‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did The Nicolettis Pull Off Their Next Con?


Previously, in “The Company You Keep” Episode 2, the Nicolettis figure out Daphne’s secret, and Daphne catches Emma tailing her. She decides to deal with Emma and the FBI by sending them on the wrong route, deliberately leading them to an empty cargo carrier. Daphne later visits the bar to remind the Nicolettis of their payment as she comes to collect it a few days later. Charlie and his family score a huge gig by targeting the Elsworths, which leads them to half a million dollars in cash. They pay up and plan on how to use Daphne’s weakness against her, just as she had used Ollie’s against them.

Spoilers Ahead

David And His Downward-Spiraling Campaign

Emma’s brother, David, to whom she had admitted to working for the government and not a logistics company, had been hitting a downward spiral throughout “The Company You Keep” Episode 3. His campaign had focused on connecting his appearance in politics with that of his father’s and thereby providing him the necessary push to create a legacy. In the previous episode, this idea seemed like a bright one; however, it was shot down by the opposing parties. David’s campaign made a fool out of him, which led to his party shunning him and the investors dropping him as well. His parents, who were involved in the campaign, were yet to be informed about it being a complete failure. David had tried calling but he was facing rejection from everywhere. As Emma wished him luck and left to meet with Charlie and his parents, David was contacted by a mysterious Clara Fox, who seemed to be the ray of hope he needed to regroup and restart his campaign.

Emma Meets The Family

“The Company You Keep” Episode 3 marks the turning point in both Emma and Charlie’s relationship. Emma had previously met Ollie as she had been leaving right after a night with Charlie, and Ollie had mentioned her to everybody else in the family. This prompted his family members to pester Charlie into bringing Emma to socialize with and introduce her to them. It seems that Charlie and Emma have decided to commit to a serious relationship. Emma comes around right after Daphne leaves after threatening Charlie if he doesn’t pay on time. She hits off well with the rest; however, Birdie avoids her a little. She had not forgotten how Tina had up and left with the money after breaking her little brother’s heart and also pushing the family into debt. She challenges Emma to a round of darts to clear the air as she questions her intentions. Emma does not shy away from a challenge, and eventually, she wins Birdie’s heart. The family welcomes her with open arms, as Emma is quick to notice Leo’s Alzheimer’s and helps him with the beers.

Meanwhile, she does leave the family for a while to attend a call in which she discusses Daphne’s actions with her assistant from the CIA, who had been handling the case with her. The irony of the situation is not lost as Emma has to deal with how slippery Daphne has been, when she had just visited the Nicolettis right before Emma had dropped in. Emma discusses Daphne’s stances while also recounting her earlier meet with the FBI as she hopes to tail Daphne again. Emma learns about the increase in the production of Fentanyl from the FBI agents. She strategizes before she hangs up the call to return to the Nicolettis. 

‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 3: Ending – How Did the Nicolettis Pull Off The Next Con?

The family targeted a con artist this time around. The con artist, Jones Malone, whom the Nicolettis knew well, had contacted them to con his new girlfriend, Martha Pope. Martha Pope, from what Birdie had learned while looking into her before taking on the job, was a “saint”. She was a genius and had donated millions toward renewable energy development. She seemed like a sweet girl, which is why the family decided to turn against her and go after the con man instead of Martha. Jones tells them beforehand about his plan to flee the United States after he invests the money. He brings Martha to buy an old horse just to swipe her money and has also offered 20% to the family as compensation. Birdie took pity on Martha and brought her up to date with their plan; she taught her to hook Jones in and make him spend in the race so that if any money does go missing, it would be from his bank account, and Martha would be safe, and the Nicolettis would get their cut.

Martha decided to trust Jones one last time to assure herself that Birdie had lied to her; however, his conviction on betting on the horse for money got rid of the last of her doubts. She colluded with the family to bring up the value of the horse in the race to almost double the price they had first decided on, and as soon as Charlie convinced Jones to pay the difference while Birdie switched Martha’s account with Jones’ to make sure the money was deducted from Jones’ account, Jones left without another glance. He gets on the plane, and as he lands, he finds out that his money is gone, and he has won nothing. However, he had not realized that it was the family’s plan and thus had called them up to inform them that the deal had gone wrong, and they wouldn’t be receiving their cut. Charlie acted indignant, and he hung up the call immediately.

Is Connor Responsible For Charlie’s Kidnapping?

Birdie and Charlie figure out why Daphne has been hiding her secret and decide to use it against her; however, they do not find a way to execute their plan. It wasn’t until Ollie, in “The Company You Keep” Episode 3, had planted the tracker Birdie used to keep an eye out for her on Daphne’s bag that they were able to figure out her movements. Charlie also caught her out on her bluff when she came around to threaten him to pay on time. Charlie and Birdie worked out that Connor Maguire had no clue about his sister’s actions, and thus they set up an unidentified call to inform him. Charlie told him about her power moves, as Daphne had set out to make connections with the rival groups to expand. Connor had no clue that Daphne was his sister, and that fact had come as a shock to him as he realized that his position as the heir had been threatened by a mere lawyer.

However, “The Company You Keep” Episode 3 ends with Charlie getting kidnapped, which could have happened for any number of reasons. The first reason could be Connor, who had figured out Charlie’s location and wanted to deal with him. A second reason could be the fact that Daphne may have tapped the bar to deal with the Nicolettis by herself, which included kidnapping Charlie because he had overstepped. A third reason could be his involvement with Emma, whom Daphne knew was tailing her for evidence. “The Company You Keep” Episode 4 could focus on the new developments in the plot as Charlie has to figure out a way to escape, while Emma might just come to his rescue unintentionally.

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