‘The Continental’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: How Will Winston Become The Hotel Manager?


Winston’s entire life had been turned upside down in the very first episode of The Continental, after his brother Frankie had been killed by the twins. He just wanted revenge, but first, he had to resurrect an army and see if they had enough resources to go after Cormac. The coin press was still missing, though Cormac was very sure that Winston had it with him. The high table, as of now, just wanted to be onlookers, and they didn’t want to meddle in things and see how everything panned out. Cormac wanted to get the better of Winston, and the dark horse hoped to turn the tides in his favor and take revenge for his brother’s death. So, let’s find out if Winston is able to take over The Continental Hotel and defeat Cormac, or if the latter was able to procure the coin press and save his empire.

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Why Did Charon Agree To Help Winston?

Winston was planning with his team how they would go and take over the armory room in The Continental Hotel, but before he could initiate the plan, Cormac’s men came and abducted him. Winston had told the others that Mazie, the bowery queen, was with them and that they wouldn’t have a shortage of manpower in the war. Jenkins was already in the building opposite The Continental, and he made sure he was there to back up Winston and his team when the time arrived. Jenkins shot Cormac’s men who were holding Winston, and that’s when Cormac realized that he had probably underestimated the kind of planning Winston was capable of doing. That was the moment when Charon picked up a gun and pointed it at him, and Cormac got to know that he was no longer his loyal soldier and that his allegiance had changed. Cormac was shocked, but he had no option other than to escape from there and go to a place that only he could access.

Cormac went and hid in the operations room, as no one apart from the manager knew where that room was located inside The Continental. Things might not have happened according to plan, but Winston was relieved to know that Charon had chosen to be on his side. He assured Charon that he would repay him fully and make him meet his father. Apart from Charon, even Mazie had agreed to fight from Winston’s side, though now he had to reassess and improvise and hope that the others acted according to the plan.

Why Did Lou Never Pick Up A Gun?

Lou was adamant from the very beginning that she wouldn’t hold a gun in her hands, even if it came to her life, though she had agreed that she would help Winston in his endeavors. Lemmy, Miles, and Winston tried telling her that she was taking an unnecessary risk by going against an army of mercenaries and gangsters without any sort of weapon on her. Lou was a capable fighter, but no matter how well she fought, a knife or an axe was no match for a machine gun, also taking into account that The Continental had an entire armory with the most sophisticated weaponry. We came to know in The Continental episode 3 that her entire life, Lou had believed in a lie and done things according to that. She had always believed that her father never picked up a gun, but she was wrong in believing so.

Chen, the local gang leader, came and gave her a gun, which her father used to take innocent lives. He told her that her father was a gun for hire, and her brother, Miles, knew about it, which is why he hated him. Chen came with his entire gang and took over the karate club that Miles and Lou ran. Lou realized that the small boy who was with Chen wasn’t his son but was probably being held captive against his wishes. He very innocently asked Lou not to let the guys take him. As soon as Chen’s guys went inside, Lou detonated the entire place and killed them all inside. Lou knew that she no longer had any reason not to use any guns for the upcoming battle, and so, with others, she got ready to breach into The Continental grounds and wreak havoc on Cormac’s army.

Why Was KD After Frankie And Winston?

KD had gone and met Lou and Lemmy in their karate club and asked them to contact her if they had any information about Winston Scott’s whereabouts. KD found out that Mayhew was following her, and he had even been neutered into an altercation with Lou. KD got really angry, and she asked him to stop meddling with her business. Till this point in Continental Episode 3, KD had not revealed why she was going after the Scott brothers and putting her life at stake. KD found out that Winston was staying at the Rhodes Hotel, and he went there looking for him. Unfortunately, Cormac’s men had already reached there, and Winston and Lou felt they wouldn’t be able to come out of there alive. Shots were fired, and Winston somehow escaped from his room and reached the entrance, where he found KD standing there. She was going to take Winston under arrest when Cormac’s men fired at her, and she got gravely injured. She procured the gold coin, which gave people entry into The Continental Hotel from one of the dead bodies, and then decided to go and take a room in the infamous hotel.

Once KD took a room in The Continental, she finally found Winston, and we came to know why she was after the brothers. Frankie and Winston, on the orders of Cormac (a fact that Winston didn’t know until the very end), had put a place on fire, and as soon as they did that, they realized that there was a family present inside. The entire family was burned to death, and only a little girl was miraculously able to survive. That little girl was KD, and since that day, she has been trying to find the brothers and take revenge for her family. KD got shot by Jenkins, who saw her through his sniper lens and thought she was pointing a gun at Winston. Winston signaled him not to shoot at her, and he gave KD an injection to suppress the pain and heal her wounds. And he told her that he would return to her once he was done killing Cormac.

How Did Winston Take Revenge On Cormac?

There was carnage inside The Continental Hotel, and somehow Winston had been able to survive, primarily due to Charon having his back at all times. Lou and Miles were able to kill Hansel, one of the twins, though there was a time when they felt like he would kill them both. Hansel was an accomplished fighter, just like his sister, who was having a faceoff with Yen on the terrace of the hotel. The twins were infallible, and it took Lou to break her vow of never holding a gun in her hand to kill him. The battle with Gretal was personal for Yen, as she wanted to avenge the death of Frankie. Yen killed the girl while Lou shot Hansel to death, and after the defeat of such formidable opponents, they knew that it wasn’t long before they took over The Continental Hotel. Now, Cormac had been able to go to the operations room, and he started the countdown to denote the entire hotel, as he knew that there was no other way. The location of the operations room wasn’t known to all, and only the manager, apart from the operator whose job it was to monitor things, had access to that place.

When Winston and Charon reached there after figuring out how to do that, they realized that they would have to do something; otherwise, the entire place would be reduced to rubble. Cormac was trying to escape from the underground tunnels, but Winston caught him just at the right time. Before Winston could do anything to him, KD came from behind, and she shot Cormac point blank. KD had overheard the conversation where Cormac accepted that it was he who had ordered Frankie to burn that house, even when he knew that the family was present inside. KD realized that the real perpetrator was Cormac and not the Scott brothers. Winston then rushed to the operation room, and he used the severed hand of the operator, Connor, to scan the biometrics and stop the countdown. The Continental wasn’t destroyed, and there was a new manager who was going to change how things were down there. Unfortunately, Lemmy died a painful death, and though he wasn’t there for the celebration, he made sure that he did everything that he could to make Winston win the battle.

How Will Winston Become The Hotel Manager?

During The Continental‘s ending, The adjudicator came to meet Winston and told him that she was the one who had stopped the detonation. She tells Winston that he was not authorized to be the manager of the hotel and asks him how he had achieved that feat and where that priceless coin press was, because of which this entire battle had started. Winston had got that coin press in the trunk of a car parked in Charlie’s dump yard, and then he gave it to Mazie because he knew that it was the only place that could be out of the reach of the high table. The adjudicator said that the high table wasn’t going to deal with him as he was a nobody, and he would have to vacate the hotel premises sooner rather than later.

Winston, in a surprising turn of events at the end of The Continental, shot the adjudicator and told her assistant to take her body back to his masters. Winston knew that the odds were in his favor, and as long as he had the coin press, the high table would be coerced to make a deal with him. That coin press was used to produce coins that the visitors presented to the receptionist in The Continental, after which they were allowed entry. Charon decided to stay back, and he told Winston that The Continental was his home, even when Winston gave him the option of going and meeting his father. This was the dawn of a new era, and Winston Scott knew that he was not going to go anywhere from there. The high table would have to strike a deal with Winston eventually, and as history tells us, The Continental would be managed by Winston Scott.

Probably, if there is season 2 of The Continental, we will get to witness how the high table finally realizes that they would have to make a deal with Winston as he had leverage over them. We had seen John Wick strike a similar sort of deal with the high table on many occasions, and through that, we came to know one thing: though the high table seemed rigid, there were times when the odds did not favor them, and they were ready to be a bit flexible and bend the rules in some of the rarest of the rare cases.

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