‘The Completely Made-Up Adventures Of Dick Turpin’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained


The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin fits perfectly in the category of “it’s so stupid it’s hilarious.” I recently learned that there was another series created in a similar unserious manner around said highwayman, and I’m curious to know where the intrigue comes from. It’s a shame we didn’t get another “panache” in this episode; however, I do appreciate that we’re always given a glimpse of Dick’s sartorial flair. It just gives me some kind of joy. While episodes 1 and 2 introduced us to the guy and his fancy new gang, episode 3 takes us on an onward journey to a fancy city with a bridge and river. Yes, I’m talking about London, and maybe I’ve taken “accepting myself as I am” too seriously thanks to Dick’s fluky preachings. Jokes aside, episode 3 is about developing unexpected friendships and understanding those around you. With that, let’s quickly dive in.

Spoiler Alert

Whose gold did Dick and his gang steal? 

The Syndicate is where Wilde works, and the first successful robbery with “no repercussions,” according to Dick, was that of a cart belonging to the Syndicate. One hundred bars of gold is no small haul, and Dick and his gang are massively proud of their work. However, there’s a small dilemma: what do they do with so much gold? Surely, they can’t keep it for themselves. And, according to Elize, it makes more sense to do something extraordinary than the plain old selling of gold to perhaps survive. In the meantime, the Syndicate holds Wilde responsible for the incredible theft and sends him off on his last mission. If he isn’t going to bring Dick and the gold back, there’s no work for him left there. Wilde, of course, knows exactly who his target is; nobody else is ignorant enough to steal from the grand Syndicate (I don’t actually know what they do). Dick and the gang decide to make their way to London to sell their gold because, apparently, a field trip would be something agreeably unique and exciting. London’s Honesty’s territory, and the first thing the gang does in the massive city is meet his parents. 

What’s the plan in London? 

Of course, there’s no such thing as a secret in a city as grand as London. A whisper is a shout, and suddenly everyone knows Dick’s in town with 100 bars of gold. On the other hand, Dick’s dad’s the one delivering the gold bars to the big city, supposedly without suspicion. He’s only agreed to do so because he’s been offered 10% of the gold, and so they can joke about how he’d like to eat the meat of giraffes and zebras in London while his son’s still proudly vegan. At night, Wilde finds Dick and surrounds him with his men. London’s big names have decided to put up a fight, kill Wilde, and take up his job as thieftaker. Gow and Sandra are both after the one job, yet somehow, they don’t come after each other. This is an interesting world. In the chaos of things, the group gets separated: Dick and Wilde cuffed to each other, Nell, Honesty, and Moose running away, and a lost young Christopher. 

What does Christopher really want? 

For the most part, this episode focuses on Christopher’s needs. As the son of a thieftaker, Christopher is under a lot of pressure to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, the boy actually wants to be a highwayman, just like Dick. He’s found by the rest of the gang and “kidnapped” (lose usage) so that they’ve got some leverage over Wilde when they finally get to him and Dick. The gang decides to split up: Moose to stay in the post office with the gold and the kid, and Honesty and Nell to go find the fancy hat-wearing man tied to his capturer. Ironically, Dick manages to leave a trail behind as the two enemies move through the big city hand in hand (well, not actually, but you know what I mean) and get along with each other. Somehow, Honesty and Nell manage to follow this trail by “becoming Dick,” and it works. 

In the meantime, Moose is tired of being considered the daft one of the gang, who simply worries and has nothing exciting about himself, at least according to Christopher. To prove him wrong, Moose decides to leave the gold crate in the post office unattended because he has better things to do—work on his reputation. So, while Christopher and Moose are having a gala time in the center of London, Dick and Wilde find themselves in an underground fight club. They’re there so they can get their shackles cut off; however, the club owner is an old acquaintance of Wilde. By that, I mean an old foe who now wants revenge. He puts the two in the fighting pit, and somehow, as it goes with Dick, miraculously, they survive the fight to death. Simultaneously, Gow finds them and shoots at the shackle, separating the two. He also manages to get a shot in on Wilde; however, Dick and Wilde escape yet again. 

Does Wilde succeed in his mission? 

While Dick stitches up Wilde’s wound, they get to know a little bit more about each other, and Dick begins to call the man his friend. Wilde has no intention of accepting these amicable gestures; however, he does owe Dick thanks for the stitching up. Wilde claims he has to look for his son, who will be lost in the scary world of London without his father, but he really wants Dick to lead him to the gold, so he can betray him and take the gold back to the Syndicate. Dick’s naivety leads to exactly the same series of events, and eventually, Wilde shows off his true colors. The gang all show up at the post office, including Christopher, the happiest lad in town. The gang pretends to use Christopher as a hostage in return for Dick’s “Stupid Face” being saved, and eventually, it works. At the end of episode 3, Dick and Moose both feel like they’ve lost dear friends, i.e., Wilde and his son. On the other hand, Wilde gets thrown out of the Syndicate because apparently journalists are the real criminals (ouch) and finally realizes that his true purpose is to be a good father to Christopher. I suppose we can imagine this means we can see more of Dick and Wilde teaming up in the future. 

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