‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Charlie And Emma Get Back Together?


In the sixth episode of “The Company You Keep,” Emma chose to save both her job and her family, and thus she requested Charlie’s help. Charlie, ready to salvage their relationship and also make up for the betrayal, agreed right away. He went to meet Daphne with an offer she could not refuse. He offered her the throne of Maguire that she wanted in exchange for letting his family get away from her schemes. Daphne agreed to his conditions and let him go on a mission to retrieve a painting. Simon did much more than just retrieve a painting; he brought in the information about the weapons industry that Daphne was looking for, providing her with a way in.

Spoilers Ahead

Did Charlie And Daphne Become Partners?

Daphne assigns a mission to Charlie; she demands entry into the secret Pine Grove conferences, where national security agendas are discussed and set anonymously. Brad Wilford, a recurring character from “The Company You Keep” Episode 6 and Daphne’s way into the weapons market, is a featured speaker at this conference. Daphne wants a way into his circuit where she can force him to sell her the M2010 sniper rifle that his company manufactures instead. Charlie, with the help of Emma, works on his identity as Brock Stern Jr., ex-CIA. They construct a legitimate identity, which will help them get away with acquiring an illegal way in, while Charlie also gets to know the crowd seamlessly. Daphne does not question his constructed identity and is happy to tag along. Once there, Charlie wastes no time working with Daphne to secure a plan that would help her get into dealing with weapons. He sets up deals for her with the defense contractors, sealing all outlets of investment into Brad’s company to compel him into siding with her and providing her the rejected rifles to get rid of them.

Did Simon Get To Meet With Ollie?

Meanwhile, Birdie gets to know the biggest secret that both Leo and Simon have kept from her. She had questioned Simon’s motivation for leaving her, and she had also questioned her father, Leo when Simon had told her to ask him about why he had left. Birdie had spent the last ten years in insecurity and confusion; therefore, she had been upset with Simon for leaving her cold and not contacting her even once. Leo came clean about the incident that had happened. He told Birdie that while she had been out working that day, Simon had been out cold on the couch due to his drug addiction. Meanwhile, Leo had rushed in to find Ollie, and he had found her in a faint state as hypothermia was kicking in due to the freezing water. Her lips had turned blue, and thus, in a fit of rage for finding his granddaughter in such a state, Leo had threatened Simon with a loaded pistol and told him to contact them after he was really sober. This is why Simon left them.

Leo had never mentioned this to Birdie because he knew that Simon was her weakness, and if she’d known, she would have contacted him, and he would have sweet-talked her into staying. Simon had realized the error and how far he had gone because he had almost killed his own daughter due to his callousness and, thus, had sided with Leo and not contacted her out of his own volition. Birdie, armed with the knowledge, chose to confront Simon and saw him repenting for his sins until now. She also recognized that he would never put Ollie in trouble again because of his guilt, and thus chose to let him meet Ollie and take her out for ice cream. She had Leo send him off with a warning, but she allowed Ollie to meet her father after coming to terms with the entire situation.

‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 7 Ending Explained: How Did Emma Save Charlie?

Charlie had found an in through Under Secretary Dalton Bridges due to his fake identity as a Yale graduate and a member of the Skeleton Key, an inconspicuous group at Yale. Dalton took a shine to Charlie immediately and kept disregarding Daphne all the while, even though she had been his student, and he had once appreciated her paper. But her gender became her enemy once again as she was refused entry to the secret conference, which was to be held at night, while Charlie got a free ticket through Dalton. 

“The Company You Keep” Episode 7 divulged information about the characters because it drew a comparison between how similar and different both Charlie and Daphne’s situations and families were. Charlie acknowledged Daphne’s struggles, while he also found himself sharing details he had not shared with Emma as well. In a sense, both Daphne and Charlie were comrades by their circumstances but enemies due to the ideals behind their occupations. So, Charlie got into the secret conference, where he really got to know the minds behind the conflicts arising in the world to keep these minds relevant. However, there arose a small problem because the communications that Emma and Charlie were using somehow got detected by the FBI tracker, which had been set to keep the information discussed in Pine Grove from leaking outside. 

Vikram, Emma’s colleague and friend in the FBI, quickly realized that it might be Emma’s doing because he checked her cottage as well as going to search for the secret conference with his team. Emma had successfully skirted suspicion but had to rush to save Charlie from the search, and thus she gave away their mission as she signaled Vik to let Charlie go. This put an end to Emma’s friendship with Vik because his job was put on the line for the risk he had taken to save both Charlie and Emma. Back at Charlie’s home, Charlie had asked Emma if she had saved him or the mission, to which Emma had lied and told him that she had saved the mission. Charlie, upset, returned the same communication devices that had been responsible for the small blowout to Emma and shut the door on her. Both of them really need to sit down and communicate with each other.

Final Thoughts: Will Charlie And Emma Get Back Together?

Well, they do give off the vibe of not getting back together, not after Charlie shuts the door after handing Emma the communications set at the end. For now, it seems like they are going to continue what seems to be a ruse of disliking each other. Charlie is upfront about his emotions because, in love, he has nothing to lose; however, Emma, not taking kindly to another betrayal, is a little overwhelmed by her rigid beliefs changing ever so slightly. Although, in “The Company You Keep” Episode 7, her love for Charlie pushes her to save him at the convention, which suspiciously seems like a cult meeting. I am convinced that these 1 percent of the 1 percent high ranking individuals that the series talks about involve rich people dipping their toes in what seems to be a cult culture. All those high-end parties do seem to carry that vibe. 

Anyway, back to Emma saving Charlie: she put her friend Vik’s as well as her own reputation at risk and saved Charlie, although she told him that it was due to him being an asset. We all know the truth. But it seems to me that they might get together at the end of “The Company You Keep” Season 1. Emma also seems to be rather jealous of Charlie for sharing his thoughts and situations with Daphne, considering he had never told her anything during their relationship, making her question their relationship even more. Meanwhile, Charlie has thought of Daphne as a kindred spirit for some time, and he also knows that Emma is listening in, so he gives both of them a glimpse into his past and present for different reasons. He tells Daphne because he wants to fish for information, while he tells Emma because he wants to tell her that he loves her through his words. Both Emma and Charlie really need a good conversation to set their differences aside for their own sake and decide if they want to stay together or not.

Let’s focus on Daphne real quick here before we finish “The Company You Keep” Episode 7 for today. Daphne’s dreams, aspirations, and life were discussed in the episode. They gave us a glimpse into the reason why Daphne is doing what she is doing. Her ambition to be taken seriously and respected is something women of all generations know well. Even in Pine Grove, she was dismissed by her professor, who had hailed her as the brightest because that was college, and this was real life. Her ideas and her drive to take the throne of Maguire’s drug cartel seem to be a reflection of her ambitions. In her way, she is also taking the throne to make up for the struggles her mother had to go through and to establish her legitimacy. Of course, she is not above the law, and drug cartels are forever on the bad side; however, the character with the most depth and a woman with ambition is treated as a criminal, and everybody is hellbent on dragging her down. So let us soak that in for a while and really think about the narrative they are presenting.

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