‘The Company You Keep’ Recap & Episode 9 Ending, Explained: Did Daphne Redemption Herself?


“The Company You Keep” Episode 8 ended with Emma rescuing Patrick from the prospect of jail time and dropping him home, winning the trust of the family again. Meanwhile, David and Jen had started dating. Jen opted out of being directly involved in his campaign, to support their relationship, because the Hill family was still wary of Claire Fox.

Spoilers Alert

Introduction to Frankie Musso: A Friend or a Foe?

“The Company You Keep” Episode 9 introduces us to another new character, Frankie Musso. The character is related to the past of the Nicolettis. He had been Fran’s fianc√© before she found out about him cheating on her. Leo had swooped in to save her from an embarrassing situation, and they had gotten engaged. They eventually fell in love before settling down. Frankie, after all these years of no contact (I am assuming), waltzed right into their bar to catch up with both Fran and Leo. While Leo, Fran, and Frankie converse, Birdie quickly fills in the missing blanks and informs Simon about how they know each other before Simon takes Ollie out. Now, at the near end of the episode, Ollie is officially introduced to the family business after she helps them out with their mission. She takes a look around the forbidden basement as the family shares a close moment. After they retire above ground, Frankie waltzes in on Fran and Leo, closing up the bar. He tells them about how he had put out a couple of feelers for the building and had found a buyer who was offering a good amount for it. He was not even going to charge any commission. It is rather suspicious that he came in when he did because Leo was definitely tempted to take Frankie up on his offer due to his battle with Alzheimer’s. Now, the timing just wasn’t right, because Frankie could very well have been sent by the Mcguires or even some other foe. It is just too suspicious at this point.

Grace Hill and Claire Fox: At An Impasse, Or Is It A Friendly Fire?

Claire Fox had a history with the Hills. She had hired a spy to take pictures of her affair with Joseph and had used them against him to get him to agree with some of the laws she wanted to be passed. Recently, these pictures were coming back to haunt them, and Claire’s sentiments were not appreciated from the beginning. The affair had been known to another candidate who was to be pitched against David in the elections. The Hill family had been unaware of the questions he would prepare for David, which put them at a disadvantage. Therefore, the matriarch took steps to remedy the situation and turn it into an advantage for them. Grace marched into Claire Fox’s office to have a chat with her. This time, Claire apologized and also admitted that she had been trying to help David after she realized that the party had been pulling out their support for him. She simply wanted to redeem herself by helping the family out, so Grace suggested she do her a favor. She asked Claire to leak the memoir that she had written after she found out about her husband’s affair. Grace had not let the affair break her relationship. Instead, she used this affair to strengthen her son’s hold on politics. She released it to the public, ready to face the consequences and not run from them, which was a bold move. It would eventually work out because she had phrased it as a love story after Emma had advised her to do so. This move eventually worried both Joseph, David, and their team, but their worries were put to rest when Grace explained it to them.

‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 9 Ending Explained: What Happens Between Emma And Daphne?

The Nicolettis began their plan after Charlie was invited for a quick chat with Daphne and her associates, Patrick and Connor. In that meeting, Patrick had publicly dismissed Connor, whom Charlie met outside. This was just a ploy to show that Patrick acknowledged Daphne as his daughter and conceded to letting her run the US branch when she suggested taking over the US market. However, this had been simply a plan where Patrick lured Daphne into agreeing to let him meet with the weapons dealer. Connor would also be in on that meeting against Daphne’s wishes, and they would neutralize her upper hand. Daphne was smart, and she would not want to lose her advantage in exchange for her father’s acknowledgment and appreciation. She told Charlie to ensure that the father-son duo didn’t meet Wilford. Meanwhile, Emma wanted to catch them in the act.

The family came up with a plan where they had Patrick and Connor meet the fake Wilford, who was Simon in disguise, while Leo and Charlie met with the real one. There were two cameras; one was focused on Patrick and Connor, while the other was on Wilford for Emma to keep a watch on the entire exchange. The plan had been all but successful because Emma had discovered Simon in place of Wilford because of a little mishap that led to Fran’s camera being displaced. Emma had wanted answers from Charlie, and he washed his hands of the situation because he was exhausted. It almost felt like there was no saving their relationship.

Meanwhile, Charlie had gone to Daphne to inform her about her father’s statements, which, of course, were no surprise to her but did hurt nonetheless. She made a move on Charlie, but he rejected her because he was still in love with Emma. However, he nudged Daphne against Connor and Patrick. Later, Emma went to confront Daphne after the news of the affair in her family was released. Daphne admitted to having no hand in that leak, which Emma already knew; however, she had come in to recruit her to stand against Patrick and Connor. Daphne realized that Charlie was working with her, and that Emma was his ex-girlfriend. But that did not stop her from accepting her offer.

Final Thoughts: Is David Hurt?

The meeting between Patrick, Connor, and Wilford had been fixed in the metro to avoid suspicion. However, Emma was seen exiting the station by Patrick and Connor, who immediately raised the alarms. Patrick threatened Connor into acting quickly and regretted not listening to Daphne when she informed him of the CIA’s tail on them. Connor set to work to dispose of Emma because he was afraid that he would not become the heir if there was no throne to inherit. “The Company You Keep” Episode 9 ended with Connor affixing explosives in Emma’s car; however, he had not anticipated that David and Jen would enter the car instead of Emma. They wouldn’t have if David had not walked out on the ongoing debate. There is a 50/50 chance of David either being dead or being hurt, which is not very clear in the trailer for the next episode. I think Jen could be dead, just to pull the trigger on the family. I mean, it is an impossible feat that both David and Jen escaped the blast safely. Also, this could serve as a ploy created by the creators, if the trailer for the last episode is any indication, to push Emma into Charlie’s arms yet again.

The series of misunderstandings and actions were driving them apart pretty badly, with almost little to no hope of them ever getting back together. And, if this is Daphne’s redemption arc, then I hope when push comes to shove, she stands beside what she thinks is right and maybe against her father, who is clearly just using her and knew Connor was a musclehead who did not have the brains as she did. Daphne had clearly inherited Patrick’s brain because she could anticipate his every move and counter them. It seems that the final episode of “The Company You Keep” would bring about an end to all of this, including the Nicolettis’ con business. The family, including Daphne and Emma, would bring the Maguires down for good. It does seem that Emma would be in danger, but I wouldn’t be too worried about it; she is the female lead after all, so plot armor would definitely protect her if not the Nicolettis. Although, it would be a good twist if Daphne saves her after she turns against the others and counters Patrick with the ‘you would never acknowledge me’ quote against his no-good sweet promises.

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