‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Emma Discover Charlie’s Secret?


In the last episode of “The Company You Keep,” Charlie and his family successfully walked away with 10 million dollars from the con man Robert Renway. Charlie was spotted by him at the charity party hosted by Emma’s parents; however, he slipped into character immediately and got away with it. He didn’t quite gel with her parents due to his quips and attitude, which seemed to put off Emma’s father. This did not, however, put a damper on their plans, as Charlie successfully pulled off the heist. The problem arose when he went to drop the money off; he was cornered by Connor and his goons, who had figured out Daphne’s source of cash. He had to surrender the money to him while Emma, on watch, had noticed his disguise and been on the lookout for the car he had stolen to drop the money off.

Spoilers Ahead

Is Jennifer West A Help Or A Welcome Distraction For David?

Jennifer West was introduced by Claire Fox to David in the previous episode and David hired her to acknowledge the favor Claire had shown him. In “The Company You Keep” Episode 5, Jennifer brings in new ideas to help change the opinions of the younger generation, specifically Gen Z, so that David’s campaign draws in a broader support base. Jennifer brings forward the idea of getting close and personal with Gen Z via social media by posting short snippets of his daily life and also using his charm to win them over. Jennifer advises David to show his real self on the reels, which would help change public opinion quickly.

The episode also implies that Jennifer might possibly be the daughter of Claire Fox, as she mentions that she specifically chose David’s campaigns out of the countless other options her parents had laid out for her. There is also a chance of them getting together if the stolen glances and the smiles are any indication. David’s father still seemed to be unsure of Claire, as well as Jen and seemed to be hiding a lot of secrets, which are most probably related to his tenure and the help he might have gotten from Claire as well. These secrets could very well be responsible for the downfall of the Hills.

Did Daphne Find A Way To Operate While Sidestepping Connor?

Daphne is a very smart protagonist; she was pretty quick to figure out that the Nicolettis had been the very reason behind Connor’s arrival. She knew that she was being watched and thus divulged just enough information necessary for her partners to know so that Connor does not get to know her plans yet again. She continues her conversations, reaching out to the other drug dealers to get them to agree to her offers while she works on approaching her long-time friend in the political field for some personal favors. Her friend suggests she contact John Baylor, a former MI6 agent who is now a Beltway fixer. He is the only person with enough dirt on all of the high-ranking officials; therefore, to get the CIA and the FBI off her back, he is the perfect candidate. Daphne uses this information to send the Nicolettis after him and target the black book, which he keeps hidden and that contains all of the information. Daphne offers them a way out of their blunder and also gets to handle secret information without sullying her hands and ending up on the hit list of John Baylor directly.

Did The Nicolettis Figure Out A Way To Stay Afloat, Considering Their Last Blunder?

Charlie and his family have to agree to Daphne’s latest deal, which would get them in a safer zone with her support, where they get respite from Connor’s men. Connor had been targeting them after he figured out that the family who had conned them “The Company You Keep” Episode 1, was the family Daphne chose to fall back on for resources. He also planted Emma and her team on Charlie so that Charlie could be the scapegoat for the 10 million. So to save themselves from Connor and his men, the Nicoletti family decided to hire the former spy, John Baylor, so as to make it easier for them to steal that black book from him. The only problem with John Baylor was that he was a pretty good spy, and he used to make sure that all of the secrets he had collected were kept safe in the negatives in a locker. They hired him as a fixer; however, his instincts as a spy helped him figure out what was going on pretty soon, but Birdie and her observation skills had saved what seemed to be a lost cause.

The family arrived at the library housing Baylor’s private as well as collected secrets to make a copy of it. They overlooked the fact that Baylor’s paranoia would have driven him to install a foolproof alarm system that would notify him whenever the black book or black briefcase would be taken out. Baylor took Leo hostage to threaten Charlie and his family. Meanwhile Birdie, on the other hand, found out about Baylor’s secret affair, which had led to his dismissal. His love for Katherine Moss had resulted in the Dean, her husband, blowing off his cover, which ultimately led to his dismissal; however, he still cares a lot for her, and thus he had books written by her stored in the locker that kept his secrets. Charlie used his wits to help him escape the situation safely with his family. He then delivered the information he collected from Baylor to Daphne, where Daphne divulged a secret to Charlie. She told him that the information Charlie had brought her included the secrets of Emma’s family as well. Daphne was going to use it as a threat to cut off her persistent tail.

The Company You Keep Episode 5: Ending Explained – Did Emma Discover Charlie’s Secret?

Emma and Charlie had planned a short staycation to get away from their lives for a short respite. However, reality soon kicks in, as Emma is offered a huge promotion where she could lead an entire mission in Mexico. With high expectations, she lets slip her confession as she also asks Charlie to be a part of her life in Mexico. Charlie’s guilt over not being able to cut off Daphne, as well as knowing that Emma was on his trail because he realized he was constantly lying to her, kept him from answering her obvious proposal. Heartbroken, Emma left Charlie immediately. Charlie went back home with a heavy heart as well; he could not figure out a way to be with Emma. However, his love for her won out because, to make sure she was safe, Charlie rushed to inform Emma about Daphne’s plan to threaten her family. He confessed to working for Daphne, and he also told her that he loved her when Emma asked him why he was informing her about this and about how he knew Daphne. This is when Emma also figured out that he was the one who had dropped off the money.

Although their romance was a whirlwind, Charlie did his best to respect Emma’s privacy, even after the interrogation she had put him through. They both fell for each other, knowing instinctively that it might not end well for both of them. Emma was ready to take the next step in her life with Charlie, while he had been intent on being with her as well. However, trying as he might to get out of his job, he was unable to leave, and thus he realized that he needed to keep Emma away to protect her. Although it was a rough and rather stiff start to their romance, in “The Company You Keep” Episode 5, it felt a lot more natural, but it just could be because they were breaking up.

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