in Daphne’s room, she rushed to the hotel to take care of it. Meanwhile, with the help of Birdie’s intel, Charlie had been able to access Daphne’s room just fine. Birdie followed Daphne to pinpoint the exact hotel she stayed in to find out more about Daphne’s weakness. Charlie posed as housekeeper as he quickly checked through every nook and cranny to find something that would give the Nicolettis an upper hand. He found a diary where there was a picture of a pregnant lady. Charlie immediately sent a shot of that picture to Birdie and was going to ask her to check for information when he mistook Emma for Daphne and figured that he needed to escape. Birdie helped him escape while Emma quickly fitted the device and started to keep a watch on her. Due to Charlie’s successful escape, even though they were both in the same room, neither of them knew about the other.

Does Emma Tell Her Family About Her Job?

Emma had returned home after her date with Charlie on the night of the auction. Moving back in with her parents had been a little challenging, and even the strong bond she had with her family had been a little strained. She helps out David, her brother, by analyzing the mistakes and also the polls. This makes David reach out to his sister with a cup of coffee in her office building. He was under the impression that she was working with a logistics company; however, he was not aware of her real job. None of her family members had a clue. David had asked her to take on the position of a campaign strategist, but Emma had refused. She had only decided to tell her brother while she was organizing her thoughts and also peacefully enjoying wine. She did not tell him the full truth, as that would be a breach of contract, and instead settled for a few vague answers, banking on her brother’s ability to understand her.

‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Did Charlie Find Out Daphne’s Weakness? 

While rummaging through the hotel room, Charlie finds an old photo of someone who seems to be Daphne’s mother. The Nicolettis later start targeting the Elsworths as Leo decides to pose as a renowned art and fashion photographer to attract Lady Elsworth’s attention. They successfully get access to their home and would have almost failed to carry out the heist if not for Charlie’s quick thinking to tie the original necklace to Elsworth’s dog, Duchess, after swapping it with the fake one and placing it in the safe at the last moment. He then calls on Duchess, who delivers the necklace without a hitch while the others have been disheartened by the unsuccessful heist. On close inspection of the necklace, as they were about to sell it, Birdie found out that it was an artifact that had been stolen from India, and thus the Indian Government was on the lookout for it. They manage to use this information to extract half a million dollars in cash from the Elsworths in exchange for the priceless necklace because they would not get a penny otherwise and would have ended up in jail if they were to sell it. Charlie then finishes the payment to Daphne, and the Nicolettis are now left with $14.5 million in debt. Charlie relaxes and looks through the picture of Daphne’s mother while Leo takes a glance at it and immediately pinpoints the location. They decipher the information Daphne was hiding pretty soon as they figure out that she is, in fact, Patrick Maguire’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Daphne had figured out that Emma had been chasing her, so she led the FBI on a merry chase to an empty shipment with the tapping device installed in her room inside it. Emma had been able to figure out that Daphne was planning to bail out Patrick and also handle the shipments while he was in jail, which is why she had gotten permission to install the tapping device; however, her plans came to a screeching halt as Daphne seemed to be two steps ahead of her. Daphne had successfully kept the cash flow running while also handling the shipments and figuring out the mastermind behind Patrick’s arrest, all to win Patrick’s trust so that he would hand her the keys to the business instead of Connor, her brother.

Final Thoughts

“The Company You Keep” Episode 2 had more awkward conversations and a rather forced humor to it, which made it pale in comparison to the previous episode. Although Leo’s character and his disguise are funny, the heist was a little bit forced, as if the writers had added that as a last-minute detail. The writers had been more focused on Emma and Charlie’s relationship, as their insecurities and thoughts were addressed here. Although Emma had tried to create a boundary and fall back from entering into a relationship after her breakup, the writers made her address that and have an honest conversation with Charlie. This did earn a point; however, mind you, they have been together for just over a week. Emma does point out that it’s too fast, but who cares? 

The writers did acknowledge that and sent them in together anyway. It is the irresistible factor of their relationship that attracts each of them. Daphne seems to be an intriguing character—a cold, calculating, attractive woman—who I speculate might have a bad ending. Daphne could bail out Patrick anytime she wants, but she is using this as leverage to prove her worth and secure her position as an heiress. Power move right there. “The Company You Keep” Episode 3 would see Emily getting scolded for the tapping device mishap with Daphne while she ends up in a relationship with Charlie, who will be wondering how to use the information he’s discovered to gain the upper hand on Daphne.

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