‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Daphne Get Patrick Out of Jail?


In “The Company You Keep” Episode 7, Emma risked her job as well as her friend Vikram’s job to ensure Charlie’s safety while they attended the conferences at Pine Grove. Charlie had been granted an in through Emma as her asset, along with Daphne, whom they wanted to trap in her upcoming business dealings in weaponry. Daphne walks out of the conference with the weapon deals and contacts Charlie had secured for her, while Charlie and Emma go back to Charlie’s house for a debrief. They misunderstand each other, and the episode ended with Charlie returning the communication chips back to Emma while he also closed the door on her. 

Spoilers Ahead

Did Leo And Charlie Team Up On The Side? 

Charlie returns home after making a deal with Daphne, and he finds the bar crowded. He talks to his mother, Fran, while Leo hands out free drinks to the crowd. It turns out they were Leo’s friends from the steel mill he used to work at 20 years ago. They were drinking to mourn a lost friend, Maurice, who had been Shelby’s father. There is a return of a character named Shelby from “The Company You Keep” Episode 1. She sought jobs from the get-go for the Nicolleti family; she had been their insider on rich crooks. She was a close friend of theirs, and the Nicoletti family treated her like family. Amidst the drinking, Fran told Charlie to keep an eye out for Leo and to make sure he didn’t miss his appointment with the neurologist the next day.

However, when the next day arrived, Leo was nowhere to be found, and Charlie had to track him down with the tracker Birdie had earlier installed on his phone. He found Leo on the golf field, getting ready for his next con, Davy Slocum. Charlie joined him to help him out as a caddy and handed him the golf sticks. Davy Slocum, or David, as he goes by now, had lost Leo’s pension along with a couple of others as well. To get revenge, Leo planned on ensuring that David invested heavily in an empty building. For this, he and Charlie lured him out first by winning the bet on the golf course and then, as a gesture of goodwill, by not cashing the $200,000 check and instead asking him to invest in ‘their’ building. The building was supposed to be a hospital, and thus the guys from the steel mill, as well as Shelby, agreed to help the Nicolettis out to successfully con the man.

‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 8 Ending Explained: Did Daphne Get Patrick Out of Jail?

Emma and Birdie team up to do Daphne’s bidding. To free Patrick from jail, Daphne began actively working to bribe a judge; however, when the corrupt judge seemed to not budge, she assigned the Nicolettis to do the job for her. Patrick knew about the judge’s unwillingness to budge, and he kept showing Daphne the necessary attention and affection to use her so that he could get out of jail. Meanwhile, after Daphne met with Patrick during her visit to the jail, she made a deal with Charlie. During the deal, however, it suspiciously seemed as if Daphne had some feelings for Charlie. Birdie, who was working with Emma, mentioned it to her, but Emma shot her down on the pretext of work. Emma and Birdie teamed up to get some dirt on the judge while Charlie went off to find Leo. During their mission, Emma had to dress up as a loud yet formidable Korean businesswoman of the Novenza Electronics Corporation who went by the name of Deborah Nahm. Emma has to throw a bribe to the district judge to catch him in the act, which would make it easier for them to get Patrick out of jail. They needed him to accept to rule for Deborah as bait, only for Daphne to swoop in and catch him in the act. They ensured their trap was set up, and all the while, Birdie subtly pleaded Charlie’s case with Emma as she pointed out how his telling her the truth to save her and her family was a self-sacrificing act and that he would not abandon her. 

Emma had been feeling a little like an outcast because Leo and Fran did not like her very much. She felt better when Birdie made her feel less left out, so Birdie assured her that Charlie still liked and trusted her. As they successfully finished their covert operation, Birdie received a call from Charlie, informing her that Leo had been arrested. Later, while the Nicolettis discussed how to get him away and to ensure that their cons were not forsaken, Leo made his entry as a free man. While the family was shocked, Leo confessed that Emma had been the one to help him out. He had been detained for stealing a watch. Charlie was grateful to Emma, and she was welcomed back to the family with open arms. Meanwhile, “The Company You Keep” Episode 8 ended with Patrick being a free man and attending dinner at Daphne’s new place while Connor tagged along. Before attending the dinner, he had assured Connor that he was the true heir when he had come to get him from jail.

Are David Hill and Jen dating?

“The Company You Keep” Episode 8 revealed a lot of new turns; David and Jen started dating. Emma had not been aware, but once they had come home together, Joseph was quick to inform her. Joseph and Grace later sat David down to come clean about why he had been suspicious of Claire Fox. He told him that he had had a sordid past with Claire when David joked about being a loose politician. David saw his father in a new light after Joseph confessed to him, while Grace told him that it was in the past. Later, on his day out with Jen, he confessed to Jen about his worries and said that he was worried that Claire Fox could be in trouble. He was also worried about how their relationship would be perceived because Jen had been recruited via Claire Fox. Jen reveals to the audience, once and for all, that Claire Fox was not her parent but an acquaintance of her parents. She also assured David that she would find another campaign because she was serious about their relationship and wanted to continue with it. This brought David joy, as he had been scared of losing her for good.

Final Thoughts

Leo and Charlie’s scam with Davy Slocum has yet to find a successful ending. It was left on the note of Leo being arrested while Emma saved him so that Emma could get a chance to return to being in the good graces of the Nicoletti family. Emma had also set up a rather good rapport with Birdie. Previously, Birdie had been the one against Emma; however, she could understand that Emma was trying her best and that her stigma and opinions were making it difficult for her to overcome the way she had viewed the world. She had successfully saved her family—Charlie and his family—but at the cost of rethinking her worldview. Birdie appreciated her smarts and called her Logistics affectionately. She also subtly tried to get Emma and Charlie back together. Daphne, on the other hand, had one flaw. She wanted to be the heir, but she also wanted her father’s acknowledgement. She shared her plans with him, not knowing that her father might just end up favoring Connor as the heir instead of her. Her fatal weakness was believing in and trusting her father. Though Daphne portrayed that she did not expect anything from him, deep down she craved some acknowledgment from the person whom she believed to be her father.

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